How The Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

How does Instagram Algorithm work in 2020?

Hey people! Welcome to my new blog post.

Instagram and its algorithm are the most mysterious things that we need to understand.

Instagram is the largest social networking platform as all we know.

Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018.

So you just need to be there.

Not only people, but business also uses the platform for promoting stuff.

Since it’s a most engaging platform, brands want to connect with influencers to promote their stuff.


Do you want to grow your Instagram account?

There are certain things that you just need to first understand its algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm is the secret science but now in this article, I’m gonna share with you some statistics and real-life experiences that can help to get a better understanding of how to reach your performance over there.

How does the algorithm work?

Well, understanding the algorithm is a tricky task, all you need to deep research.

Instagram hashtags can better help to understand the algorithm.

All you need to post consistently and analyze is which post performing the best.

If you have a business account then you must need to visit the analytics tab that can better help to understand the demographics of the Instagram feed.

You can track various metrics like your audience behavior toward your post, the type of audience you’re getting the most, and so on.

Instagram algorithm totally depends upon the user’s behavior.

The more you’ll get engagement on your posts the more you’ll push your post to a new audience.


Engagement can be anything it can be likes or comments.

Well, comments have a better advantage as compared to likes.

Every social media works on a single strategy that how much engagement you’re receiving in a short period of time.

The more you’ll receive engagement in a short interval the better you’ll acquire a new audience.

There are some factors that you first need to consider that better help to understand the performance of your account.

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Why Is Instagram So Popular?

1. Connections between two accounts:

Well, the connection can be better to understand that the Instagram algorithm quickly judges your behavior.

Suppose you like someone’s post a lot and both of you tag each other, and DM each other.

Then the Instagram algorithm quickly judges that you both have connections, so next time you’ll receive all of the posts shared by that guy.

Instagram algorithm purely works on this principle.

Not only Instagram even almost all social media have the same scenario.

That’s why I told you every time in my previous articles that you must have to engage with each of your followers so that you can get better engagement on your posts.

The more you engage with your following and followers the better you’ll get responses from your account.

2. Your feeds will be arranged according to your interest:

As per the general rule the more you’ll like something the more you’ll see that thing at the top.

Did you ever notice that whenever you’ll open your YouTube account you’ll see those videos at the top that you view and like the most?

This means Instagram and other social media will analyze your interests. What do you like and what’s not?

After analyzing that Instagram will customize your feed according to that way.

So if you want to receive the content according to your interest then you must have to keep interested in that particular type of content only.

It’s all about your likes and dislikes.

The more you’ll engage with the content the better you’ll see that type of content.

3. New content appears first:

As I already discussed, interest plays an important role.

If you want that, this guy’s post must be shown each time you open your account then you need to take an interest in his/her post.

You need to comment on the post.

You need to like the posts and so on.

The more you engage with that guy the better you’ll receive the updates each time he/she uploads images and videos.

Instagram shows you very new content at the very first.

Your feeds totally depend on your interest, Suppose you’re taking interest in someone’s post then most probably you’ll receive each news of his/her the very first.

There are some other factors that Instagram is also considering these days.

You can also learn these things to master using the apps.

Here are more tips that you need to consider:

1. Frequency of using:

Instagram algorithm totally affects the frequency of using the application.

The more you’ll use the application the better your feed will be.

It just makes your behavior of using the application.

It totally depends on how you’re using the Instagram app.

The more frequently you use it will more the behavior of your feed.

You’ll see only the type of content that you actually want to see on your feed.

2. The following affects the algorithm:

Did you ever notice that if someone has a massive following then most probably that person will not be able to see the posts of each and every user?

Sometimes it looks like a spam account that nobody wants to engage and it may affect your reach.

So your following should be less.

Try to follow only those people that actually related to your business niche.

It will help you to boost your account reach.

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3. Spend more time seeing all the posts:

Do you want to see all the posts of your following?

Well, all you need to spend time and engage with your the following.

The more you’ll engage the better you’ll see the posts of these users.

Instagram overall analyzes your behaviors.

Instagram’s main motive is to keep you on the app.

The app wants you’ll see the content only of your interest.

So if you want to see your interests stuff then you need to spend time here on the app.

It’s a photo and video-sharing application so you just need to follow only those people that actually relate to your niche.

Sometimes people follow other people in the hope that they will follow back. Sometimes this trick is helpful for growing numbers, not actual followers.

An algorithm too smart can quickly judge whether the person is interested in that content or not.

These are some points about the algorithm update.

It’s not certain that your post will reach the audience or bots.

If you really want to make sure about the performance of your account then you must need to follow the analytics of your account.

Here now, I’m gonna share with you some of the misconceptions of the algorithm that people usually tell but before that, we first need to ask some questions ourselves and need to find out the answers.

Why do we need to understand the algorithm?

If you have an idea of how your post performing then you can share the exact same content.

Understanding the algorithm is a tricky task, no one can exactly tell how it works but we can make a general conception and can make our future plan according to that.

If you have a business account then it’s important to understand how your post will perform.

If you know about the algorithm then you’ll share only the content that will perform the best.

Misconceptions of the Instagram algorithm?

1. Reverse chronological is not coming back:

It’s a misconception. As you can see in the screenshot, Instagram officials announce its official tweeter handlers.

Twitter Official Announcement

As you can see from the above tweet Instagram clearly explains the status of the reverse chronological orders.

Whenever you share the post it will come up in the Instagram feeds in reverse chronological order. Mean the most recent post will come up first in the Instagram feeds.

You need to make sure to post the content at the optimum time when there are maximum users online. The more people will be online the better will be the reach of the content.

2. Shadowbans don’t exist:

Some people claim that there is no shadowban exists.

After a little research, I can say that a sudden decrease in engagement on your Instagram post can make you think twice.

Shadowban as we are aware is the technique of limit down of your Instagram post reach.

Sometimes Instagram without giving any warning can limit your post only to your followers.

It can be multiple reasons as I already discussed in my previous article you can check.

People say that there is no such thing that exists but after some time many people claim that they didn’t see their content in their respective hashtags.

Well, there is a lot more misconception, some of them as I already described above.

Now we will try to figure out how we can get a better outcome over the Instagram algorithm.

There are some points that we need to consider when posting content on Instagram.

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To outperform over Instagram algorithm here are the tips for you:

1. Post engaging content:

Engaging content as the name suggests.

Your content should be of high quality.

This means trying to create neat and clean content that can attract more audiences because as we know ultimately content is everything.

Whether it may be images or videos you have to make sure about the quality of the content.

You can use a DSLR camera for generating the content or try to use some expensive handset for capturing quality shots.

It will help you to get more engagement with your post.

2. Use captions and hashtags in your post:

While posting the content you always need to mention the motive behind your post.

People love to know the motive of the content you’re sharing.

Let’s take an example if you’re a fitness freak then your posts should be related to fitness and your caption should be motivating so that more people can be inspired by your posts and you can get a far better engagement rate.

Hashtags you can say works like a keyword for finding out the content and helps to acquire a new audience.

If you want to grow your Instagram fast then you must need to use hashtags in each and every post.

Ultimately hashtags can help you to reach a broader audience.

There are so many tools available these days, With the help of these tools you can generate high-traffic hashtags but care should be taken while choosing the hashtags that you always need to choose the industry niche hashtags.

Your hashtags should be related to your posts.

Never share irrelevant hashtags because your post will not get any engagement and maybe your account will be banned for some time.

3. Post creative and real content:

People love like-minded activities.

As all, we know we are social creatures so we always love to see the same activity as we used to do in our daily life.

So always try to post that kind of consumer-oriented content.

It really helps to get more engagement with your posts.

4. Engage with your niche-minded people:

You’re a real human so always try to behave like that.

Don’t be like a bot.

Always respond to other people’s efforts and try to engage as max as you can.

It will help you to attract more audience to your account.

Engagement means you need to comment, like, and share the content of other people.

Always appreciate others’ content because they too working hard to generate the content.

You always need to appreciate the other’s effort.

Always try to be responsive. Replies to other people DM as soon as you can.

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5. Use stories:

Instagram stories are a pretty cool way of sharing content.

If you really want to be attractive then you must have to use your Instagram stories because it really helps people to stay connected.

Instagram stories appear to last up to 24 hours.

You can use Instagram stories for sharing images and video content.

You can share the boomerang short videos that will get more engagement.

Always use hashtags and tag other people and also don’t forget to use the location tag.

These hacks will help you to get a new audience to your account.

You can use attractive filters to make your content more appealing and attractive.

There are a lot more elements that you can use to make your content more engaging and attractive.

6. Use IGTV:

IGTV is all we know is Instagram TV.

It’s a pretty exciting way of sharing video content.

Now Instagram allows you to share longer videos that last up to 10 minutes.

Just like YouTube, you now become eligible to share longer videos.

Instagram TV really helps people to share and engage with longer videos.

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So after concluding the session, I can say that the Instagram algorithm is pretty easy to understand.

All you need is to be active on the Instagram application.

The more you’ll become active the better you will get followers.

The Instagram algorithm only works on the active period of the user.

Here in this article, I have discussed many points that will help you to better understand the various points about the algorithms and updates.

If you still have questions then please comment down below.

If you like my approach please do like my page and share the content. Peace!


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