Why Aren’t Hashtags Working On Instagram

Why aren’t Hashtags Working on Instagram?

Hashtag (#) is the most common name these days, thanks to social media.

Initially, the hashtag was used by Twitter then after Instagram hashtags gained popularity.

Here in this article, I have comprehensively covered hashtags.

What are hashtags?

How it can help you?

Why it’s so important?

Why it’s not working?

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Well, hashtags are the most important part of Instagram.

If you want to achieve new heights on Instagram and want to get more engagement then you have to use the relevant hashtags that ultimately help you to get more followers and more engagement to your post.

Suppose you have an account and you post consistently on your Instagram account then you have to use these hashtags, which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

If your account is new and you want to grow your followers then these hashtags will ultimately help you to cater to new Instagram followers on your account.

Sometimes it happens that you’ll not be able to get more followers.

It can have multiple reasons. In this article, we will try to cover all of these reasons, why it’s not working. what’s the problem and how we can overcome this problem?

What hashtag?

Hashtags are the common platform where users share their content on social media to get more engagement and to attract other users who may or may not have followers.

Now let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you want to post something related to “Apple” and you want more people will engage in your post.

It can only be possible if you put relevant hashtags related to Apple that can attract other non-followers to your Instagram account.

You can also try these Captions will help you to increase your engagement.

Now people start engaging your post on your profile and if they like your profile then maybe they follow you. So it’s all about hashtags.

How do these hashtags help us?

Hashtags help you to cater to new people who may or may not have your followers, friends, etc.

With the help of hashtags, you can increase your reach and get better engagement on your post. Here are the detailed infographics by BloggingWizard.


Hashtags are the backbone of acquiring new people on your post and ultimately help you to grow your account.

Sometimes it may happen that hashtags do not work. It may have many reasons, but in this article, we will try to cover all of the relevant reasons.

1. Your hashtags not working maybe your account is suspended or shadowban:

Yes, this is the case, If you are using an irrelevant post that may be flagged by other people or maybe by Instagram just because you may be violating the Instagram Community Guidelines you will most probably be banned by Instagram.

If this is the case, your account will be limited to private, which means only you and your followers will be able to see your post, not no other people can see your post.

So now the question arises, How do you check if your account is banned suspended, or flagged by Instagram or not?

Well, there is the only way to check, post any content a photo or video, and put any irrelevant hashtag, that does not contain any post Now search for the same hashtag, if your post appears then you are not banned and if this is not the case then you most probably ban by Instagram.

Here are the detailed infographics by Radiant Elephant.


Now what you have to do, you need to wait sometime and try to remove hashtags that seem to be irrelevant.

Check your content, is there any content that violates the Instagram community guidelines, if this is the case remove this content.

After this, if your account still does not appear then you need to make a new account.

2. You are using the ban hashtags:

If you’re using a hashtag that bans Instagram then you are wasting your time.

You need to put effort into checking whether the hashtag that I’m putting a ban on or not.

If this is the case then you need to remove the hashtag that has already been banned by Instagram.

There is a List of Hashtags that are already banned.

3. Putting irrelevant hashtags:

If you’re using irrelevant hashtags then it will not work for you.

Let’s take an example, suppose you sell dog food and you do not put any hashtag related to that and you are putting something other than dog food then you are wasting your time.

Sometimes it happens that people try to choose those hashtags that are popular worldwide but it will not going to work for them.

You need to choose the relevant and target niche hashtags so that your post can reach the right audience and you will get the right audience.

Try to choose a narrow-reach hashtag.

Again if you’re selling dog food then instead of putting #dogfood #dog #food you need to put #bestdogfood #dogfoodindelhi will help you to narrow down your reach and then you can reach the right audience and you will get the right engagement.

It’s most important to reach the right person because the right person will more engage in your post.

4. You’re using the same hashtags again and again:

Instagram has an algorithm, if you put the same content over and over again then you’re doing nothing but spamming.

Instagram will likely ban or narrow down your reach because you posting the same hashtags and you’re doing spam.

Instagram wants to be a clean and healthy community.

If you will try to spam then it will not be going to help you out.

Maybe you’ll be banned from using Instagram and won’t be able to use Instagram again and your account will become permanently banned.

Yes, it is entirely possible that your account will become permanently blocked from Instagram.

If you do too much spam. Instagram also has the power to narrow down your reach and you won’t be able to reach a new audience.

5. You are using the broad hashtags:

Broad hashtags are those hashtags that have millions of posts.

Avoid using these hashtags because they may be lost in your post.

Let’s explain it by taking an example, suppose you want to post something related to the headphone and you want to reach the maximum audience then you start putting hashtags.

Now the question arises, which hashtags you’ll use, well you will search for the popular hashtags that may or may not relate to your business just to get engagement but it will not be going to help you anymore.

Suppose you put hashtags like #headphone then there are multiple posts.

You can use this hashtag but if you use it, you may lose your visibility and you will not get much-targeted users’ attention, Instead of using a broad-match hashtag try to use narrow-match hashtags like #blackheadphone.

It will narrow down your reach and you can get the maximum target followers likes and engagement to your account and ultimately help you to turn them into customers.

6. Maybe you are using hashtags that are too competitive:

Choosing hashtags that are too competitive makes it difficult for you to stand out.

You need to choose those hashtags that have fewer posts related to your niche.

Just search for those hashtags that have fewer posts and try to use those hashtags.

Competitive hashtags are those hashtags that continuously update second by second and have already millions of posts.

If you are putting those hashtags then you’re doing nothing but just wasting your time.

It will not work for you to use these hashtags.

Let’s take an example you want to post something related to food then won’t just put the hashtags #food #delicius because they already have millions of posts and if you put only these hashtags then your post will not get many impressions.

So instead of choosing short competitive hashtags try to put longtail hashtags.

7. You’re using the bots and websites:

If you’re using bots and some kind of websites to grow your likes, engagement, and followers then you’re doing nothing but just inviting Instagram to ban my account.

Instagram hates using these tools. Instagram wants a healthy community that’s why it wants everyone should follow the community guidelines and genuinely share their photos and pictures.

Don’t use the bots to increase your followers.

It is also not good for your brand and your account.

Always care should be taken to try to follow the ethical way of growing your followers.

Don’t use any unethical way to grow your IG account.

Always following these strategies will always help you to get more engagement and more followers.

8. Maybe it’s your end:

Maybe you are making some mistakes while posting the hashtags.

Maybe you are the wrong spell of your hashtags and if people search for the exact match then your post won’t be found.

Always keep in mind while posting hashtags, you need to be clear about your brand and what you are posting. Always double-check your post before posting on IG.

Check if there is any spelling mistake if yes then do correct it.

9. There is any technical error:

It may also be possible that if there is any technical error then also hashtags will not work.

WhatsApp previously announced that we have some technical issues we are working hard on them.

So if the user pertaining to some issue then extremely sorry for that we will update asap.

If a technical error arises then you can’t do anything, you need to wait and apply some other hashtags.


So I think I have discussed the complete possible reasons why your Instagram hashtags not working.

If you found this article helpful then please leave your valuable comment and share among others so that everyone may know why their efforts not working anymore.

If you have something to ask then leave your comment I will get back to you.

Tell me which point you found helpful.


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