17 Rules To Get More Instagram Followers

17 Rules to Get More Instagram Followers.

Instagram is the largest using social networking platform with more than 1 Billion active users as of 2019. Instagram stats by Statista
Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing community where you can share your photos and short videos.

There are two ways to share photos and videos, first in the feed section and the other in the story section.

Instagram allows you to share photos with relevant captions and hashtags.

Instagram is a platform where the user follows and unfollows each other to get connected. Just look at this amazing infographic.


Unlike Facebook where you can make friends and follow other people.

Instagram also has a strategy you can follow other people.

Here in this comprehensive tutorial, we will talk about why Instagram is so important and how we can get a better engagement rate from it.

Nowadays people use Instagram all over the world.

Not only people but even brands also promote their content on Instagram and get better ROI.

If you have a brand or company then you can also apply the same tactics to get more Instagram followers.

If you aren’t using Instagram then trust me you are leaving most of the revenue.

Why Instagram is so important?

Now come to the foremost point Why Instagram is that important?

Well, there are multiple reasons. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users as of 2019.

So why should not Instagram be?

If you have active followers on Instagram and your followers engage with your post then you can get the best revenue from them.

You can engage with your audience.

You can even make branding of your company and many more. Just look at this nice explanation.


Most of the accounts on Instagram are so popular that you can say they are Insta famous. Instagram has more potential than any other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can make your business account on Instagram and can easily promote your brand.

Now come to the point What are the points that will help you to grow your Instagram account followers?

Here we’ll discuss some important tactics that will make sure you are on the right track.

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If you are already following these tactics then you are on the right track, otherwise, you can start following these tactics right now.

Don’t use any tool, application, etc. will not help you out and don’t use follow for following and like for like techniques, they will not work for longer.

If you want to grow your followers then you have to use the legit way to get more followers.

1. Choose an SEO-friendly user name:

SEO means search engine optimization.

As we are aware, SEO is something that will rank your content on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

SEO is something more, even you can apply the same strategies on other platforms like Instagram also.

Let’s take an example if you’re running a brand then instead of choosing something with a unique name you have to choose something that people already searching for in your niche.

Suppose you’re selling bags online and your brand name is something unique Then instead of writing your brand name, you have to write something that people already searching for in your niche!

Always choose a long-tail keyword name.

It will help you to stand out from the competition.

As we are aware there is a lot of competition on the internet, people sharing their content just like crazy and the engagement rate is going to less day by day.

So if you want to get your audience to get always connect with you then you have to post viral content.

2. The username should be relevant and easy to remember:

The username should be relevant and easy to remember.

Suppose you have a business account and you want to tell someone, oh this is my business page on Instagram Please follow me.

Suppose the business name is something that nobody can easily remember then what?

I can’t find you on IG.

You have to choose a relevant and easy-to-remember business name or you can add a tagline that reflects your business niche.

Work on keyword research that people are looking for.

People may have different searches on the internet. You have to perform clear research about that.

3. Choose an active and smiley-looking face:

Suppose you have an individual account then always place a smile-looking positive vibe picture on the Instagram DP area.

It will help you to engage with your audience.

People love to engage with those people who always seem to keep a good vibe.

A happy face says thousands of words. So you have to put a smiley face on the Instagram DP

It will help you to get more followers on Instagram.

4. Always take care of your bio:

Always take care of your bio.

Put your business details, and use emojis to interact, and for the guidance of the users. Look at this amazing bio @vintagerevivals


You need to put the full details in your bio and you can also put a Website link over there.

It will help you to get more traffic to your blog and will have a good impact on you. Look at the stats.

People will know about your products and services and also help you to get more followers likes and engagement on IG.

The Instagram bio should be short enough to say thousands of words.

5. Post consistently:

The foremost and most important thing is to post consistently.

Everything you need to know is all about content.

Content is everything so post daily and regularly no matter what comes to your mind just post it.


Always try to use moving images.

I mean always try to post videos.

Videos will always get a better engagement rate.

Content should be relevant and should be in your niche!

Always get better ideas from other IG accounts in your niche.

You need to regularly check what’s working and what’s not working.

You have to choose regularly and then try to post that particular type of content only.

You can now even post long videos from IGTV also known as Instagram TV. Look at stats by Statista.

6. Apply cool filters while posting:

Instagram comes with cool filters, you can use them while posting, and they will make a good impact.

Instagram has filters you can use while posting.

It gives a boost and people love to share and like the creative content.

Your post should be creative so you can use these filters to get better engagement on your IG account.

Even you can apply filters in videos while posting. Look at this explanation guide.


7. Share more video content:

Yes, a picture says thousands of words but a video says all about your brand and company that’s why you have to post videos regularly.

The video will keep standing out from other people.

People love to tag other people so always choose the type of content that people tag others.

The more people tag each other the more you will get engagement on your video post. Look at the stat by Buffer.


Try to post emotional and visual content.

Share knowledge and try to aware people of the latest trends in your industry.

What’s going on and what will be going to happen?

People love to share knowledge.

If your video has the right content that people are looking for then you will get more likes and more engagements.

8. Share a meme on your post:

Yes, posting visual content is everything.

Try to post motion images instead of static images, it will get more engagement.

But don’t post the same content again and again, people will get bored.

If you don’t know what to post and how to post then you can follow other Instagram accounts in your niche.

Follow their strategies and try to post the content with collaboration.

It will help you to get more followers on IG.

9. Use relevant hashtags:

Hashtags are the key to Instagram while posting.

Choose hashtags after getting research on what’s trending in your niche!

Suppose you have chosen some hashtags that not even people search then you will not get much engagement on IG posts.

For getting a better engagement rate you have to choose the most people searching hashtags.

It will not only increase your post likes and comments but also will stand out and increase your followers.

If you want to grow your, Instagram users fast then you have to research in-depth to get more likes and comments on your IG post. The most liked hashtags.

Always try to choose long-tail hashtags because if you search for short hashtags like #success #life #love the people using these hashtags are massive then your post may go lost in these posts.

So while choosing hashtags always keep them in your mind.

10. Use great captions:

Captions are the most important part when you post on Instagram.

A good caption will give you a boost and it will help your audience to understand what exactly you want to convey to your audience.

People love to read the short message and quote in captions.

These quote captions help convey a short message with a deep meaning inside.

Here in this article, I have discussed some of the best captions please take a look and copy-paste if you like any captions in your future post.

Choose questions in your captions because people love to answer questions.

If you include a questionnaire in your captions then you are more likely to get more followers. Just look at this IG post-@lego

11. Create competition:

Creating competition is the best part.

You can post by putting the competition in your captions like who will tell it the first? or may also put polls.

If you include some questions and answers in your post then it is more likely to get more followers.

Choosing images accordingly will help you to stand out from the competition.

12. Share stories

Instagram comes with an amazing feature that you can share stories on your Instagram account.

It will help you to get more engagement on your Instagram account.


Instagram stories will help you to convey some message to your followers and it will help you to get more engagement to your account.

You will get more followers.

13. Exchange followers in your niche:

Exchange your followers in your niche!

Yes, you can, meet people in your niche you can take selfies and make videos with like-minded people and share your stories and also ask them to share on their IG account.

It will help you to get more followers.

Sharing followers is the most common technique for getting new followers on your account.

Exchange followers are the best to grab new followers and it will help you to engage with the new audience.

14. Engage with your audience:

Always reply to others because it will make a good impact on your brand.

Suppose someone comments on your post then try to be as responsive as you can, so that you will get remembered by that person.

Always responsive to others, and replies in their DM.

you can say thanks for their message and response so that they will remember you always for your quick response with them.

15. Ask other people to get more engagement:

You can ask like-minded people to follow you and also you can ask them to share your content.

It will help you to get more followers.

Suppose someone belongs to the same business then you can approach them to stay connected and ask them to share your content.

16. Follow in your niche:

If you believe in following the following policy and you genuinely want to apply to this in your list then you can apply this golden rule.

You follow people in your niche.

It will help you to get the target audience and then ultimately help you to get more customers and more conversions.

Follow for following is a niche-based experiment you need to follow only those people who may trust in your content or may belong to your business.

17. Post long videos on IGTV:

Now you can post long videos.

Instagram has a new feature that you can share long videos.

IGTV allows you to share longer videos and ultimately you will get more views If you get more views you will get more engagement and ultimately more sales.

Instagram is a very powerful tool that doesn’t underestimate its true power.

You take a lot more business from here.


These are the main tactics that you can follow to get more engagement and ultimately more followers.

Instagram is the most used social networking platform right after Facebook.

You can use it wisely to get more followers, more customers, and more sales.

Tell me which tactics you use to get more customers.


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