Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks – 2020

Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks – 2020.

Hey friends! In this context, I’m gonna share with you some of the best hacks, tips & tricks for your Instagram stories.

As all, we know the Instagram story is an integral part of Instagram.

Now you have the option to share the content on the top of the application which we call it is an Instagram story.

All you need to go to your Instagram profile and click on the plus icon at the first of the circle then it’ll automatically open your camera.


Either you can take a fresh snap or you can also browse from your gallery.

If you already have one picture or video you can directly upload it from there and can share it on the story part.

The Instagram story lasts up to 24 hours.

It means that your Instagram stories will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

By sharing the stories you can engage with your followers.

You can check which content performing the best.

By viewing the eye icon you can see the individual performance of your content and how many people actually watched your stories.


Instagram stories are a pretty exciting way of sharing content.

You can do even more. You can attach the location tag, you can share the emoji, express your feelings, share the video and images, add the slider so that you can get the level of excitement of your followers, etc.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you Instagram story hacks, tips, and tricks.

At the end of the content, you’ll get much value and you have the exact idea of how to post the stories, so let’s get started.

List of the hacks, tips & tricks:

1. Apply filters while posting the video:

When you’ll post the content next time make sure to add attractive filters.

These filters and effects are the most engaging elements that help users to generate engaging content so that more people can come to your Instagram stories and ultimately you’ll get more views of your stories.

These filters are pretty impressive. You’ve to use it while posting the stories.

2. Copy and paste the images to make a collage:

Do you know collage is a pretty good way to showcase your image collection?

Well, there are lots of applications on the Play Store and AppStore to make a cool collage.

All you need is to go to the App Store and Play Store to download an application and start making a collage.

After making a good collection of images collages are shared on Instagram stories.

Collage will make an impact and can grab you more views and engagement.

Care should be taken while making a collage that you’re content should be new and latest.

You have to put high-quality images so that they can be better.

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3. Convert your account into a creator account:

If you’re a creator of anything.

If you’re a single business owner then you must need to activate the creator profile.

To activate the creator profile, you need to go to your Instagram profile After that you have to go to the settings, and in the settings tab, you’ll find the activate the creator profile by scrolling down below.

You can choose from different categories which suit your business the best.

Suppose you’re a video creator then you must need to choose that one option.

If you have a DJ then you can select that one option and so on.

After activating the creator profile you have unlocked the new feature.

You’ll see the change in your message inbox There will be two options now one is the primary messages and the second one is the general messages.

You’ll see a lot more insights in your insight tab. Now you can research in more detail at your insight tab.

4. Online creator studio for Instagram:

Are you a content creator?

Content can be anything, it may be images or videos.

You can research in-depth to get access to various insights by using the Facebook Creator Studio.


All you need is to type on the Google Facebook Creator Studio.

Now you need to log in with your Facebook account and you’ll see both the accounts, your Facebook as well as your Instagram accounts.

Care should be taken that your account must be a business account and should be connected with the Facebook page then only it will be visible on the creator’s websites.

After making an account on Creator Studio you can even investigate more in-depth insight into your Instagram profile.

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5. Glowing emoji:

Do you want to glow your emoji?

Well, it’s pretty easy, all you need is to go to your profile and select the story option.

After that, you have to select the text stories.

Now you have attached an emoji over there.

After selecting the emoji now you have to choose the colors.

There are a lot more different colors to choose from.

When you’ll choose the color you’ll see the glow around your emoji.

It’s really an amazing hack for glowing your Instagram emoji and attaching it as a story.

6. Choose what should tag in:


Well, you have an option that you can find what should be tagged in or what should not.

All you need to go to your Instagram profile After that you’ll see a contact icon, now you have to click on that icon.

After clicking on the icon you’ll see all the images that you already tag in.

Now you have to go to your settings after that you need to click on the privacy setting button and then you have to click on the photos and videos of you.

You can hide the images and videos that you don’t want to show up in your profile.

You can mass-select and then you can hide from your profile.

7. Use stickers while posting stories:

Instagram comes up with a lot more stickers to choose from.


You can add an image to your story then you can select the perfect sticker that suits your image or video the best.

After that, you can share your story on your Instagram profile.

There are a lot more options available like sliders, location tags, etc.

You can choose to showcase and make your Instagram stories more engaging.

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8. Send voice messages:


Well, voice message is a pretty general term these days.

People getting lazy day by day. People don’t want to type the long context rather than this they figure out to send voice messages to convey their thoughts and ideas.

You can also do the same on Instagram.

For sending voice messages, you have to go to your Instagram profile after that you’ll find a direct message tab at the top right of the corner of the screen.

Click on the button, now you will find the people with whom you have already chatted.

Select any person you want to chat with, after selecting that person there is an option at the bottom down below a mic option.

Hold that mic for a few seconds and record your message.

After recording your voice message leave the button, and your message will send in the form of a voice.

It’s a pretty easy way to send direct messages with voice.

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9. Circle around your profile picture:

Do you want to get an attractive profile picture?

Here is the hack, All you need to download an application called Canva.

After downloading the app, now you have to upload the image on Canva and start editing the image.

Now you have to choose from various shapes.

Choose the circle, change the different colors from the options, and fit the circle at the face of the image.

Now save the image and go to your Instagram profile After that click on the edit profile setting select the saved image upload the image resize it and then save it.

You’ll see a more attractive look on your Instagram DP.

10. Copy and paste the images directly to your stories:

Did you ever think about pasting the images on your Instagram stories?

Well, it’s a pretty cool thing that you can try.

If you are using an iPhone then it’s easy for you.

All you need to go to your gallery and select the image you want to show in the story.

Click on the top right button.

You’ll see a lot more options.

Select the copy option.

After selecting the copy option your image is copied.

All you need to go to your Instagram profile and select the story option.

Now double the tab in the middle of the story and click on the paste button.

Your image will be pasted on the screen.

You can paste as many images as you want.

You can even make a collage with it.

You can also search for the images with the help of Google Gboard.

Google Gboard helps you to get the best image as per your search query.

All you need to download the Gboard application.

After downloading the application go to your Instagram stories select the story and click on the G icon.

Now you can see a search bar.

Type your query and search for the best relevant result per your query and that’s it.


So after concluding the session, I can say that there are a lot more ways to get more attention to your Instagram stories.

All you need is to become creative enough to edit the content and then you can share the content.

If you still have questions then please ask me in the comment down below.

If you like my content please share it with your friends and family. Peace!


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