How To Increase Reach And Profile Visits On Instagram

How to Increase Reach and Profile Visits on Instagram?

Hey friends! Welcome back to one of my new awesome content.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you a very hot topic these days, how to increase the reach of your Instagram profile?

Well, Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing application.

First introduced in 2010.

After its launch, it enjoyed massive and fast success.

Now Instagram has more than 1 billion active users.

People use Instagram to connect with their friends and family.

Because of the large user database, Instagram is also used by many businesses. According to research, almost 60% of people follow a business.

Making an Instagram account is pretty easy, all you need is an active phone number or email address.

After getting registered on the platform now you can share the content.

This content can be images or videos.

You can share the content in your Instagram feed, stories, and direct messages.

Using Instagram is pretty easy. All you need to follow others and others will follow you back. You can chat with someone on the Instagram direct message tab. You can also video chat with someone.

If you have a good amount of followers then you can also make a good amount of money.

First, you need to get more followers on your Instagram account.

To get more followers you have to follow some rules that will help you to get more reach to your Instagram profile and ultimately help you to get more followers

Here are the tips to get more reach on your Instagram profile:

1. Always fill up your full details:


If you want to get more followers to your Instagram account, all you need is to completely fill up all the sections of your profile.

As you can see in the above image all the fields of the Instagram profile. You have to fill up all the details so that you can reach the maximum audience.

To add the details, you have to go to your profile and click on the Profile button after that click on the Edit profile tab.

Please fill up the full details including your name, email, phone number, website if you have one, and your bio.

Instagram bio is the most important part. You have to include the targeted keywords in your bio with relevant hashtags.

You can also use emojis to make your bio more attractive.

Your bio should be keyword-rich and should be related to your business niche.

Use hashtags in your bio. Always use a nice-looking profile image so that you can attract more users to your profile.

While adding the website link, you can choose any link tracking service so that you can get a basic idea of how many users are coming to your website from your Instagram account.

2. Create sharable and engaging content:

While creating content all you need to keep in mind is that you have to create high-quality engaging and sharable content so that you can attract more eyeballs to your content.

People love to share such content. If you have engaging content then you’ll get more views for your images and videos.

Sharing such content can help you to boost your Instagram account.

For creating such content you have to do deep research and make a list of such topics that are trending.

You can correlate and create images and videos that relate to such a topic.

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3. Figure out your optimal time of posting:

If you want to get more views and profile visits then you have to figure out your optimal time of posting.

For that, you have to do a lot more experiments.

You need to post the content consistently, then you need to look at your Instagram insights and need to check when your audience taking interest in your content, and also you can check which type of content getting more engagement.

So, later on, you can create such content and you can acquire a new audience for your account.

By Instagram insights, you can figure out the best time when your followers engage the most with your posts and also the days when they enjoy watching your content.

It’s an easy way to figure out but all you need is patience and consistency in your posting.

4. Ask a question and host a contest:

People love to participate in the contest you can also host such a kind of contest.

You can do a small giveaway contest and ask your audience to take part in the contest.

For taking part “you have to like the post, comment on the post, and tag your best friend” write this type of catchy line.

It totally depends on which type of content you’re sharing, you can keep your caption according to that way.

There are many companies and brands who organize such things on their birthdays or on any special day.

You can also do the same.

You can also ask a question.

People love to answer such questions.

Your question should be generic, engaging, and curious.

People love to engage with questions and love to answers.

5. Use engaging captions and hashtags while posting:

Always make sure to use engaging captions while posting on Instagram.

It’s the only way to reach the maximum audience.

You have to include relevant and prominent keywords in your captions and stories.

Keywords should be related to your post and should be targeted so that you can acquire a new audience when people search for the same content organically.

Your caption should be short enough to be read by a maximum of people.

These days people now become lazier to read long text stories.

If you want people will engage in your posts then you have to include short but descriptive captions.

It can be read by a maximum number of people and can be easily prioritized by the Instagram algorithm so that you can get the maximum reach to your account and your posts.

You can ask questions in your caption or you can write short captions so that you can reach a new audience and more people can attract your content.

Hashtags should be used wisely because these are the only elements that can help you to acquire a new audience.

If you want to get more followers then you have to include these hashtags but should be traffic-oriented.

Never use the ban hashtags.

There are some hashtags that are banned by Instagram, but you can research them over the internet There are a lot more resources available for getting the most engaging and useful hashtags for your post.

Always try to use niche-specific hashtags and try to use the long tail targeted keyword reach hashtags.

It can help you to reach the exact audience you always wanted to be.

Never use short-tail hashtags, it will not help you to get more followers and likes.

Short-tail hashtags usually have lots of posts.

There is a lot more traffic but tremendous competition, your post may disappear just after a few seconds because the content updates so frequently, and getting reach is a difficult task.

You must have to use long-tail hashtags.

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6. Go live on your Instagram account:

If you want to create trust and credibility in your audience’s mind then you must go to live every week.

Going live is the best ever technique to stay engaged with your followers.

It can help you to acquire a new audience.

If you want to get more followers and likes to your post then you have to engage with your audience most.

The more you’ll stay engaged the more you’ll get likes and shares and also comments on your posts.

Going live is easy, all you need to go to your Instagram account, Now you have to swipe right and you’ll see the camera open in your Instagram application.

Now click on the live button it will show some count and after establishing the connection it will start the live video on your Instagram account.

7. Use Instagram ads:

Well if you want to promote instantly then there is the only option by Instagram ads.

Instagram ads nowadays become more popular.

Instagram ads are more engaging than other platform ads like Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to promote your content then it’s the best platform.

Your content can be images and videos.

For creating and running an Instagram ad all you need is to go to your profile and first need to convert your personal profile into a business profile.

For converting a person into a business you have to go to settings and convert your personal account into a professional account.

Now after converting the account, you have to post some content on a regular basis and see which content performs the best.

You need to check Instagram insights. A business account will give more detailed insights.

How your posts are performing, what is the status, etc.?

You can check which one of your posts performing the best.

After getting an idea that this post performing the best, you can start promoting the post by clicking on the blue promote button.

You can run image ads, carousel ads, video ads, story ads, etc. There are multiple options available.

All you need to analyze yourself and start promoting the content.

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8. Quality is everything:

Sometimes it really takes time to create a single image.

Quality is everything so you must have to spend time creating engaging content that really stands out.

Always make sure about the quality of your content. It should be high and engaging.

Always make sure your content should be attractive. For that, you have to research and make sure what other people share.

Always try to figure out what people love to engage and what’s not.

Always try to learn from other people follow the same strategy and apply it to your posts also.

9. Engage with other Instagram users:

To get more reach to your Instagram profile all you need to engage with like-minded content.

You have to engage with other users.

Whether they are your followers or not, you have to like the content and comment on the content.

Provide some value so that they will later become your followers.

It can really help you to get more reach from your Instagram account.

10. Embed your Instagram post to your website:


Well if you want to get unlimited reach to your Instagram account then it’s a bonus point for you.

If you have a website or app, you can embed your official Instagram account into your website, blog, or application.

The more people will visit your website, and blog the more people will see your embedded post on your Instagram account.

It can help to reach an almost unlimited audience on your Instagram account.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to embed the follow button so either you can link your Instagram profile or you can embed the post.

To embed the Instagram post all you need to go to your Instagram profile and select the post you want to embed.

After that click on the three horizontal dots and click on the embed post button.

Copy the code and paste it where you want to display the posts.


So after concluding the session, I can say that these are the best possible ways to get more engagement to your Instagram account.

If you still have questions then please comment down below and start a healthy conversation.

Getting engagement on Instagram totally depends on how you’re using the platform.

If you like the content and my approach then please share it with your friends and family. Peace!

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