How Do You Get A Blue Check On IG

How do you get a blue check on IG?

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In this article, I’m gonna share with you how you can get verified on your Instagram account and get the blue tick on your Instagram profile.

Instagram is the best way to stay connected with friends and family.

You can’t even connect with other people you can expand your business.

Just because it’s a social networking platform you have to follow others and others will follow you back.

Whether you have a business account or you’re using an individual account your appearance matters a lot.

Getting verified by your Instagram account is important.

All you need is at least 50 followers and less than 5,000 followers.

Your account should have at least a few posts so that Instagram can verify you’re not a bot you’re a real human.

Well, getting verified is not guaranteed.

You have to try and make sure what’s working for you or what’s not.

There are basically two ways to get verified of your account.

1. You can verify your account with the Instagram application.

2. You can verify your account with a third-party application.

So let’s discuss them one by one.

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1. A verified account with the Instagram account:

If you want to verify your account with your Instagram application then you need to go to your Instagram profile then you have to go to three consecutive lines at the top right corner of the application.


Tap these three lines, now come to the bottom, and click on the setting gear icon.

After clicking on the gear icon now you have to go to the account tab.

Click on the tab and scroll down to get verified your account.


After coming to this option, now you have to fill up some basic information about your name, category, and a valid government-approved ID.


Now after filling out all the details, you have to click on the send button and your request will be sent to the Instagram support team.

Well, Instagram will not send you any confirmation email that they received your email or something like that.

You have to wait!

The response time can be a few couple of days so, you have to wait.

In the near future, you’ll receive a notification, about whether your account is verified or not.

If your account will not verify then you can appeal for the next request.

While requesting verification always make sure that your account should be genuine.

Never try to get verification for the general pages like funny, meme, etc.

You’ll not get the verification badge.

Verification badge only for businesses and persons not for general pages.

If you’re a celebrity or a brand and a well-known player in your field then you’ll get easily verified, and don’t need to wait a couple of days.

You’ll soon get the verification badge.

If you’re not that popular then don’t worry, there are not any specific criteria for getting a verified batch.

All you need is to wait several days to get verified of your account.

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2. You can verify your account with the third-party application:

All you need to go to a website on your mobile device called

After going to the site, you’ll see, it will ask for your username and password.

Please enter your username and password then hit the button to continue.

Now you have to verify that you’re a human first for that you have to fulfill the requirement of installing the application and using it for some time.

After that, your account will automatically become verified.

These are the only two ways to get verified of your account.

Always remember Instagram never guarantees verification.

Your account may be verified or may not.

Never pay a single penny for verification.

Asking money for verification can be a scam because it’s a completely free process.

So if someone asking you for money then be careful about that maybe it’s a scam.

There is a certain thing that you always need to keep in mind while applying for verification.

Here are the tips that are given below.

1. Make sure your account is authentic:

Authentic means your account should be real and authentic.

This means there must be an interaction of the people, not bots.

You must be the owner of your account.

You must have at least a few posts on your account.

If you are already a celebrity then it will become easy to verify your account but if not then you have to wait for some time for the growth of your account first.

2. Your account should be unique:

Basically, there are two types of accounts, In general, the first one is called the unique account and the second is called the general-purpose account.

A unique account directly relates to you and your business.

A unique account is also called a personal account that can be verified but a general-purpose account is difficult to verify and Instagram said we don’t verify general-purpose accounts.

3. Your account should be complete:

Complete means your account should fill up all the required details like your first name, last name, bio, email address, website link, date of birth, etc.

You have to completely fill out all the details.

Your account must contain a profile picture that should be authentic and directly related to you only.

Your account should have at least one post and it shouldn’t have any added links on another social platform.

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4. Your presence matters:

Your presence should be there on other internet resources.

You must have a trending search on the World Wide Web.

Your appearance matters a lot to get a verified batch fast.

Always remember, the Instagram team never considers the paid promotion.

Your appearance should be organic and real.


So after concluding the session, I can say that there are two ways to get verified of your account.

First, you can do it from your Instagram app and second, you can use a third-party application to get a verified batch.

All, you need to keep in mind is that never pay for it because it’s a completely free service so you have to verify your account free of cost.

If you find this article helpful then please comment below. Also, don’t forget to share the content. Peace!


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