Is It Possible To Buy Instagram Followers

Is it possible to buy Instagram followers?

Hey pal! Welcome to one of my new blog posts.

In this article I’m gonna share with you my opinion, is it possible to buy Instagram followers?

Well, buying Instagram followers means buying a reputation.

It may be your company or it may be you.

There are lots of resources available on the internet that allow you to buy tons of followers.

The thing is that these followers will help you to fulfill your perspective.

These buying accounts will only increase the numbers on your follower lists.

These followers are nothing but dead accounts that will never engage with your posts or content. It means these followers are nothing just numbers that will show up in the follower list.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you some of the points that will help you to decide whether you should buy followers or not.

If you really wanna buy Instagram followers then I’ll list down some of the ways and websites to get real followers that may engage with your content.

First, I’m gonna figure out why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers. There can be multiple reasons not to buy Instagram followers.

Here are the few are listed below:

1. These are the dead accounts:

Maybe the followers you’re buying will not be authentic and they are just fake accounts.

This means when you’ll post something these accounts will not engage with your post and you’ll not get comments and likes on your content.

These accounts are the dead accounts, they are just numbers nothing else, so when you post something they will not engage with your post and you’ll not get much engagement.

If you have a business or company account then you must need to consider increasing as many followers as you can.

Of course, you want to turn these followers into customers but think about these bot accounts they will not come to your store to buy something.

Let’s consider the situation, Suppose you have 10k followers still you’re still getting 4 likes on your Instagram post and no comments at all.

What will be the impact on your follower’s minds?

Of course, they will consider your account a spammy account and if they visit your Instagram profile still they will not follow you at all.

2. Your followers will be stuck at the point:

When people will come to your profile and try to figure out your likes and comments then they will see less engagement as compared to your followers.

It creates a bad impact on their mind and you’ll not get more followers. Your followers will be stuck at a point.

Suppose you have a lot of followers on your Instagram account.

You have bought from an unknown source but still, you’re getting very little engagement on your posts.

Let’s take an example you bought 20k followers and still you’re getting only 10-12 likes and probably no comment on your post Then the one who visits your profile will see the difference.

They think either it’s a spam account or you bought followers.

These people who visit your profile will never follow your account.

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3. It decreases the engagement rate and you can’t get the benefit of the algorithm:

Like every other social network, Instagram also has its algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm depends on how your post performs.

When you post something then the number of hits on your post coming in a short period will be counted.

If you’re getting a good amount of engagement in short intervals then you will get the boost of the algorithm and you’ll be more likely to get more hits on your posts.

Always make sure about captions and your hashtags.

These should be authentic and related to your post.

4. Instagram may ban your account:

If you’ll try to get bot accounts on your account then you’ll not hide from the algorithm.

Nowadays Instagram algorithm is too smart.

You can’t hide your activity from it.

If you try it to increase your followers in an unethical way then your account most probably will be banned. Sometimes it is temporary or maybe it will be permanent.

These are the major reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers.

But still, if you want to get more followers then you need to follow some ethical ways that seem to be time taking but it will last long.

Now, I’m gonna share with you some of the best-proven techniques that will help you to get more followers organically.

Here are the sort-out:

1. Follow the following:

Following the following is the best technic for getting initial followers.

Suppose you have just created an account and you want to get followers then you must follow this technic to acquire initial followers.

Care should be taken while using this technic that you just need to follow only your industry niche people.

Never try to follow other than your interest because it may seem like spammy activity and the followers you’ll achieve by this are just useless.

So you just have to make sure that you always need to follow only your industry niche people.

Let us understand it by taking an example if you’re a coffee maker then you have to follow only those people who belong to the same content.

Try to figure out what type of content they’re posting to get engagement on their posts.

You must have to follow the same rules to figure out and get more engagement on their posts.

2. Sync your Facebook and phone contact:

If you want to get initial followers then you must have to sync your Facebook and phone contacts to your Instagram account.

Your phone contact and your Facebook friends are those people who are too close to you because they are your real-world followers.

These people will follow you once they realize that you’re on Instagram too.

So you must have to sync your Instagram app and follow them.

For syncing all you need to go to your Instagram profile from your Instagram application and click on the three consecutive horizontal lines Then you’ll find the Facebook and contact tab.

Click on one buy to get the accounts on Instagram.

Load these accounts and follow them in return they will follow back.

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3. Ask people to follow you:

Ask people to follow you.

When you will meet someone try to make them friends and ask them to follow you.

It will help you to reach the real audience and these audiences will engage with your content.

Never hesitate to talk with people randomly.

It will also boost your confidence.

You don’t need to have too much knowledge about something or don’t need to mess up inside the group argument all you need to go in public and talk with them.

4. Promote yourself:

If you have a blog, website, YouTube channel, etc. Then you just need to ask other people to follow you.

You can ask at the end of the content something like “Please follow me Here is my Instagram handle” These people will follow you.

Provide them value and then silently push them and ask them to follow you on Instagram.

If you have a website or blog then inside the author section at the bottom of the posts you can link your Instagram account and ask your visitors to follow you.

5. Use captions and hashtags:

Captions and hashtags are the only elements that can help you to get more followers.

Since we know that Instagram doesn’t have any share button inside the feed.

So the only thing you have is the captions and hashtags you need to use these elements wisely.

Always make sure that your hashtags and captions are relevant and should be engaging.

Use high-traffic hashtags.

These hashtags will help you to reach a new audience and new followers.

Always try to use the long tail hashtags.

Try to avoid short-tail hashtags because short-tail hashtags may have a large number of users but they have too much competition also.

Your post will disappear in a few seconds.

If you want people will see your content then you need to avoid short-tail hashtags.

6. Make sure the Instagram account is public:

Always make sure that your account is public.

Never enable the private account settings because the private accounts will not reach an audience other than your followers.

You always need to make sure that your public account setting is enabled.

If not then you need to go to your setting and need to enable it now.

These are the points that you need to consider, it will help you to get more organic and real followers that will engage with your content.

If you have a company page and you don’t have time to do such a thing then you can buy followers but in an authentic way.

Here, I’m gonna share with you some of the best-paid ways to get more followers. These followers will engage and be high quality.

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Here are the ways:

1. Instagram paid advertisement:

Like every other social platform, Instagram also has its own paid advertising platform where you can advertise your content.

Since Instagram is a visual platform you can only share images and videos.

If you want to promote your content then you first need to convert your account into a business account.

After converting into a business account you can now promote your content.

For promoting the content you have to analyze which one of your posts performs the best, you can run paid ads on it.

You can also run the paid advertisement on your Facebook page.

First, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page then you can run the ads from there.

2. Hire influencers in your niche:

If you want to get targeted followers then I’ll recommend hiring paid influencers.

There are tons of websites available on Google.

All you need to just search and find Instagram influencers.

There are tons of websites that are there.

You just need to click one of the links and need to search for the influencer in your niche.

Collaborate with him/her and ask him/her to promote your content.

It’s the best and most authentic way to get real targeted followers on your account.

These are the best-known ethical paid ways to get more followers.

Still, if you’re not satisfied and you want to know some of the best ethical websites that help you to get more real paid Instagram followers then I am listing down below Please have a look at these websites.

The link I’m giving you is the affiliate link.

When you buy followers from my reference link then I’ll get a small commission.

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If you want to buy high-quality followers for your business account then it’s number one on the list.

Getting high-quality followers is not the only important thing.

You need to make sure that how fast you’re getting these followers.

StormLikeswill provides the best high-quality followers in just 10 minutes not more than that.

There is something more you can buy.

You can buy Instagram likes, and views on your Instagram account or post.

If you want to get thousands of followers then you must need to use StormLikes. To buy Instagram followers you need to follow the above link and go to the website. After that, you first need to click on the BUY FOLLOWERS tab.

Now you need to click on the GET STARTED button and then it will land you on the pricing panel.

Now you’ll see the three options you can choose from.


1. 100 Instagram followers @ only $2.99.

2. 500 Instagram followers @ only $6.99.

3. 1000 Instagram followers @ only $12.99.

These are the three frequent options that you can choose from or you can also move the slider as given just below these options. You can buy as many followers as you want.


After selecting the package now you have to check out the process for that you have three options.


You can do it with your PayPal account, or cryptocurrency or you can also use the credit card option. After selecting the relevant option now you need to click on checkout.

It will never ask you about your Instagram password. It will only ask you for the username of the profile.

If you’re looking for Instagram bots that will help you to automate your Instagram efforts then now I’m gonna share with you one of the best tools that will help you out to get automate your Instagram work process.



installed is the best Instagram bot that will help you automate your Instagram efforts and make you more productive.

You can do a lot more things from InstaZood.

You can like the posts, comment on the posts, DM, watch Instagram stories, etc.

All this work you can automate yourself and you can become more productive.

To get access to InstaZood, all you need to follow the above link and land on the website.


After that, you need to click on the 3-day trial. After that, you just need to create an account first. Then you need to add your Instagram account.


After adding the account it will ask you for a verification code.

You can choose the phone or email option for getting the code.

Now you need to put in the code and your account will add now.


After adding the account now you need to buy the proxy for your Instagram account.

You can buy a proxy by directly paying from the website.


If you already have the proxy service then you can simply put the details and click on the save button That’s it.

Now you can use the system.

Bottom Lines:

These are the best possible ways to get real followers.

If you want to buy followers or you’re thinking of investing in your Instagram account then you must need to make sure about these points.

It depends on your requirements and what exactly you’re looking for.

Either you can use the time-consuming process or you can get thousands of followers In a matter of minutes totally up to you.

Always make sure to use a reliable source for getting followers.

If you still have questions then please comment down below. I’ll get back to you. Peace!


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