What Should You Not Do On Instagram

What should you not do on Instagram?

Hey folks! Welcome back to my next awesomeness.

Well, I already completed lots of posts on a single Instagram topic.

I discussed every point about Instagram.

Now in this article, I’m gonna share with you what should you don’t do on Instagram.

Yes, there are certain things that you should avoid while using such a huge community.

I don’t need to give much explanation about Instagram.

I hope you read my previous articles and you are better aware of the various facts and figures.

So here I’ll explain what you should not do to become a pro-Instagrammer or also what we call an Insta celebrity.

People getting famous day by day thanks to the internet.

After getting internet access to most people around the world, a lot of people got famous.

Also, we need to take social media that gives us a chance to become a celebrity and showcase our talent in front of an audience.

In previous times, it was too difficult to become famous because at that time TV was the only source and it was too difficult to become a star on TV but nowadays it’s pretty simple.

You can even be famous overnight.

Social media takes place in our lives and among that social media Instagram is a great way of sharing and becoming an Insta celebrity is pretty easy.

Here are a few points that you need to consider while using the platform.

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Avoid these things while using the platform:

1. Never use something awkward username:


You must need to avoid something unique type of the username.

Unique means something that no one is aware of.

Like if you’re using your name as a username then most probably your account will not come up while people search on the search bar because people tend to search for something that they need.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, I have a keen interest in cricket I most probably search on the internet or Instagram keyphrases related to cricket.

If you already include the key phrase in your username the word “cricket” then your account most probably will come up in the search results.

If I like your content most likely I’ll follow you.

If you don’t include the keyphrase then your account will not come up in the search results and no one can find you and follow you.

2. Never set your account on private mode:


If you want to become an Insta famous in a few months or years then you have to make your Instagram account public.

Instagram’s private mode is something like only your followers and your approved users will be able to see your Instagram posts.

It will not be going to get new followers and new people won’t be able to see your post It tends to disappear from your profile and ultimately you can’t attract new followers.

Always keep your Instagram profile to the public.

3. Don’t be inconsistent:

If you’re new or have some time on Instagram you should always remember the rule that you always need to be consistent while posting content.

Consistency means you need to post regularly.

Always engage with your audience regularly so that people don’t forget your existence and you’ll always become the top in their minds.

Consistency is the main goal of every platform, it can be anything.

You need to post at least three times a day to attract new followers and new customers if you’re a brand.

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4. Never post anything without a caption:

The caption is the most familiar word as all we are aware of is the small line that explains the content is actually about this.

Instagram also allows you to share content with relevant captions.

No matter how awesome your Instagram post is if you don’t include a little intro about the content, you won’t be able to get much engagement in your post.

If you’re looking for engagement on your post then you must have included the caption in your post.

The caption may be anything that relates to the content it may be some small line, quotes, questions, polls, etc.

5. Don’t forget to use the hashtags:


Hashtags are the keys to Instagram to reach a new audience.

If you’re not using the hashtags in your Instagram posts then you’re losing most of your new customers if you’re a business.

Instagram hashtags are extremely important and must be used in your Instagram post.

Care should be taken while posting the hashtags so that there must be a relevant long tale and not many posts.

If you’re using the most popular hashtags like #lfl #love #food #life etc. then you’re doing nothing just wasting your time and if your post is not related to these hashtags then you’re doing spam.

Always take care of your content and always post hashtags that relate to your content.

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6. Always engage with your audience:

Most people don’t do. The main drawbacks. Always remember that whether you have thousands of followers or you have just a few in numbers you always need to engage with your audience.

Engagement by any means always replies to their questions and always replies to their DM.

If people ask questions reply to them with genuine answers.

If you ignore your followers and don’t reply to them they most probably think you have an ego problem and it will not be good for your brand.

7. Never post other users’ content:

Generally, people do.

If people like something on Instagram it may be an image or video.

They post on their own Instagram profile. I think we should avoid it.

If you like other Instagram users’ posts then you have to use the proper attribution and authority to that person while posting their content.

It’s a bad habit of posting someone else content.

You always need to create your content.

If you can’t create your images or videos then there is another option for you.

You can search for copyright-free images and videos.

There are tons of websites available on the web.

These websites are run by the community. The community shares its part daily.

This content you can use to post on your Instagram feeds and stories.

8. Don’t avoid community guidelines:

Every community has its guidelines.

Instagram also has its guidelines you need to respect the guidelines.

Always remember there are certain things that you need to remember while using Instagram.

If you fail to respect the community guidelines then you may be penalized and your account may be a temporary ban.

If you continue to disrespect the guidelines then you may be permanently banned from Instagram.

Remember always to respect the rules and use the app accordingly.

9. Don’t use the same content over and over again:

If you want to become famous then you need to consider the golden rule that you don’t need to post the same content over and over again.

It will annoy people and these people will more likely unfollow you.

You don’t need to post a bunch of the same content over and over again.

A single post related to a single outfit or scene is necessary.

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10. Don’t post back to back:

If you’re making the same mistake you post tons of images at once and then you disappear Instead of gaining new followers you’re losing them.

You need to keep a gap while posting on Instagram.

Always remember it’s your official account so always keep it clean and user generic.

You need to keep in mind that your content should have a minimum of a two to three-hour gap and don’t post all the images or videos at once in a single post.

It will decrease your chances of acquiring new followers.

Always post at least three hours of the gap in each of your Instagram posts.

11. Don’t auto-share your Instagram content on other sites like FB and Twitter:

Instagram allows you to connect your other social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to your Instagram profile.

You always need to keep in mind that you don’t need to post all of the content you are posting on Instagram on these websites.

You have to post one or two posts and for the rest, you can give the link to your other Instagram post.

It will attract people to come up with your Instagram profile and if they like your content then they most probably will follow you.

12. Follow people you are interested in:

Most of the time people follow other Instagram users in the hope they will follow back but sometimes it’s a bad strategy.

I am not saying it’s wrong but you need to make sure that you have to follow the people that relate to your niche.

It can also be illustrated that you have to follow only those people who like your content.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you provide AC repair service and your company provides AC services then you have to follow those people who also provide the same services and collaborate with them.

13. Never buy Instagram followers:

I think I don’t need to say this.

Never buy Instagram followers because these followers won’t be interested in your content and you will lose the followers.

If you buy Instagram followers then these followers will later or sooner unfollow you because maybe they don’t belong to your niche sometimes.

These are the bots that don’t engage with your content.

Always remember, earn the followers never buy them.


So after concluding the session, you have to take care of these points.

If you fail to follow these guidelines then you are most likely to face difficulties in growing your Instagram account.

Instagram is a friendly community like others so always follow the community guidelines and you will become an Insta star soon.

My wishes are always with you.

If you like the content then please do share it on the social profiles it encourages me to generate more such quality content for you.

Which point do you like the most? comment down below.

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