What Is BuzzSumo | How To Use BuzzSumo

What is BuzzSumo and How to use it?

Well, my first question before starting the main content is do you want Free Traffic on your website or blog?

Yes everyone wants, so here is the best option to get free traffic to your blog or website you must share free content with your user.

Writing articles on your website or blog will help you to land free traffic to your website or blog that ultimately will become your Customers.

Writing and posting an article is that easy?

You have to research in-depth before writing and posting anything on your website or blog.

Nowadays competition is too high, You first need to recognize your target reach then you need to create High-Quality free content to provide value to your target audience.

If they will get some value from your content then they turn into a customer.

Before creating any content whether it can be Text, Video, Infographics, Images, PPT, PDF, etc. you just need to research the topic.

What do you think?

You must need to think about the topic. The keyword that you want to target.

After deciding on the topic you need a content idea.

Where to start? what to write? etc. Here BuzzSumo can help you the most.


In this comprehensive article, I’m gonna share with you the complete guide to BuzzSumo.

I hope your all doubts related to BuzzSumo will clear after reading this comprehensive article. Let’s clear all the points one by one.

1. What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is an online marketing tool that helps you to find the most shared content on the web.

It can be easily understood by taking an example. Suppose you want to write an article about “Online Marketing“.

Now you need the content idea from a Good Resource, what can you do to find the best ideas related to your keyword niche?

You can use various keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs,, UbberSuggest, etc.

Now after deciding on the right keyword, you need a Content Idea.

Well here is the best role of BuzzSumo.

You can search on BuzzSumo for that particular keyword and it will show you all the articles that get the most share on the web.

You can find these articles with their links.

You can go to the links read this content and make your strategy for your blog post.

You can also analyze your competitor related to that keyword.

Now after reading the most shared blogs, do you have an idea of what to write? how to write?

Your content should be comprehensive and detailed.

After analyzing the most shared content on social media you have an idea about the trending content in your niche.


2. How to use it?

Now come to the point of how to use BuzzSumo.

It’s easy to use, Here I will explain the detailed guide about how you can use the BuzzSumo to get better results.

Let’s discuss step by step:

Step #1: First open, You will see something like this kind of interface. Now you have to put any keyword related to your industry niche.

Let’s take an example, you search for “Online Marketing” and now the results start appearing.

Step #2: After searching the keyword “Online Marketing” you can see thousands of results.

If you’re using the Free Plan you can see few results.

If you buy the plan then you can see approximately this many results.

The free plan is limited to features but the paid plan will show you all the results.

You can export the results, set your content alerts, get a lot more filters, etc.

Step #3: Now you can set a lot more filters to narrow your reach to get the best results.

You can filter your results by date, only B2B Business, Language, Country, filter by Domain, etc. You can use these filters to personalize your results.

Step #4: Now you can see the social shares of these articles, which one is most popular and you also can see the author of the content and URL.

You can deeply analyze the first three or four most shared pieces of content that will help you to create good content.

You can easily analyze your competitors and what are using to get the best results.

Now you need to follow the same tactics and you’ll also get results.

3. How it can help you to create a better content strategy?

Well as I already discussed BuzzSumo helps you to analyze the best most shared content on the web in your niche.

You can easily analyze your competitors and make a good content strategy.

Here I’m going share with you how it can be more helpful to you:

Find Content Insight:

You can easily find the best content insights. What’s trending the most, what do people like in your niche? It can be analyzed by using this tool.

It gives up to the last 12 months’ data:

Yes, it can provide you with the 12 months’ data. It can help you to make a decision. You can apply the filter of analyzing the last up to 12 months of data.

You can see social shares:

Yes, you can see the maximum social sharing content that can help you to grow your website and blog.

Advanced filters option:

The advanced filter option can help you target your reach according to Location, Language, Domain, Date, Word Count, etc.

Here you can reach the best audience in your target reach.

Social Backlinks:

You can analyze the social backlinks for particular content on how many backlinks point to that particular domain.

Find Influencers:

You can easily find influencers for your content. You can tell them to share your content also.

Export Data:

Yes, you can export all the data in different formats like Excel, CSV, etc. In a free plan, you can’t do that you need to Upgrade to export the data.

Get Content Alerts:

You can get content alerts when your competitor posts the same targeted keyword as you used in your content.

You will get an alert that you can easily analyze the content and can make a further strategy for your blog post.

Competitor Comparison:

You can easily compare your competitors as per the social shares.

Suppose you want to compare your competitor’s article with your article, you can easily compare.

You need to have a paid plan again, this feature is not available in the free version.

These are the points that clearly explain how BuzzSumo can help you to give you great insights.

What’s trending the most, What type of content getting more share whether it is Video, Text, PPT, PDF, Image, Infographics, etc.?

This tool can easily help you to analyze the best possible results for you to make a further strategy for your content creation.

You can analyze which social platform getting more shares, and which article performing the best.

You can implement the same thing on your content to get the best results.

4. What are the benefits of using BuzzSumo?

As I already discussed there are so many benefits of using BuzzSumo.

You can use BizzSumo to make a further content strategy for your article.

You can analyze the most trending content. You can review that content and make your strategy for your content creation.

It will help you to get a deep analysis of the topics, what people like, what they are looking for, etc.

You can analyze your competitor to make your further strategy.

There are so many other tools available in the market but BuzzSummo stands out in all of those because it gives you the exact match that your audience likes.

It simply means you can easily find your audience’s needs.

There are limited results in the free version but if you are a real marketer then you have to try the pro version for better analysis.

5. Why only BuzzSumo?

There are so many other free tools available in the market but BuzzSumo stands out because it gives you so many other features like you can compare your competitor for better results on your content.

The data shown above for the various brands can help you to make a decision.

You can find the most trending content and help you to create a better strategy.

You can find which social media platform performing the best.

You can easily find influencers for your content to promote.

It’s easy to use and does not require any technical analysis knowledge, and even the free version can you out.

There are so many parameters you can analyze while creating the content like how many words you use, what will the content length, what words you should use, how your title will look, etc.


In the end, I just wanna tell you that BuzzSumo is a real marketing tool.

Use it wisely, spend time on analysis, and do deep research and you will get the best results.

Content is everything if you have the right content on your blog that people looking for, you can acquire the right audience.

You can also implement the API on your blog post.

Tell me what tools you use for making such strategies.


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