Top 15 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Free

Hello readers! In this comprehensive article, I’m gonna share with you the top 15 ways to get more traffic to your blog.

Well, it’s not easy to get traffic nowadays because the competition is high.

You have to be stand out unique in your products and services to get customer attention.

You have to be very smart in your services to drive the best possible results.

Well, in this article, I’ll try to share the top 15 tactics that will surely help you increase traffic to your blog.

Well, there is something that I need to share before going to the technical aspects of the article.

First, you have to recognize your audience’s needs because nowadays you have to write the blog in a smarter way that will grab the customer’s attention.

You need to recognize your audience’s needs then you need to publish the article on your website.

You should be solution-oriented to your audience’s needs.

Here, I am gonna share with you some tactics that will help you rank your blog and get more audience attention.

If you have a business and you just created a website for your business. Now your main goal is to attract more customers so that you can generate more revenue.

There can be multiple ways of generating leads.

If you’re new in the online world then instead of creating a website first, I’ll recommend using other channels like social media, guest posting, business listings, social bookmarking websites, etc.

You should first consider creating social pages like Facebook page, Instagram, Linked In, etc. Try to get more users’ attention on these platforms.

You can share content (can be images or videos related to your business). Try to attract more customers from these channels.

After getting a great response from users from various social media, now you’re ready to create your website.

Suppose you have developed your website now after that the big task is getting traffic.

Nowadays the competition is too high because everyone wants to come online and there are billions of websites on the internet.

If you want to stand out from the crowd then you must have to do something extraordinary that will generate more users to your website.

If you’re alone and you don’t have a team for that then it can be quite difficult for you to manage things.

I’ll share some of the ideas that will help you get better traffic to your website in a short interval of time.

Now the algorithm of Google getting too sharp, you can’t even cheat the system by spammy links and sharing copied content.

If you want to rank higher on Google and other search engines then you need to optimize your content and need regularly update the content as well.

There are a few questions we try to answer first.

Why need more traffic to your website?

Let’s understand it by taking an example. You have just opened a local store and now you want people to your store that buy your stuff.

Now the big thing is you need to have traffic to your local store first then only the real customer that buys your stuff will come to your store.

It’s true, that everyone will not buy stuff from your store, still, a few of them will definitely.

Now come to the online world, you have just created a website and now you need the traffic to your website so that they can buy your products and services.

How do you attract these audiences?

Generally, people love free stuff. Free stuff can be anything, a product, free service, or even free knowledge as well.

If you want to attract more people then consider doing things free of cost.

Now it’s a big question mark. How I can provide free things, well you can also provide free knowledge in the form of images, articles, audios, seminars, emporium, etc.

You can start writing quality articles on your website to provide quality knowledge.

Make sure the knowledge you’re providing in your article is related to your business niche otherwise, you may attract the wrong people and you’ll not get any sales.

Traffic vs. quality traffic:

These are two terms. Traffic means you’re getting tons of visitors.

Quality traffic means you’re getting the same traffic that drives sales.

When we do keyword research, we should try to be specific in our niche and try to figure out only those keywords that give quality traffic not traffic alone.

Now I’ll try to give a more detailed explanation about the quality of traffic.

Suppose you have a business selling kid’s stationery items.

It means your main target audience is kids and their parents who want to buy the stuff.

Now the big question is how you’ll attract that kind of audience on your website for free.

You can attract that kind of people but you need to focus only on that type of keyword that attracts kids to your website.

You can use various social channels for sharing your content.

Try to create more videos instead of text and never compromise on quality because nowadays quality is everything that drives traffic.

Quantity is not as important as it used to be.

Sources of driving traffic to your website:

Now here is the main term that comes up. Now the question is which one is important for getting more traffic to your website?

There are several ways to get more traffic to your website.

There is not a single thing and there is not any set-and-forget tool.

You need to constantly effort to get more traffic to your website.

  • Social media
  • Directory submission
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Article writing
  • Video Marketing
  • ORM
  • Business listings

and lots of other activities.

We’ll discuss it in detail and deep dive into it and try to figure out which one is more effective for driving more traffic to your website.

Activities you need to perform to get more traffic:

1. Do Better Keyword Research:

The first and most important part is better keyword research.

Why Keyword Research is so Important? It helps you to get to understand your audience’s needs.

First and last, you need to grab your audience’s needs because the end goal is your target audience.

Here are some tools available in the market, you can use them, like Google Keyword Planner,, KWFinder, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc.

With the help of these tools, you can do better keyword research.

Better keyword research is the most important and first-ever thing you need to perform before creating content.

Keywords help you to identify the audience’s needs that the majority of people looking for.

There are various tools and software available online to do better in-depth keyword research.

Keywords denote your business.

Let’s take an example, suppose you have a business manufacturing shoes then keyword research performance should be like this as given below.


You can see, as per the UberSuggest keyword research tool that there are millions of searches that are there only related to a single keyword shoe.

You can estimate the traffic and can suggest an idea of how keyword research can help you to make an assumption about the traffic and where the maximum traffic coming from.


You can see in the keywords suggestion, tab that tons of ideas are there.

You can research the high-traffic but less competitive keywords and target these keywords for your further content creation.

Create high-quality content targets for these keywords and share them on various platforms to attract visitors.

Make sure the content should be high quality and you just need to provide in-depth knowledge about every point of your topic.

Keyword ideas help you to stay organized and productive.

Productive means you don’t need to think much about what you should produce next.

Ubersuggest is a good tool that gives you basic ideas about the traffic and target audience. You can use this tool for free, it doesn’t cost a single penny.

You can also see the list of your competitors and how much traffic they are driving and you can also research the most traffic keywords.

When we talk about keywords we generally focus on two major types of keywords.

The first keyword is the short tail keyword and the second one is the long tail keyword.

Here is the traffic vs. conversion graph that clearly explains why long-tail keywords are important in terms of traffic and conversion.


As you can see from the above graph the long-tail keywords still lead the market.

The conversions in the long tail keywords are pretty much high.

Whereas the short-tail keywords have a good amount of traffic but don’t have many conversions.

People generally search for these keywords only for gaining information about something not for buying purposes.

The competitive analysis shows that these keywords have very high competition.

If you’re still not doing the keyword research then you’re not doing SEO in the right way.

Keyword research is the most important part of getting high rankings on search engines.

Make sure to do better keyword research, spend some time with the keyword research tools, and also do the competitor analysis.

Now I’ll try to give you some of the best keyword research tools you can start using now.

There are tons of tools out there as I already cleared, still, I have picked some of my favorites. Make sure to use them as well.

1. Ubersuggest:


Ubersuggest is one of my favorite tools. It’s free and it’s good at generating better keyword ideas.

You can generate tons of keyword ideas from Ubbersuggest.

Make sure to include this amazing tool in your list. It’s free and always will be.

You can also analyze your website as well. You can check the live traffic and also the pages getting more traffic.

You can also do your website SEO analysis and can make an assumption about your website showing your website performing in Google SERP.

After analyzing your website, now you can optimize your website for the future so that you can rank higher in search engines.

2. WordStream’s Keyword Tool (free):


Yes, the most important keyword research tool.

You can also use this tool for better keyword research.

You can’t even research keywords for SEO, you can also consider this tool for CPC as well.

This tool talks about the competition, PPC, search volume, etc.

You can start using this tool now. It’s free for the first 7 days and later you need to purchase a plan.

3. Soovle (free):


If you want to focus on multiple channels at the same time then you should consider using this amazing tool.

You can’t even research keywords for Google, you can even do keyword research for other platforms like Wikipedia, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, etc.

You can see multiple results at the same time.

If you want to get results for multiple platforms at the same time then instead of using different tools, you can consider using this amazing tool for keyword research.

It’s a great tool.

4. Google Keyword Planner (free):


Of course, it’s free and one of the best keyword planner tools ever. I don’t use and do not even recommend using this tool.

The analysis provided by Google keyword planner is not exact if you don’t have an AdWord account.

It shows the keyword difficulty, and average CPC, and tells about the difficulty in terms of medium, low, and high.

Well, if you’re running an ad campaign on Google then you can use it.

It’s perfect for running ads but if you want results organically then make sure to use other tools mentioned above.

2. Choose a Good Title for Your Blog Post:

After doing better keyword research, now you have to decide on a topic for your blog post. The title of your blog should be catchy and under 60-70 characters long.

It should be catchy and curious so that you’ll get more and more clicks on the search engine result pages.

You can use the question tags in your title, it creates curiosity in the user’s mind and the user will be more likely to click on the title while searching for the keywords.

You can use Quora to decide the title of your blog post.

If you want to write better titles for your blog post then there is the only option for that just to do a Google search and look at your competitors what they doing and how you can do the same to get more and more attention.

You can learn from these Google first page results and accordingly, you can write better titles for your blog post as well.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you want to write an article on “cool WhatsApp hack“. Now the big question is how you’ll decide the title of the article.

Let’s do a simple Google search with the same keyword “cool WhatsApp hack”.

As you can see on the first page how they optimize their website title for getting more clicks.


You can also optimize your article in the same way to get more clicks once you rank on the first page.

If someone wrote 20 WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks.

Make sure to write at least double 40 WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks.

Just double your numbers to rank higher on search engines.

These are the best strategies for getting more clicks on the blog title.

Some examples will clearly explain how to write a better title for any blog post.

3. Use H1, H2, H3, H4 Headings in your article:

Both search engines and users need to grab attention. By using h1, h2, h3, and h4 headings in the body part of your blog post.

It’s easy to understand the points mentioned in the article for both search engines and users.

Clearly explain the things after writing the Proper Headings.

It makes sense to write these headings will get more attention and increase the retention time of your audience.

Headings are the main part of the articles, make sure to include these headings in your article.

If you want to rank higher on search engines then you should consider using these headings.

You can see, in this article as well, I have pointed out all the points in the form of headings.

I have given the proper headings to the main topics.

You can also use these headings to get more user retention.

It will make it easy to read the full article and also create interest in the audience’s mind.

4. Write a comprehensive and informative blog post:

If you want to rank high and on a long-term basis then make sure to write a comprehensive and informative article that provides value.

Before writing an article make sure to analyze your competitor coming on the first page of the search results.

Analyze them, visit each website, and analyze the content length, images, videos, gifs, or any other multimedia elements.

Make sure to use double or triple, so that you can even rank high.

If you’ll write a long article then search engines will get more words to rank high on search engines.

Make sure to write a minimum of 2000+ words article so that it can rank high in SERP.

Use keywords on your article, When search engine robots crawl your website, they read your complete article and try to rank on those words as well as you implemented on your body part.

Just take an example you have just written an article about online marketing Your article doesn’t need to only rank for the term online marketing, even it’ll pick words from your article as well and try to rank on these words as well so that you’ll get more traffic.

When I write an article, I aim to write a minimum of 3000+ words. Higher the number the better your chances of getting higher rankings.

5. Use internal linking:

Do you know the importance of internal linking?

Sometimes even more important than outbound links.

If you want to rank high in search engines then try to include the required amount of internal linkings.

Internal linking is a technique of linking your previously written article to your new article.

Suppose I have just written an article about the best place to visit in Denmark.

If I use something that needs to define more then I’ll interlink to that phrase in my previously written articles about the same phrase.

Make sure to internal link only to relevant content. Internal linking increases the retention time of users on your website.

The more users will remain on your website the better the website will rank on search engines.

6. Give value to others:

Always give value or links to others.

Suppose you’re writing an article about anything and now you need research to get more ideas and you’ll do a Google search.

You’ll get a few references then make sure to give references or links to these websites.

Outbound links are equally important as internal linking.

It’s a suggestion for you to give them an attribute _blank so that these links will open in the next tab and your website user will not get distracted from your content.

7. Always engage with your audience:

Your audience is a priority. Give your audience better value by giving responses to their comments and emails.

Always answer their queries that will create a good impact.

The more you’ll engage with your audience the better you’ll understand your audience’s needs.

Make sure to answer their questions and encourage them to write comments.

Ask them to share your content as well.

The more people will share your content the better you’ll get the traffic.

8. Use social sharing buttons on your post:

Always put the sharing button on every article.

Always put a better line before the sharing button like “sharing is caring”, “sharing doesn’t cost but help someone else like you”, etc.

It will help you to get more shares and more reach.

If you’re using WordPress on your blog or website then you can simply integrate the plugin and integrate the sharing button.

The main buttons are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

These social share buttons are extremely important.

Make sure to implement these buttons first.

The more you’ll get social share the better you’ll get traffic to your website or blog.

9. Be consistent:

Always be consistent with your blog. Take it seriously, don’t take it as an earning source.

Always work with some vision to be like I am sharing this information because I have the vision to help people.

It will help you to get more attention and success for your blog. Always maintain a frequency and post the content on your website regularly.

You can also write all articles at once and can schedule this content for a later post.

10. Use push notifications:

Push Notification is a great way of getting your readers back to your blog.

Push notification is a technique for acquiring visitors back to your blog post.

It’s a kind of subscription when people subscribe to your push notification then they agree to terms like whenever you will share any blog post they will get a desktop or mobile notification.

It will help you to get more traffic. Returning traffic is far more important than acquiring new visitors to your website.

The more visitors will get back to your website the better your site will be.

11. Use email subscribers:

It will always be a great idea to put an Email Subscription to your blog post.

If your audience is getting some value from the article then they can subscribe to get an email from your side.

Once you’ll get better email subscribers you can send the weekly or monthly digest to their inboxes.

Make sure not to send too many emails at the same time, it’ll count as spamming.

You can send them a weekly or monthly digest.

You can even ask your audience how you want to receive the email from your side.

Email subscription helps to get returning visitors to your website.

12. Use social media:

Using social media is the best way of getting tremendous traffic to your blog post.

But use it wisely, don’t spam. Let’s take an example, you have just written a blog post and you want to share this blog to different Facebook groups then share only in relevant groups related to your article’s topic.

Don’t spam as people do. They share without any relevance.

You can create a social profile on different social networking websites.

There are tons of websites out there. Make sure to create an account first then start sharing the content.

13. Make quality backlinks:

People think backlinks mean making a link that’s it.

But it’s not true, backlinks are a technique for helping others.

Let’s take an example I just wrote an article about Online Marketing and I want to make a Backlink for it Then I will search for forums or any other sites where people want help learning about online marketing.

I will answer their query comprehensively and put the link to my article over there. This is real backlinking. Always make good and effective backlinks.

14. Always put a short description after every blog post:

Always show a short description of your profile after every blog post, it will create trust in your audience and help you to get more and more shares.

Remember always to put a smiley face profile along with your article will make a good impact.

Make sure to give your social links so that your readers can follow you for future updates.

15. Always leave a question for your audience:

Getting comments and shares, last but not least is leaving a question for your readers.

Suppose you wrote an article, now leave a question at the end of the article for your readers to get more comments and engagement plus sharing.

In question, you can ask for feedback about your article how was the experience?

You can even ask them to share your content on different social media.

You can also give social buttons for sharing the content.

You can ask your audience to make any changes to the article.

Taking feedback and then implementing it on your blog is always the best practice for getting more traffic.


These are the best tactics that will surely help you to drive better traffic to your article and ultimately help you rank your website against your competitors.

If you like these points then share them with your friends and family.

If you have any questions or suggestions put them in the comment section.

Tell me what tactics you use to get more traffic.

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