Look At Someone’s Instagram Stories Without Knowing Them

How Can You Look at Someone’s Instagram Stories Without Knowing Them?

Hey guys! Welcome back to my new article.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you some best hacks to get to watch Instagram stories without knowing them.

Well, Instagram is the best and trending social networking website where users can share their pictures and videos in the news feed and in the story section.

Instagram story is a new way of sharing content for 24 hours on their Instagram account.

After 24 hours the story will automatically disappear.

So, here in this article, we will discuss the story part of how we can watch another account’s story without knowing it.

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Well, there are multiple ways of watching the stories let’s discuss them one by one.

Directly by your Instagram profile:

If you want to see someone’s Instagram story without knowing them with your Instagram application then you have to follow certain steps.

First, you need to click on the Instagram story just one behind your target story.

After clicking on that story you have to pause that story by holding your finger on the screen.

After Holding the story you have to slightly scroll right or left (depending on the target story you want to watch) side but don’t leave the screen.


After implementing this rule will be able to watch your Instagram target account story.

This is the simplest way of watching the story without knowing them.

Well if you don’t have an Instagram account then how you can watch Instagram stories?

Well, it’s also possible to watch Instagram stories if still, you still don’t have an Instagram account.

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Just follow the steps:

There are various websites and apps out there on the internet you can browse them and directly use them.

My personal use of websites and applications are given below:

1. InstaStoryViewer.com:


The first one on the list is InstaStoryViewer.

It’s the best website to secretly view the Instagram story.

There is the only condition is that you have to use a public account.

The account you want to spy on shouldn’t be private otherwise it will not work.

First, you have to put the username of the person you want to see the story.

Then you need to put the username in the search box as shown on the website and hit the enter button.

Your Instagram story will appear, and you can see the story secretly and even download the story.

With the help of this amazing website, you can see the highlights and profile pictures and you not only watch the content even you can download also it.

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2. StoriesIG:

The second one on the list is StoriesIG.


You can use this amazing website to secretly spy on your Instagram account.

You can’t even see the Instagram stories, you can download the story.

It’s a pretty simple and elegant way of watching Instagram stories.

The website has a simple and easy-to-use clean look. You just need to put the username of the person you want to secretly spy on the Instagram story.

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3. Insta-stories:

The third one on the list is Insta-stories.


You just need to put the username of the person you want to see the Instagram stories.

After putting in the username, you need to hit the enter button.

After hitting the enter button the stories will appear now.

You can’t even see the stories can download the stories.

You just need to put the username of the person you want to secretly spy on and want to download the story and hit the enter button.

4. Storyinsta:

Last but not least is Storyinsta.


It’s the last on the list.

You can simply use this tool.

You just need to put the user name of the person you want to see the stories.

After putting the username click on the enter button.

You can’t even watch the stories but also can download them.

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By using the Android and iOS applications:

If you are using a mobile phone then you can download the best-recommended applications to secretly spy on other Instagram stories:

1. Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram:

The first one on the list.


You can download the application and simply use it.

It will never ask for your details like phone, name, email, and password.

Simple to use application easy and clear interface.

You just need to put in the username you want to secretly spy the story and click on the enter button.

2. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram:

It’s the second one on the list, you can also use this application to secretly view other Instagram profiles.


It is easy to use and you can spy on as many profiles as you want.

These are the websites that you can use to watch Instagram stories and you can’t even watch or download them.

Here I’m going share with you a bonus tip that you can include in your list:

You can watch the story of that person you want to see after watching all the stories of that person you can simply block them for 24 hours.

It will not be going to notify them that you already watched the stories.

After 24 hours you can unblock them.

This trick will work but the only problem is that you need to again follow them because when you blocked them you unfollowed them Now you need to follow them back.


So after concluding the session, I want to tell you that these are the best possible ways to secretly watch other Instagram stories.

These are the best possible way of watching Instagram stories secretly.

If you still have any questions then you can comment down below I’ll help you out.

Tell me which technique you like the best.

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