How To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

How to Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

As all we aware of Instagram.

It is the most used social networking platform having more than 1 billion users around the web.

Instagram is a major community to share photos and videos.

People use Instagram to share their images, and videos with others.

Here in this article, I am going to share with you a detailed explanation of how Instagram can be used perfectly to track various metrics.

Who followed you, who didn’t follow you, who blocked you, unblock you, etc.?

You are wondering to know about these facts.

You can track what activity happening to your Instagram account.

How you can control these activities and how you can make the future content plan.

There are many applications available on the App Store and Play Store that claim to provide these data.

In this article, we will analyze these data and check whether these applications are helpful or not.

So let’s get to discuss.

First, you need to know why you need these metrics.

Here are some points that need to be considered:

1. You can check your stalkers:

If you can track these metrics like who viewed your Instagram post, who viewed your Instagram profile, your ghost followers, who followed you, whom you are following, etc. real-time data then you can make a perfect strategy for the future.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you’re a brand and you want to know about your customer’s behaviors.

What do they think about your products and services, and how do they visit your IG account? who secretly follows you? Who secretly likes your post etc.?

After analyzing these data you can make a perfect strategy for the future.

2. You can increase your sales:

Yes, if you know about your customer’s behavior on Instagram then you can easily apply some good strategies to increase your sales.

Just look at these infographics explaining the sell-by Instagram.


Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you have a business selling digital painting.

You want to market your digital painting on Instagram.

You can easily do that by sharing your digital art on Instagram.

Now you want to track your results what people think about your product, what type of people are interested in your products, and how you will check that.

You need to analyze the data of your Instagram account but unfortunately, there are limitations on Instagram.

It never shared much data.

If you want to track then you have to use some third-party applications but use them carefully because all applications are not genuine.

Test them before using them.

So these are the major two points that need to be considered.

Well, there is a lot of application that claim, they track the data from Instagram but unfortunately not.

There is not any kind of application that can track such information.

Instagram API does not allow sharing of this kind of information with any third-party application.

Finally, we can’t track such information, Well not completely true, you can track but not all of the information.

You can put stories in your Instagram story section where you can track the exact people who viewed your Instagram story.

Instagram allows you to share a story for almost 24 hours.

You can easily track who secretly stalks your profile then you can take further action on that.

There is not any other way to track your account.

If you’ll convert your account into a business account then you track some extent of metrics like engagement on your IG post, how many followers gain or lose, etc.

You can also track the exact demographics of how people interact with your Instagram post according to gender.

Whether male or female is more engaging to your Instagram account.

There are various third-party applications that you can use but they are not affiliated with Instagram directly or indirectly.

They don’t provide any real metrics because Instagram does not share these metrics with these applications.

Now the question arises, How we can analyze Instagram data?

well, as I already discussed, there is the only way to get the Instagram data through Instagram insights.

If you are using a business account then you’ll get some deep analysis but if you’re using a personal account then you get a few analysis data.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these applications for any reason.

There are some live real-time tracking that you can use to make decisions.

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Here we will talk about some good applications that will help you to get real-time analysis.

1. Follower Analyzer for Instagram:


The number one on the list is the follower’s analyzer.

It’s a trustful application that you can use to track real-time analysis.

Through this application, you can track various metrics as given below:

  1. You can track who follows you and whom you are following.
  2. You can see your tops like posts and videos.
  3. You can see your top-viewed Instagram video.
  4. You can track the real-time following or unfollowing.
  5. You can track the ghost followers.
  6. You can track the users who mostly liked your Instagram posts.

For installing this application you need to have a smartphone with the basic configuration of 16 GB Hard Disk space and 2 GB RAM. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to track such metrics.

2. Insights for Instagram ✔Followers ✔Ghosts ✔Stories:


It’s the second one on the list.

You can track various metrics by using this application.

It’s a trustworthy application that has good reviews on the Play Store Check this out.

You can check many things by using this application.

Here is the list of insights that you can track right away:

  1. You can track the mutual followers, which means those who you are following and who are following you back.
  2. Fans and followers that do not follow back.
  3. Those you are following but don’t follow back.
  4. Ghost follower accounts. Those do not follow you back.
  5. Recent unfollow, those accounts that you have recently unfollowed.
  6. Download stories to other users
  7. Wow! You can even reshare the content you like.
  8. Using machine learning to detect whether the account is authentic or spam.
  9. You can check the performance of the hashtags, and which hashtags perform the best.
  10. Figure out your profile, How is your profile performing over time? Which post performing the best? You can implement these metrics for further post strategy.

3. FollowMeter – Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram:


FollowMeter is another one on the list. You can use this amazing application for tracking various things.

It’s an amazing application that gives all the matrics that it claims so let’s discuss the features and functionality part of this application:

  1. You can track your real-time un-followers.
  2. You can detect who is not following you back.
  3. You can analyze the top likers of your Instagram account.
  4. You can see your ghost follower’s account.
  5. You can detect your blocked account.
  6. You can track which posts getting more engagement.

Perhaps it’s not affiliated with Instagram.

It gives much more insights that you must have to use to grow your Instagram account.

4. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis:


Last but not least is the IG Analyzer.

IG analyzer is the best insight tool you can use now to get more engagement on Instagram.

You can track various insights by using this amazing application and can easily track various insights.

Here in this section, I’m gonna share with you some amazing features of IG Analyzer.

  1. You can track who just unfollowed you. Even you can track deleted messages and comments.
  2. Track those who are not following you back. Track them and unfollow them anytime.
  3. You can find your most liked post followers and your ghost followers, who don’t even like your single post.
  4. You can track real-time data.

How your Instagram account is performing?

The real-time analysis of the post.

How is your Instagram account performing? How are the likes and dislikes coming? Followers lost or gained.

You can use this application on a free trial but if the free trial expires then you can put in some investment It’s an amazing tool.

It will give you the exact insights into what most users are looking for.

So these are the applications that you can use now to get more insight into your Instagram account.

Well, I hope you will get the exact idea of how you can track your followers to make a decision.


So let’s conclude in the end, nothing will give you insights about who exactly viewed your Instagram profile.

Well if there is any application or website that claims so, they perfectly lying to you because there is not any such thing.

Hope you enjoy this article If you have any questions drop them in the comment section below.

I love to solve your doubts and I’ll be extremely happy if there is something that will help you out.


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