Instagram Is Down Or Just Upto You | Instagram Issues

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As we are aware Instagram is the most popular and most used social networking website.

Where users can share the images and videos with their followers.

You can connect with your friends and family.

Instagram is the most popular among youngsters the most of having more than 1 billion users as of 2019.

Statistic: Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of July 2019, by age and gender | Statista

Such a huge amount of data Instagram carries. It always happens that Instagram comes across some technical issues.

In this article, we will talk about Instagram glitches or technical issues. How do these issues arise, what are the reasons behind the issues, and how we can fix them if we can?

Instagram was officially launched in 2010. Since its launch, it has had many technical issues like any other application.

Now come to the point if we are facing the issues of how we can check that?

Well, you may have the following technical issues as specified in the article section given below.

1. Maybe you can’t open the application:

It may be possible every time you try to open the application a white screen appears and Instagram is not opened.

Many people come across this general problem.

If this is the case then you can try to update your Instagram application.

Maybe currently you’re not running the latest version of the Instagram application.

You have to check in the App Store or Play Store whether you need to update your application or not.

If there is not any update available and you are already using the latest version then you need to check your Android version on your device in the About section.

If you’re using the lowest version of the Android application then you can immediately update your Android.

2. You can’t post on Instagram:

Maybe you tried a lot to post on Instagram but can’t post because of some technical issues.

It is also a general problem. Either you can post in the feed section or the story section.

If you can’t post on your Instagram stories or post area then either you are banned or there are some other issues.

Sometimes it happens coincidently that if you’re violating the community guidelines of Instagram then Instagram will ban you from posting on their platform.

Maybe you ban using some Instagram features. If this is the case then you have to wait a few days and you will again post on IG.

If this is not the case and you’re sure that you’re not banned then you must need to check your internet connection, maybe your internet connection is too weak.

Technology updates day by day.

We are going too fast in every respect that’s why our internet connection should be fast.

3. You can’t comment and DM others:

It is also possible that you can’t comment and DM others’ posts.

Many times it happened that you can’t comment like DM to other’s accounts.

Maybe you’re banned from posting a comment on another Instagram feed.

This situation arises when you are too fast in liking and commenting on the same comment using too many hashtags in the post or comment section then you’ll become banned.

There are certain community guidelines that you need to follow.

If you’re violating the guidelines then you’ll become banned from using some functions of Instagram.

4. You can’t see your post in your particular hashtags:

It is also possible that you can’t see your post in your hashtags.

Many times it happens that people can’t see their posts in their particular hashtags.

If you can’t see your post in particularly used hashtags then you may be shadowban.

It happens when you use too many hashtags and also banned hashtags.

5. Suddenly application crashes:

If this is the case that your application suddenly crashes then it can also be a bug.

If suddenly the application crashes and you can’t open your Instagram account after too many attempts then most probably your Instagram application either it’s ios or Android not updated.

If this is the case then you need to check the app store or Play Store and update it ASAP.

and many more.

So these are the general problems that you can come across.

Well, these issues can be solved either by your hand or it may problem by Instagram itself.

So first we need to clarify whether the problem is from our end or it’s an Instagram bug.

Many people face mostly the same issues you can check in the screenshots comments by Down Detector.


You can continuously check the status of any website whether it’s server issues or it’s your end.

Look at the screenshot Instagram was last noticed down on September 10, 2019.


Down Detector will exactly give you the exact metrics and the real-time analysis.

If the problem or bug is from the end of Instagram then you can report a bug on the Instagram application.

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If the problem is from our end then we can check the following remedies:

1. Check whether Instagram is down or not:

You can check it by using a website known as Down Detector.

There are lots of websites available around the web.

You can check on any website.

Down Detector gives you exact data about the ban.

You can also file a report of down.

You can connect with other Instagram users over there.

Maybe other Instagrammers facing the same issue.

If others also facing the same issue then it’s from the Instagram point of view.

2. Restart the Instagram application:

You can check by restarting the application.

You first need to shut down the application, lock your phone, and unlock it again. Start the application maybe the issue will be resolved.

3. Update the Instagram application:

Android and iOS software always come up with a new update.

In every update, some bugs are resolved and new bugs come up.

Whenever we update any application they add some new features and functionality.

So here you can try updating the application.

To update the application you need to go to the Play Store or App Store.

If you’re using iOS or Android, check whether you need to update the application or not.

4. Update your Android or ios version:

It may be possible that you’re using the old version of your Android and ios then you need to update it fast.

Many applications may not be compatible with your old Android or iOS versions.

You need to update it regularly so that all the applications can work properly.

5. Update your device:

If you’re using the old devices like if you’re still using the 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal Android or iOS devices then this situation must come across.

You need to update your cell phone.

Technology changing day by day and you have to change along with it.

If you’re still using the old smartphones of low configuration and expecting to run newly updated apps then I’m sorry it can’t be possible.

You need to update your device right now.

I saw many people still using the old smartphones of low configuration and expected to run the high configuration applications. How it’s possible?

You need to update your device.

6. Check your internet connection:

Most of the time it happens that your internet connection is too slow or not working then your application will not run.

As we are aware Instagram is an online application. You need an active internet connection to run the application.

If this is the case you just need to double-check the speed of the internet.

Contact your service provider.

Change the internet connection if there is any need.

Your WIFI speed should be fast.

7. Restart your phone:

If the problem is still not solved then restart your phone.

Maybe there is a background application running that prevents the use of any other application like Instagram.

You can restart your cell phone.

It will close all the background running applications.

Most of the time the problem is solved by restarting the device.

8. Uninstall and reinstall the application:

If still, the issue is intact then you can last try to reinstall the application.

As I expect you know how to uninstall the Android or iOS application from your smartphone.

Install the latest updated version of the application from the Play Store or app store.

If you try this last option maybe your issue will solve.

If still not solved then the last one is given below.

9. Contact Instagram Team:

Last but not least you can contact the Instagram team to solve the issue and you can file an appeal against the issue.

Maybe you will get a favorable judgment. So these are the points that you can consider when there is any problem with Instagram.


So after concluding the session.

Instagram is just an application and most of the time it may have an issue but don’t worry there is always a team behind the company who working hard for you to give the best possible experience to their platform.

Don’t worry your data will be in a safe hand.

Just follow the community guidelines and always respect the terms and conditions nothing will go wrong with you.

Stay tuned cheers!


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