How To Get More Instagram Story Views

Hey, are you struggling with getting Instagram Story views?

Do you have thousands of followers but still not getting story views?

In this article, I am gonna share with you the top tricks that will help you to get more Instagram story views.

As we are aware Instagram is the most popular and engaging social networking platform having more than one billion users as of 2019.

As all, of us, are aware of the platform you can share the photos and videos on the story section and feed section.

Unlike Facebook where you make friends, Instagram allows you to follow others and others will follow you.

You post the content on Instagram to engage with your niche audience.

Many companies already using Instagram to promote their brand because it’s the most popular social networking site on the web.

Here we will discuss, how you can reach the maximum audience through the Instagram story mode.

Well, there are certain factors that you’ll need to consider first.

These factors are listed as given below.

1. Pick your niche:

If you’re a brand or individual, who wants to promote your company or your skill then you need to pick a Specific Niche so that people can recognize you easily.

Many people try to post just random things.

It will not be going to work anymore for your business.

Let’s take an example if you’re a chef then you have to schedule your post accordingly.

No matter whatever business you have, you need to be niche-specific so that you can attract like-minded people.

They will engage your post most as compared to random people.

2. Post consistently:

The most important thing ever, you need to consider is that you need to post regularly so that people can recognize you and always keep you in their mind first.

You need to post daily at least 4-5 times. Just look at this Amazing Infographic explaining how to post on Instagram.


It will stand you out from the crowd and people will always be waiting for your next post.

Just look at some famous influencers on IG.

You’ll find that they post at least 4-5 times a day.

You need to make it a habit to post daily.

Your post should be niche-specific and don’t blunders.

Don’t post anything, just post relevant and according to your IG audience niche.

It will help you to get more followers on IG.

If you’ll get more followers then you’ll get more engagement to your account.

3. Always engage with your audience:

Whether you have tons of followers or no followers always stay stuck to the ground.

Always replies to other people’s doubts.

Always engage with your followers.

If you do so, you will always stay at the top of your follower’s minds and it will make a good impact and you’ll get more followers.

4. Use hashtags and creative captions:

Hashtags are the best way to get more engagement with your IG post.

You need to post in your industry niche-specific, put relevant hashtags, and attractive captions.

Hashtags will help you to get more engagement on your Instagram post. This Infographic Explains clear of hashtags.


Don’t use too many hashtags. There is a limit to using hashtags.

You can use 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, 20 hashtags in a comment, and 10 hashtags in the story.

Always use hashtags relevant and related to your post.

These are the tactics that you first need to consider before getting views to your IG account.

These tactics will help you to get new targeted followers who will later engage with your Instagram stories.

Now we will talk about how to post IG stories that will give more views.

Here in this section, we will cover all of these points. So let’s discuss.

Points to remember while posting on Instagram stories:

1. Always post IG stories frequently:

Frequency is the main factor.

If you’re not frequent with your schedule you’ll not get more views.

Just like Instagram posts, you need to post Instagram stories regularly so that your followers always remember you and always you’ll get more views.

Just look at some famous people in your niche, and how they post on their Instagram stories.

Just look at their schedule for sharing Instagram stories.

You’ll find the post at least 2-3 stories on average a day.

It will make a good impact on the follower’s mind and you’ll always be on top of their thinking.

2. Use hashtags while posting:

Always use relevant hashtags that will give you more views on your IG stories.

Hashtags will enhance your reach and you’ll get more views as compared to without hashtags. Post with relevant hashtags in your niche or related to your story post.

3. Try to post videos:

Videos get more views as compared to images.

Always try to create more video content and post regularly.

It will help you to get more views.

Put hashtags while posting.

Don’t share any video content from the web because there is a copyright policy.

You need to create your content whether it is a video or an image.

Create attractive and engaging content that people love to share with others.

Spend time on your content, and make a good content strategy that will help you to get more views.

It’s your brand account so spend time with the content strategy, what to post, what not to post, how to post, what will be the captions, what will be the hashtags, etc.

Make a good strategy, it will always give you better results.

4. Use geolocation:

Geo locations are the thing that will always help you to get more engagement to your post whether it may be an Instagram post or it may be Instagram stories.

You can use geolocation to target your audience to get more Instagram story views.

5. Always stay at the top in your follower’s minds:

You have to make a difference from others, and always stay at the top of your follower’s minds.

If you’re a brand then you’ve to organize the giveaway.

Swipe up a challenge at least a day a week that will make an impact and you’ll get more engagement from users.

People love to participate in competitions and webinars. Content should be High-Quality.


You can organize some kind of event that ultimately helps you to get more views.

It always keeps your Instagram post on top of your mind and you’ll get instant engagement.

If you are a newbie and you don’t have sufficient funds for giveaways and webinars then I have one more strategy for you.

You can put a Q & A engagement bar etc. to your Instagram stories.

People love to engage in it. Always put these in your IG stories and you’ll get more views.

So these are the points that you’ve to care about while posting stories on Instagram.

Instagram is a great source of engagement, you need to engage with your audience all day.

Always keep your audience’s priority. Remember Instagram can make you a celebrity but only when you’ll take care of the above points.

Now we will discuss some more points that you always need to consider before and after making an Instagram account.

1. Don’t buy followers:

Most people and brands want to buy followers from the various websites out there on the internet but trust me guys it will not be going to give you any return.

You have to work hard and you need to earn followers.

Remember deciding a specific niche is very important.

You need to have a particular niche that will stand you out from other people and you will get more followers.

Your followers should be like-minded so that they get interested in your post. This means your followers should be interested in your post, whatever you’re posting.

Buying followers is not the ultimate solution to get the instant of thousands of followers.

It will not be going to help you out. You need to earn followers and it takes time.

2. Don’t buy Instagram story views and video views:

If you’re thinking of buying Instagram story views then please stop, don’t do this.

Create an interest in your audience rather than buying this bullshit.

You can run ads on Instagram that will make an impact and stand out from the crowd.

Running an Instagram ad is easy.

You need to have a Facebook page so you can directly run the ad from your Facebook page.

Many Instagram users already promoting their content through paid promotions, you can also start right now.

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So, after concluding all of these points I come to the point that you need to be industry-specific and you need to have pixel-perfect in your skills, services, products, etc. to attract followers and it will ultimately give you more views on Instagram.

I hope you’ll get all the points If you have any doubts, you can ask in the comment section I will surely discuss that.

Tell me which trick you’re using to get more Instagram story views.


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