How Can I View Deleted Instagram DM’s

How can I view deleted Instagram DMs?

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In this article, we will talk about Instagram DMs.

What are the best possible ways to get recover after deleting the messages on Instagram?

As all, we know Instagram is the best social networking platform where you can share visual content only.

Visual content can be images and videos.

Instagram is the largest social networking platform on the web.

It is a mobile application where you can freely make an account.

You can follow other people and others can follow you back.

You can share your day-to-day life with the help of images and videos inside the Instagram feed and stories.

You can even talk with other people with messages called Instagram DM’s.

It is also called Direct Messages.

Sending a direct message is pretty simple, all you need to go to your Instagram account in your mobile application.

In the top right corner, you can see the airplane icon that represents the direct messages.

You can send direct messages from this icon.

Just click on the icon and search for the profile you want to send the direct messages to.

Sometimes it happens that you accidentally deleted the DM’s, and now you want to get them back then how is it possible?

Recovering Instagram DM’s is a pretty tedious task and if you already don’t have to save your messages on your cell phone or laptop then it can be difficult for you to get them back.

In this article, we will try to figure out how these direct messages can be retrieved.

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1. Download the data:

Download data from the Instagram application:

Instagram now gives you a feature to get a backup of all the data you shared with the application till now.

To download the Instagram data you have to follow certain steps with your application and your PC or laptop.

Here are the steps that you need to follow with the mobile application:

1. Go to your Instagram application.

Login with your account and then go to the profile by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom right icon.

2. After that, you have to click on three horizontal lines at the top right corner if you’re using an Android device.

If you’re using an iOS device then you need to click on the three vertical dots.

3. Go to settings by clicking on the bottom right setting gear icon.

4. Now you have to go to the security tab. Inside the security tab, you’ll find the download data tab.

Click on the download tab then you’ll see that Instagram will ask you for your email.


5. Fill out the email and click on the send button.

6. Now you have to wait until you receive the email. It will take last up to 24 hours depending on your account size.

7. After receiving the Instagram data download link click on the download data tab. A zip file will download to your mobile device.

8. Inside the zip file, you’ll find all the data you have shared with Instagram till now.

Now you need to extract the zip file. You’ll get all the files in JSON format.

There are lots of applications available on the Play Store or AppStore.

9. Just download one of the application, and extracts the zip file.

After extracting the zip file you’ll see the data inside the JSON format.

Now you need to download the application that can run these JSON files.

For that, you need to go to the Play Store and search for the Json Genie (Editor).


10. The last step is to go to the JSON file you want to read on your mobile device and click on Open with the application.

Now you can read these JSON files.

These are the best possible steps you can follow to read the deleted Instagram DMS.

Now we will talk about how we can recover deleted Instagram messages from a PC or laptop.

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Download data from PC:

1. First, go to Instagram’s official website then click on the login button to log in to your account.

Fill up your username and password and click on the login button.

2. After login into your account you need to go to your profile by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. After that, you need to click on the setting gear icon at the top just beside the username of the profile.

4. After clicking on the settings tab you’ll find the privacy and security tab.

Click on the tab and you’ll find all the options related to security and privacy.

Scroll down below and find the download data tab.

5. Click on the tab and it will ask you to fill up your email inside the box.


6. After filling up the email click on the send button and a copy of the data you’ll receive in the last up to 48 hours.

It will not take that much time, it’s the maximum time.

9. Now after receiving the email you can download the zip file inside your system.

Extract the zip file and you’ll find all the files containing the data you had shared with the application till now.

10. Find the message JSON file and open it with any basic code editor in your system and you’ll see all the messages inside the file.

These are the best possible ways to get back to your Instagram data on your laptop or PC.

You need to follow these steps to get the backup of your messages.

Now, I’m gonna share with you some more hacks that will help you to stay interested in the Instagram application.

Suppose, as you see all the time, someone sends you messages on Instagram and suddenly they un-send the messages.

You may also be doing the same trick not to see messages by the people by un-sending the messages.

Now the question arises if I don’t want people to send the message or simply I can say that I want to see all the unsent messages how do I do that?

Now in our further discussion, we will discuss how we can see unsent messages.

There is an application called recent notification.


You need to download the application on your mobile phone.

You can find the application inside the Play Store.

After downloading the application whenever anyone sends you a message or any type of notification from any application, it will be stored inside the application called recent notification.

Now you can read the notification later whenever you want to read it.

If you still can’t get access to your deleted Instagram DMS then you can follow a more simple trick to get back to your DMS.

Simply go to your Instagram DM tab by clicking on the top right airplane icon and search for the user you have deleted the messages then ask him/her to get back to your messages.

You can ask them to resend the previous messages so that you can read them again.

If the user has not deleted the messages from their devices then you can get access to the messages.

If they deleted the messages then that is the only way I have already discussed above.

If the user deleted the messages then now you can see one more trick to get back to your DMS.

It’s optional and for those who have a business account.

If you have an Instagram business account and you connected your business account to your official Facebook page then you can consider going to your Instagram inbox from your Facebook page.

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2. Get back your Instagram DMs from Facebook:

1. Go to your Facebook account. Log in with your username and password and go to your Facebook page.

You already have connected with your Instagram account.

2. Now you need to go to the inbox tab. Click on the tab and you will see the Instagram icon at the right-hand side of the page. Now you need to click on this icon.


3. After clicking on the icon, you’ll find all the messages you have sent till now from your Instagram profile.

These are the simple steps you can follow to get back to your deleted messages from your business Instagram profile.

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After concluding the session, I can say that these are the best possible ways to get back your Instagram messages.

Never mess up with any third-party application or website.

Neither Instagram allows reading private messages with any third-party application or website nor Instagram can read the messages itself.

If you want to get back to your messages then these are the only ways to get them back.

If you still have questions then please comment down below, and I’ll get back to you.

Tell me which one is best for you.

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