Is Twitter Better Than Instagram

Is Twitter better than Instagram?

It’s an amazing discussion between the two social media giants.

Twitter and Instagram both dominate the market.

Both are social networking platforms.

Both allow the sharing of pictures, videos with short lines, and hashtags.

Both are interactive platforms.

Twitter as we are aware is a social community where you can freely make an account and start sharing content.

Content can be anything, it may be images, videos, text, infographics, links, etc.

Twitter is a microblogging platform where you can share short messages with a 260-character limit only.

You can share images and videos.

If you have good microblogging skills then this platform is just for you.

While making a Twitter account, you can put a link on your profile.

You can follow others on Twitter and others can follow you back.

You can send direct messages also. You can write short info also called a bio.

You can use the relevant hashtags that relate to your business or niche.

Now come to another very engaging platform as all we are aware of is Instagram.

You can make a free account also on Instagram.

You can share the visual content whether it may be an image or video along with a catchy caption and hashtags.

It primarily focuses on visual content only, which means you can’t share solely texts.

Even you can’t embed your blog post or you can’t share the link.

Here in this article, we will deeply analyze the difference between these two.

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1. The difference in terms of numbers:

If we compare in terms of the numbers of active and total users on both of these giants then we can say Instagram is in lead.

But this is not the only thing that we need to consider.

Still, we can get an idea of what’s trending and what’s not.

Twitter analytics:

  1. 321 million users worldwide.
  2. 80% use Twitter on mobile.
  3. 77% of users outside of the US.
  4. 500 million tweets per day happen.

Now look at the Instagram statistics:

  1. 1 billion users in total as of June 2018.
  2. 40 billion photos and videos shared till now.
  3. 95 million photos and videos are shared daily.
  4. 4.2 billion likes daily.

Just look at the stats.

You can identify which platform is in the lead.

Instagram has much more interaction in terms of everything you can see.

But it’s not completely that way.

Instagram allows you to share visually appealing content means you can share original images and video content without any clickable links.

This means you can share the link along with your visually appealing content but the link you will share in the caption area will now be clickable.

On the other side, Twitter allows you to share content. You can share your content link and it’s clickable.

You can get direct traffic from each of your tweets.

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2. Twitter vs. Instagram: In terms of audience:

Well in terms of audience demographics, it can be seen that both of the platforms have almost similar demographics in terms of gender, age, and income.

Just look at the given below infographics by Sprout Social which will clearly explain the demographic idea about how these two perform.


Just look at the above demographics that clearly explain how these two platforms performing in terms of demographics.

Perhaps Twitter has significantly fewer users than Instagram, still, Twitter is important.

You can get e better engagement and click-through rates much higher on Twitter as compared to Instagram.

Instagram as already discussed does not allow sharing clickable links in the news feed posts.

As it is clear from the above infographics, females dominate more on Instagram as compared to Twitter.

We can get a clear idea that if your business laser focuses on female products or services then you have to use Instagram.

If you want to share knowledgeable facts and figures or also you want to share industry news statistics then Twitter is the best option.

Both platforms have their importance.

3. Twitter vs. Instagram in terms of engagement:

Well, if we talk about engagement then it is seen that Instagram has a much higher engagement rate as compared to any other social networking platform.

The reason behind it may be Instagram allows focusing on one single thing whether it may be a photo or video.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to share clickable links.

Whereas on Twitter you can share the links also which may lead you to take away from the platform.

So it depends on you if you want to drive traffic to your website or blog then you have to share the content on Twitter.

If you don’t have any such thing and you just want to showcase yourself then Instagram is the best choice for you.

Just look at the image shown below.


As it is clear from the above image, if you want that people will share your content on a social platform then you have to include social buttons except for Instagram.

As it is clear since Instagram doesn’t allow sharing the link that’s why generally people don’t use it in a blog post.

Twitter has a much higher tweet rate because it’s easy to share online content on Twitter as compared to other platforms and seems to be professional.

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4. Twitter vs. Instagram: In terms of functionality:

Well as it is cleared from the above points. In terms of functionality, both have different uses.

If you are a photographer and artist and you want to share your content only.

If you don’t want that user to be redirected to your website or blog, then you have to use Instagram.

Instagram is the best place for showcasing your portfolio.

If you want that user will redirect to your website or blog then Twitter is the best place for it.

Twitter is for professional use. Instagram is for branding. Instagram is the best place for influencers also.

If you have a good amount of followers then you can work as an influencer for various companies.

You can share images and videos of the companies.

Various companies continuously looking for such influencers and want to collaborate with them.

Twitter has the benefit that you can share or reshare the post.

Suppose you like someone else posts then you can retweet that post to your followers.

Twitter is mainly used for shout-out news.

It may be anything related to politics, media, movies, social, etc.

Twitter is generally popular among celebrities.

You often hear that someone tweets this or that.

But I think it’s a major drawback people can’t stick with Twitter because it’s boring.

It doesn’t have a single focus.

There are multiple things to do and can’t stick with a single thing.

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So these are the points that better describe how these two platforms are equally important from the marketing point of view.

Well if you don’t have a company then also you can make accounts on both of these platforms.

If you want traffic to your website or blog then Twitter is the best platform for that because Instagram allows you to share clickable links.

People can come to your website or blog easily.

If you just want to showcase your collection in the form of images and videos then you can use Instagram.

Instagram is the best platform for getting high engagement and authentic people to your account.

Instagram also has a lead which is the Instagram story.

You can share images and videos in the story area. The story lasts for 24 hours.

If you still have doubts then you can connect with me through the social links given below. You can comment also if you want to discuss it here on the post.


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