How Do You Hack An Instagram Account

How do you hack an Instagram account?

Hey folks! Welcome to one of my new resources.

In this article, we will talk about how we can hack an Instagram account.

Well, hacking an account is never that easy, you need to have sufficient knowledge for that.

I saw tons of content online that teaches you how to hack an Instagram account.

My friend if hacking is that much easier then most probably everyone is a hacker.

In this article, we will try to figure out how we can use some basic techniques to hack someone’s Instagram account even if you don’t have any technical background.

Instagram is the largest used social networking website and application.

If you want to stay connected with other people then you must need to use the platform.

It’s pretty easy to use, all you need to create an Instagram account.

For creating an account you need an active phone number or email address.

If you have a Facebook account then you have one more option, you can directly sign up with your Facebook account.

Sometimes we need to spy on someone’s Instagram, it may be for personal or professional reasons.

In this article, we will try to figure out what are the best possible ways to do that.

We will also discuss how we can protect our accounts from being hacked.

Hacking is most common these days, people usually hack someone else accounts just to fetch the data of the account.

You may use Instagram on your laptop or PC.

It may be possible that the browser you’re using is already hacked and your all saved passwords will be leaked.

In this article, we will deep dive into it and try to figure out what are the best possible ways to protect our account from hackers.

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1. Best possible ways to hack:

Hacking is nothing but getting the personal details of someone without their permission or without telling them.

The Internet is full of mysterious things.

You can figure out tons of ways to hack someone’s details online.

In the news, most of the time hear about the hacking attempt that happened in this company.

There are tons of tech people out there.

Learning to hack is not an easy task because you need to practice a lot.

You need to regularly update yourself to stay updated.

The main question is that if I don’t have knowledge about technology or hacking how I can hack some accounts?

Here I’m gonna share with you some of the easy ways to hack someone’s Instagram account.

There are lots of websites available online that claim that they can hack an Instagram account.

When I go through these websites, they ask me for the victim’s username.

I have given the username, now these tools ask me to wait sometimes.

A loading panel will appear on your screen and after some time it says the password is hacked.

Now, these tools ask you to fill out some surveys to ensure that you’re a human, not a bot.

When you will complete the survey you’ll not get anything.

These are all fake methods.

Each and every website, Android, and iOS application is fake.

If hacking is just that simple then most probably everyone now becomes a hacker but this is not the case.

You need to use your brain to figure out what can best suit you.

1. Hack account with social engineering or guessing:

If the victim is close to you.

This means you’re well aware of the victim so it’s a suggestion for you to guess the password.

I know guessing is not that simple but you can do it.

There are some special words that the victim uses a lot of time.

You can figure out their family member’s name, friend circle, wife name, etc.

The most common words may be the password of their Instagram account.

You can use a combination of the most common words used by the victim.

You can check the phone number or name as a password.

If this trick is not working for you then there is one more trick you can use.

2. Hack Instagram account by phishing:

Phishing is a technique of hacking credentials or private details by creating dummy web applications.

If you want to hack someone’s password on Instagram then here I’m gonna suggest it’s the best ever technique of hacking someone’s account.

If you have a technical background and knowledge about creating basic web templates then you can create the same template as the Instagram login and can create a custom link and send it to the culprit.

Ask your victim to click on the link to get special offers, tricks, new content posted, etc.

When users will open that link, he/she will see the same login page as Instagram.

He/she will think might be he/she log out.

Now if the victim logs through the same page using the username and password then you’ll get his/her details.

If you don’t have any technical background then here I’m gonna suggest some of the best websites you can use now to hack the account.

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List of the websites you can use to hack an Instagram account:

1. ShadoWave:

It’s the first website inside the list you can use to directly get the template of the Instagram official website.

To get access to the template you need to first sign up for the website.

Fill out your details and confirm your email ID.

Then log in on the website and copy the template URL.

After copying the link, now you can send this link to anyone you want to share.

Ask people to follow you by sharing the link.

When the user opens the link it will open like an Instagram website and ask for the email, username, and password.

When the user puts in the details you will get notified inside your ShadoWave account.

It’s the easiest way to get the password of any Instagram account.

When you’ll copy the URL it will not be like the Instagram URL it will be totally different.

2. ZShadow:


My personal favorite tool is ZShadow.

It’s easy to use, all you need to create an account on the website and log in.

Then you’ll see a lot of options there.

You can hack Facebook and Instagram accounts by using this website. I personally used this tool for the hacking of a Facebook account.

It will help you to create a phishing page that page you can use to send someone.

It will look just like the Facebook login page.

When someone goes to your phishing page it seems like the user logs out from Facebook or Instagram.

Now he/she needs to enter the login details again and when the user does so the password and username or email will be hacked.

With the help of this amazing tool you don’t need to create the phishing page manually, it will help you to create a page and provide you with a direct link.

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2. How to protect if our account is already hacked:

If your account is already hacked by someone and you now can’t log in then what will you do?

Now I’m gonna share with you some of the best ways to get back to your Instagram account.

It may be possible that you already lost your account and now you want to get back.

Hackers may misuse your account by doing anything with your followers and may down your image in front of your circle.

If you’re not an Influencer then it’s difficult for you to get back into your account.

Still, you can try. There are lots of Inspirational stories who after so many efforts finally get back their account.

Here is the list of methods you can try:

1. Try to reset your password:

If your account has just been hacked by someone and someone login from an unrecognized device then most probably Instagram will send you a confirmation mail on your mail ID and ask you if is it you who logged in to your account.

If yes then forget about the mail and chill, If this is not the case then someone else login to your account, and now it’s your turn to change the password directly from your email.

Instagram will send you a link from where you can revert the process and change your password.

Changing an Instagram password is easy all you need to put in your username, email, or phone number to receive the verification link on your email or phone number.

After that, you’ll receive the verification link.

Click on the verification link and now you can reset the password.

If the hacker deleted the email you received on your mail ID and you can’t see the email on your linked mail ID then you can’t back by resetting the password.

Now you need something else to get back your password.

2. Get back to your account by Facebook login:

If you have signed up with Facebook then you can consider again to login with Facebook and you’ll quickly get back to your account.

If your Instagram account is already linked to your Facebook page then you can control your account from your official Facebook page.

You can visit the official Facebook page and now you can control all your Instagram activity over there.

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3. Request for Appeal:

Instagram has a feature to appeal to the recovery of your Instagram account.

If you want to get back to your account then you can appeal for a request to get back to your account.

To request an appeal you need to visit the Help Centre where you can find a lot of options.

You need to fill up a basic form and submit the form.

After submitting the form you’ll receive a code.

Now you need to take a picture with that code and with your name and send it to the Instagram team.

After some time you’ll again receive the confirmation email that it is confirmed you’re the owner of the account and now you can reset the password of your account.

It will take time. For some, it recovers in a single attempt but for others, it takes two to three or even more attempts.

You need to figure out, again and again, to get back to your account.

3. How to use Instagram to avoid hacking attempts:

Hacking is a major issue these days.

You have made a lot of effort to reach a level and suddenly all your efforts died how do you feel?

Now I’m going to share with you some of the ideas that will help you to avoid your account from being hacked in the near future.

Here is the list of precautions you should take:

1. Avoid using multiple devices:

Make sure to log in to your Instagram account on a maximum of two or three devices.

I recommend using a single device.

Never log in to your Instagram account on two or three devices.

Some people use Instagram on their cell phones but sometimes they need a big screen to use the platform.

Then you can use your PC or laptop also.

Make sure to use Instagram on your PC with an incognito window and never save your username and password on your PC or laptop.

2. Make sure to avoid clicking on any link:

If is someone sending you a creepy link then you must avoid clicking on that link because it may be a phishing attack and someone wants to steal your details.

If you click on that link then maybe your details will be shared with the hacker and your account may be compromised.

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3. Make sure, not to use any third-party application:

Instagram never suggests using third-party applications to increase followers and get likes.

It’s against Instagram policies.

You should avoid using these third-party applications.

You can use only those applications where only a username is required but no password.

There are tons of applications where only you need to share the username but not the password. You can use these applications or websites.


So after concluding the session, I can say that these are the best possible ways to hack someone’s Instagram account.

Make sure to use these tricks wisely, never try to hurt someone’s feelings, and do not involved in any illegal activity that may spoil your life.

Be aware of always using this trick for where it needs to be done. If you still have questions then please comment down below.


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