How Do I Find A Job On LinkedIn

How do I find a job on LinkedIn?

Are you looking for a job?

Well, Everyone wants to have a good job, a good salary, and a comfortable life.

People actively looking for a job and search on Google.

Here you can see in Google search there are millions of searches on just one single keyword.


The thing is not that you have a job or you’re working.

The thing is that, are you in the right job?

I saw many people who don’t have any interest in their jobs still they are working just because of money.

Money is necessary for survival and for living a good life but making sure to fulfill your requirements and your interests is the key to happiness.

If you’re already happy with what you’re doing then you’re doing the right job. No matter if you’re earning tons of money or have just a little.

If you’re not happy with your work then you need to think about it and you should think about something different.

Interest is not by birth, interest develops when you start work on something.

Let’s take an example, Suppose you’re a social media marketer.

You have a number of tasks in your organization and you used to perform these tasks on a daily basis.

If you have a good social presence and you help people on social media to solve their issues, either free or paid it’s up to you then you’re definitely doing the right thing because it makes you feel happy to be a social media marketer.

Revert the case and suppose you’re just selling things on social media and you don’t care about what people actually looking for then you must need to think about changing your interests and need to figure out what, are doing right.

When I was in college, I was confused about my career and all these things.

I just wanted to be extraordinary and for that, I used to study day and night but the thing is that I don’t have that must interest in remembering the facts and figures.

I was preparing for the competitive examinations but all the time I was not getting a good rank and wasn’t able to stand out from the crowd.

Before searching for a job, you always need to make sure that you have mastered a skill that is extremely important.

People want jobs but they don’t have any skills or experience.

They’re randomly searching for a job and expecting they’ll get a high-paid job.

That’s not the right way to land a high-profile job or a high-paid job in a good company.

You need to make sure you have skills that match your interests.

First of all, search for the right thing that better suits you. Nobody is perfect in this world.

While mastering the skill make sure you must need to have expert knowledge in that field.

You need to be aware of all the figures and facts about the industry.

LinkedIn is really a great way of getting a good high-paying job. It only works when you have the required amount of knowledge and skills.

Companies looking for the right profile want a perfect candidate for the perfect role.

If you’re an Android developer and you have sufficient knowledge about working on various languages and you have already done lots of projects, you can mention everything you have gained till now.

You can also mention what your future plans want to be.

LinkedIn is really a great way of connecting with professional people.

You can’t even hunt for a job but you can do a lot more things.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you a detailed description of LinkedIn.

So take a coffee and deep dive into the details of the most trending professional networking platform.

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1. What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a well-known term these days.

If you want to stay connected with your office colleagues or professional people in your industry or you’re looking for professional connections and want to get hired then here is the best option for you.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform where users can share their thoughts and ideas on LinkedIn feeds and with the help of writing thoughts and ideas on the platform.

LinkedIn helps you to stay connected with your known professionals and you can build your connections in your industry.

There are lots of things you can do on the platform.

You can share pictures, images, videos, texts, documents, etc. with your connections.

LinkedIn helps you to stay connected with your professional people.

You can privately message someone.

You can build a connection inside your country or outside the country.


Almost all professionals from beginner to expert-level people can easily be found here.


Here you can see the micro search feature.

You can even search only people related to the search engine marketing domain in the vast Digital Marketing field.

You can see the list of people working on the profile and also the company where they’re working.

You can directly connect with these people.

As you can see the connect button is active you can click on this button and type a personalized message inside the box, make sure the limit of the text is under 300 characters long, and send the connection request.

If you’re looking for a job then you have an opportunity to create a free account on the platform and start hunting the jobs.

There are tons of recruiters hiring from beginners to experts.

If you’re a company then you have the option to create a company page and stay connected with your customers and team member.

2. How to create a profile on LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn account is easy, all you need is an active mail ID and phone number.

Now you need to go to the official website of LinkedIn and click on the signup button.

After that, it will ask you for some basic details like your name, company, etc.

You need to give each and every detail to be authentic.

You need to use a good quality picture in your profile part and make sure about the cover image also.


It’s not Facebook so you have to make sure about the platform and share only the type of content that actually suits the platform.

Edit your LinkedIn profile and provide each and every detail with brief clarification.

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3. How it can help us to find a good job?

Now the main question is how we can land a high-paying job through LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for the right job for your talent then there is nothing other than LinkedIn.

I already covered a lot of things about the platform.

Here, I’m gonna teach you what should you do to become easily found on Linkedin.

Make sure about these points while creating an account:

1. Your headline is everything:

If you want to stand out from the crowd and look for the best job then it’s a must-have thing you should keep in mind.

It’s not Instagram or Facebook so make sure while writing the headline on LinkedIn.

Whether you have a single skill or you have multiple skills, don’t forget to mention each and every detail on your LinkedIn headline.

The LinkedIn headline is the thing that will come into the search results.


When someone searches for the same profile then your skill is everything that comes into the results.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you’re a Digital Marketer and you have throughout knowledge about all the figures and facts about Digital Marketing.

If you have knowledge about search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, online reputation management, content marketing, etc. then you must need to mention it in short in your headline.

If you have multiple skills then you can also consider showing the most expert skill on your headline or currently active skills instead of showing all the skills.

If you already working for some organization then you need to consider that organization in your headline.

On opposite to that if you’re looking for an opportunity then you have to show it in short in your headline.

You can mention “I’m looking for a change or looking for an opportunity”.

Make sure to add this line right after mentioning your skill and currently active company.

Your headline should be keyword-rich so that anyone can easily find you on the search results of your LinkedIn profiles.

2. Make sure to mention each detail:

Suppose you’re a Digital Marketer then it’s nonsense to mention only “Digital Makerketer in this particular organization”.

Instead of that, you should mention your jobs and responsibilities inside the organization.

Suppose you’re working as an SEO Expert and handle various operations in SEO like on-page and off-page, keyword research, backlink creation, etc. Then you just need to mention in your LinkedIn profile each and every detail.

everything-mention-inside the linkedin-profile

LinkedIn should be treated like your resume that’s why you need to consider it that way.

Just like you take care of your CV.

You mention each and every detail in your CV, you just need to consider adding all the details inside your LinkedIn profile.

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3. Make sure to mention your all achievements:

Whether you have a small or big achievement don’t forget to share it with your community.

LinkedIn is a great platform to explore things related to your career and industry knowledge.

If you want to expand your knowledge inside your industry then you must need to consider LinkedIn.

Whether you have achieved small or big you need to make sure to mention it inside your LinkedIn profile.


It creates trust and credibility in the recruiter’s mind.

4. Endorse other people and good to be endorsed by others:

As all of you are aware the term endorsement.

An endorsement is something that people give to others.

Just take an example if you have mentioned 20-25 skills on your profile then people who look at your profile will give a thumbs up to your skill and that you’re good in that way.


It’s good to endorse other people and it’s also good to ask others to endorse you. The endorsement is something that helps the recruiter to decide whether you’re suitable for the role or not.

It’s good to endorse your connections and there is nothing wrong with asking your connection to endorse you.

When people endorse your skills, it helps recruiters to decide whether you’re suitable for that role or not.

When the recruiter sees tons of endorsement, it will create a good impact and helps the recruiter decide you’re best suited for the role.

5. Write a brief history of your past positions:

If you want to become hired quickly then you should make sure to mention your past experience in your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure to write each and every detail of your past experience.

You should mention all the details of your past experiences like what you have done in your previous companies.

Point out each detail in brief.

everything-mention-inside the linkedin-profile

Make sure to mention all the roles and responsibilities point by point.

It will help recruiters to understand more thoroughly.

If you want to become hired quickly then you need to consider your past experiences in your LinkedIn profile.

As I already told LinkedIn is your resume so you need to treat it like that.

Take time and think about the content that can better explain your journey till now.

Go through at least 10-20 professional profiles and see how they write their description and summary.

I never told you to copy someone but you can take better ideas and can make your profile super thorough which helps the recruiter to make a decision.

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6. Find the senior level in your industry:

You can Google senior-level profiles and you can learn from him/her.

Make sure to learn how you can create a professional profile so that people can easily hire you on the basis of your LinkedIn profile.

You can learn how they share the content.

You can learn how these people share their past experiences on their profiles.

You can also follow the same steps to become a pro-linkedin player.

7. Make sure about your profile picture and cover:

Make sure about the profile picture and cover image.

You should use a professional picture on your cover and profile display picture.

If you want to stand out then you need to consider the profile image.

The professional light background and a smiley face can help you to get thousands of connections and a dream job sometimes.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform and everyone wants to hire a confident-looking face. If you’re still using a dull image then make sure to change it as soon as possible.

8. Ask others to write recommendations:

If you want to be credible then you must consider writing a recommendation for others and ask other people to write on your profile also.

A recommendation is really a good approach to getting hired by recruiters because it creates trust and credibility inside the recruiter’s mind.


If you want to get hired then you must need to take this into account.

Always try to keep as many recommendations as you can on your profile.

9. Share thoughts and ideas:

Instagram is a professional community so you need to share your thoughts and ideas in your LinkedIn fees.

You can also write your thoughts and ideas in the form of articles.


People love to read about real experiences.

Make sure to write your personal and professional experiences so that you feel like something happens to you.

Your personal experience or behind the curtain is everything, you’ll receive likes and comments on your profile.

10. Add more and more people:

Don’t forget, after all, you’re using social networking sites so make sure to add more and more people.

The limit is 30K.

You can add up to 30K by sending direct requests.


You can easily search for the right people on Linkedin.

There are tons of filters you can use to filter out the right profile that adds value to your life.

11. Complete your LinkedIn profile:

As I already mentioned above you need to complete or fill up all the details in your LinkedIn profile.

Not only on Linkedin but on all other sites, you should also mention each detail on your website or application. You need to consider all the details in your LinkedIn profile.

If you want to become a LinkedIn pro player then you should be taken into account.

12. Make sure to change the privacy settings:

Inside the privacy settings tab, you’ll find an option to change your privacy settings and open your profile for the recruiters.


You can turn on your privacy settings and tell the recruiters that you’re now open to new opportunities.


While turning on the privacy setting tab, make sure to customize your settings and update your career interests. You can mention each point inside the career update tab.


This onsite feature will help you to apply for any job with just a single click.

Many companies ensure while posting the job on their official LinkedIn page that they include the In Easy Apply button on the job openings.

It will help you to apply for tons of profiles in just a single click.

A detailed picture is mentioned below to explain it wisely.


It will help your, recruiters, to notify you that now you’re open to new positions.

Recruiters will visit your profile and send you a connection request directly or they can send you an InMail also.

13. Take the help of the LinkedIn group:

LinkedIn groups are the best way to interact with the professional community.

If you want to share something with a bunch of people then you can consider LinkedIn groups.

You can also find the perfect job using the LinkedIn group.

For finding a job you should click the right-side button of your profile and need to click on the group’s tab.


After getting into the LinkedIn group now you can join groups in your interest.

You can find the groups related to your career, interest, or company-specific.

You can share your thoughts and ideas in the form of texts and videos inside your LinkedIn groups, it’ll help to find a better career in your interest and skills.

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What shouldn’t do on LinkedIn:

1. Never shared the political reviews:

Any political and religious things on LinkedIn are not allowed.

If you want to keep this community a better and healthy community then you must need to take care of the authenticity of the platform.

Make sure not to use political and religious content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is for professional people who want to expand their knowledge inside the corporate world.

LinkedIn is for those who want to make their career in the corporate world.

If you’re looking for a new client then you need to use LinkedIn but not for sharing any unprofessional things.

2. Don’t have too many personal:

LinkedIn as I already told you so many times a professional community so you should always make sure not to share any unprofessional news on the platform.

Don’t share too much personal life.

Sharing the birthday is okay but not sharing your marriage anniversary or image with your wife.

Consider not sharing your daily life with LinkedIn.

These are the points that you should always take care of.

Now I’m going to share with you some of the best ways to land the right job according to your profile.

There are tons of ways you can use to get hired.

If the recruiter not contacting you and you desperately looking for a change then these are the best possible ways you can use.

Ways to apply for the right profile:

1. Directly use the search feature:

As you know LinkedIn has a search feature on top of the home screen.

You can use this feature to find out the right requirement according to your profile.

Care should be taken while searching that you should use the filters.

Always make sure to define your location and the exact profile you’re searching for.

For small companies, you can directly get in touch with the CEOs, Managing Directors, VPs, Managers, etc.

If you’re looking for a position in a large company then you have to find the company’s HR.

You can use the search feature to find out the company’s HR and send them a connection request along with follow-up messages.

2. Use the job tab feature:

Look at the top of the LinkedIn screen, you’ll find the Job tab feature.

You can use this feature to find out all the jobs listed on LinkedIn.


Many companies’ HR posts job requirements on their official LinkedIn page.

If you’re a company and you have a company page then LinkedIn also has one more feature, you can share the requirements on the LinkedIn job for free.


The listed jobs will appear on the job tab in the menu area. You can directly apply for the right profile from there.

Bottom Lines:

These are the best possible ways to land the perfect job but make sure to use the platform wisely.

LinkedIn is a professional community so be professional in your approach.

Never share any irrelevant things on your LinkedIn profile.

If you still have any questions then please comment below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Tell me how you’re using the platform to grow your business or career.


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