Vegas Crime Simulator – Everything You Need To Know

At present everybody wants to play GTA. But not everyone has upgraded PCs or expensive laptops. That’s why we bring you the game Vegas Crime Simulator.

Vegas crime simulator is a third-person action game and this game is inspired by a fabulous game named GTA: Vice City.

In this game, you can control a criminal throughout Las Vegas.

In this game you can do anything nobody will stop you, practically you can do anything whatever you want.

You can do many things like stealing cars, start shooting anytime, face other criminals, etc.

In the present society, there is no denying that having laws is important in our lives.

However, there are times, when you have to leave your negative emotions for your parents and for your society.

Before you go crazy or before going to jail, you should play some games in which you can do whatever you wish.

Naxeex LLC offers you a beautiful game named Vegas Crime Simulator, it is a simulation game.

In this game you can do anything, you can live the life of a dangerous criminal, and You can complete your wish.

Everybody wants to play any game with high graphics, but the Vegas crime simulator is a low MB game that’s why Vegas crime simulator graphics are quite acceptable.

It came in 3D which is a good thing for their users because in low MB games, it will rain today in 2D or graphics are not so good. In this 3D game, you can feel when you are doing any virtual crime or definitely you will enjoy it.

The characters and animation of this game are laughably cartoonish, and the designer designed its details such as blood and explosion, which don’t look like they were rendered with any attempt at realism at all. If we talk about background details that is quite low.

When you play this game or if you are walking or running on any pedestrians, you will not see so many people, except some people whom you can kill or fight with.

You cannot compare this game with other simulation games because other simulation games have high graphics and more things but other simulation games are also GB’s.

If we talk about sound or audio quality, it is very good. The effect of sound is impressive and however, you will feel this sound is real.

Sound is also a major part of any game because if there is no sound or not a good quality sound you can’t feel the game, sound really helps in improving the atmosphere of the game.

Unfortunately, there are some reasons for not adding a lot of music in the game, the developer decided not to add lots of music or audio in the game.

If you are playing this game for a long time you may feel really annoyed because of the repetitive sound effects of this game. Maybe everyone doesn’t like the repetitive sound of any game.

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The gameplay of this game is pretty much better than other games because in this game you can do many things or you can complete all your wishes if you want to.

You can do anything in this game, you can do any crime but it is not clear what we have to do with intention.

Like in other simulation games, you can start out by creating your character, you can customize your character’s look and clothes, and choose shoes, and jeans type of things.

After customizing your character look you can pretty much go out and commit as many crimes as you can.

You can see in this simulation game different kinds of guns to choose from, and you can also drive a tank if you want to destroy everything on the map.

Aside from tanks, you can also steal and drive different kinds of vehicles so you can run over people if you want or drive all over the map.

If you want to create so much virtual destruction, this game is definitely built for you, and If you can’t do anything in real life like destruction, you can do all things in this game.

You are the only leader for controlling this game.

No one will stop you. Vegas crime simulator is so simple to be fully enjoyable.


But there are some exceptions for some people, if someone doesn’t like crying, this game is not for those people.

Only those people can enjoy this game who love crime.

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There are some pros and cons of the game:


  1. Good sound effects- When you are playing this game, you can feel the atmosphere of the game because the sound effects of this game are much better.
  2. Lots of weapons- You can use lots of weapons to kill people or enemies in this game. In some games, there are only one or two weapons but in this game, you can use multiple weapons as per your wish.
  3. Can play tanks- You can use tanks to destroy all the things on the map or you can also use vehicles.
  4. Can customize characters- everybody wants their character as per their wish. Someone wants a horror look or someone wants a clean look.

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  1. Uncanny graphics- This is a major problem in this game, it has low graphics.
  2. No music- While doing missions or playing games you will not get audio of music, which is not a good thing.
  3. No voice acting- While doing gestures, you will not get the audio of beating and all.
  4. Difficult to control- When you are playing this game maybe you will feel difficult to control the player.

Frequently asked questions:

Q-1 How do I install the Vegas crime simulator on a laptop?

Answer- First you have to install BlueStacks on your laptop or on your PC. Complete Google Signs In or you can also do it later.

Now type on the search for Vegas crime simulator.

Now on your screen, you can easily see the Vegas crime simulator and install it. After installation, you can enjoy the game.

Q-2 Is the Vegas crime simulator an online game?

Answer- No Vegas crime simulator is not an online game you can enjoy offline.

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Vegas crime simulator is an offline game and you can easily install it through the Play Store.

If you like GTA then definitely you will also like this game.

In this game, you can do anything you wish no one will stop you from doing anything.

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