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In the present time, everybody likes to see horror movies, horror paintings, and horror games. If you are a lover of horror things then nullzerep granny game is best for you.

Nulzerp granny is a horror game. If you are a lover of horror gameplay then this game is perfect for you.

This game is very crazy. It is a horror survival game for Android users.

In this nullzerep granny game, there is a granny who logged you in her house.

Now you have to try to leave her house, but you also have to be careful and quiet because Granny is chasing you.

If you create any sound she will follow you and kill you with a weapon.

If she is chasing you, you can protect yourself by hiding in wardrobes or under the beds.

If you drop something on the floor, she automatically hears that sound and comes to you. You totally have 5 days to leave her house.

Nulzerep is also a website, which you can easily find on Google.

When you search nullzerep on Google, on top you can see their website.

The website name is When you open this website, you can download Nullzerep MOD r2.v1.0.0, this mod of a granny game.

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About this game in detail:

When you open this game, first you have to accept the privacy policy of the game then you don’t need to login to Facebook.

You can play this game, in this game your player is trapped in an old house.

The player has to escape this old house in a total of 5 days.

For escaping you must have to explore the whole house and find items that can help you to escape from the house like a pair of pliers, a crossbow, a shotgun, a hammer to pry out planks of wood, etc.

The player can also Xscape by removing the locks on the front door.

For this, you have to find keys or somethings which will help you to open the gate.

You can also buy repairing the car in the garage. If you want to escape this house you will need a total of 16 items and all 16 items are necessary.

Granny will continuously search the house for the player, if she will listen to any loud sound then she will come to you faster.

She can also set traps to hinder the player’s progress.

If she spots you then granny will chase you faster, it will depend on the level how the player chooses their level.

If the player chooses easy then she will come to you a little bit slow or if the player chooses a difficult level then she will come to you faster.

Granny is also attracted by a small noise like ok if the player falls anything on the floor like a key or box.

Then she starts chasing you.

On the top attic floor, there is a giant spider and near the spider, there is also a precious thing, that one thing is protected by a giant spider.

If you want to get that thing you have to give meat to the spider, when the spider will eat meat at that time you have to collect that thing and you have to do this process in fast because at any time spider meat can finish.

In this game there is also a nightmare mode, in this mode, the bloodier texture will add to the surface and granny’s model will also re-skinning.

Null Zerep granny mod is fully the same as the Granny game. But there are some changes that are why when we download it, its name seems like mod APK.

In this mode, you will get more features like NOCLIP, GOD MODE, STUCK ENEMIES, PARTY, UNLIMITED AMMO, SCARY MODE, FOG COLOR, GRAVITY, TIME SCALE, SPIDER SCALE, GRANNY SCALE, PLAYER SPEED, FIELD OF VIEW, FPS LIMIT, CAMERA DISTANCE LIMIT, ESP LINE, ASSET, etc. Just think there are more features in the null zerep granny mod.

By using these features your gaming experience will also enhance.

Each mode has its individual work; there’s nothing the same in any two features.

There is also a grammar feature, by this feature you can kill granny for two and half minutes.

In that time you can find more things or you are also saved from Granny at that time.

Nullzerep offers you different versions of this game, after searching null zerep Granny on Google.

When you click on the first website, you will get the latest version of nullzerep Granny mod.

You can say it is a hack version of granny’s game.

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Download nullzerep Granny Mode:

First, you have to go to Google Chrome and type on the search bar Now you have to click on the first website.


When the website will open after scroll and click on the download button. After downloading you can easily install it and enjoy it.

Frequently ask questions:

Q-1 What is the mod and APK of any game?

Answer – If you are playing mod APK or a modded APK of any game or app, it means you are playing a modified version of their original app.

Every game or app will be modified into a mod APK because it makes new game features or also unlocks some paid features too.

The meaning of MOD is modified or the meaning of APK is Android application.

The full meaning of mod APK is a modified Android application.

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Q-2 What is a granny mod?

Answer – Granny mod is a modified version of a granny game. Null zerep Granny is also a modified version of the granny game.

If you want to download it you can easily download it from Google Chrome.

In this, you will get many new features like you can kill the granny for two and half minutes.

There are so many features like this. I think everyone should try it one time. If you try, definitely you will like it.

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If you want to play any horror game, then Nullzerep granny is the best option for you because you enjoy two faces in this game.

One game and the second is MOD APK of the game.

Yes, this is the modified version of the granny game. Everyone should try this game at least one time.

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