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In this world everybody wants a memorable video of any occasion like a wedding, birthday, promotion, taking or giving any gift, memory can be of any type but the main thing is how can we take this memory with us forever.

We make a video on our phone or with a professional camera to take that scene as a memory.

But sometimes in the video, there are some scenes we don’t want to see because that scene can be boring, not for watching or it can be any scene.

For cutting that boring clip we have an amazing editing app named Video Star.

Video Star is an editing app that can be easily installed on your Android device.

If you don’t know how to edit a video, don’t worry because this application is not complicated like other editing apps.

It is very easy to use. This editing application allows you to make a large no. of edits and it also has a good chunk of features to its social media components.

In this app you can do many things like adding effects, combining videos, or adding songs.

You can also trim clips of any video and perform other basic editing functions.

By using those editing features you can make any boring video into an interesting video.

This app can be very good for you because it can put all your good memories in good movies.

The developer of this app is Dashuai and he developed this app for us because not everyone can buy expensive editing apps.

That’s why he published this app for free, you can easily install this app on your Android and IOS devices.

This app is quick and easy to program for you.

With this easy programming, you can easily edit your video.

Nothing is complicated in it, normal people think editing is so hard, that we can’t edit our video.

The Video Star application interface is very easy to understand.

In many editing applications, it takes too much time to transfer video into the appropriate format.

But in this app, it will not take so much time to transfer video into the appropriate video format.

You can create different types or different format videos with this app.

It means you can edit any type of video like funny, entertainment, serious, horror, or thriller it can be of any type with the help of only one application, Video Star.

This app provides a lot of things but it also has some aspects. Users can easily upload their videos and users can also comment on others’ videos.

There is nothing here like TikTok or YouTube. But it does allow for some nice and good interactions.

This app is fully free and also free for creating videos but while using this app you will see some ads.

Yes, this app contains ads. Indeed, the overcoming of ads was noted by some reviewers and this was one of the biggest problems in the app and all features are not unlocked upon download.

You have to pay to use certain editing features. It is a free app for editing and it is clear Video Star will not allow you to use professional editing features.

However, if you are just looking for an editing app for your short Instagram reels or for YouTube shorts. This program definitely works nicely for you.

This app has not been well-reviewed in the Google Play Store. It has been reviewed by a total of 291 people and the average is 2.6 out of 5.


The plurality of reviewers gave only 1 star to the application.

Obviously, this is a very low number only because of over-reliance on advertisements.

Many reviewers commented that the app is buggy and refused to load or crash upon opening. It means the app was not opening which is not a good thing.

Developers of the app also do not respond to these reviews.

Among all these disadvantages, the developer of this application released a new version of this application and this is the one plus side of this application.

After this update, the developer cleared all these issues and after updating the application is performing absolutely fine.

The new update was published in December 2020.

When a developer creates a new update program, he creates it by addressing all the issues and creating new updates. Unfortunately, you can use this app only in the English language.

But it is not a very big issue because, in this new generation, everybody can understand and use any application in the English language.

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Advantages of this application:

Free to download – You can easily install this application through his official website or from the Play Store too, it doesn’t take any installation charges.

Easy to use – The developer of this application programmed this app very simple to use. Everybody can understand the first interface.

Allows for many types of videos to be created – In this app, you can create different types of videos which is a very good thing for their users. You can create fun, entertainment, romance, horror, etc.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q1- Do video star packs last forever?

Answer– You can buy a single pack in Video Star. In a single pack, the range is 0.99 dollars to 1.30 dollars and this pack will stay with you forever, which means it will be permanent if you want to buy more features you can buy and do the best editing in the video.

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Q2- Can we download Video Star on Android?

Answer– Yes you can download Video Star on Android by downloading APK pure of Video Star and after that, you can install it and you can enjoy it forever.

Q-3-  Is Video Star only for IOS?

Answer–  Yes Video Star is only for Apple devices or you can also download it on iPad. But if you want to download it on Android you can download an APK of it and edit your videos.

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Video star application is best for editing videos and you can say it is best for short videos like for Instagram reel.


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