Bully – Everything You Need To Know

Everyone likes action and adventure games because by playing these types of games we are curious to pass missions and this curiosity attracts you to play these types of games if you like these types of action games you will definitely like Bully.

Basically Bully is an action-adventure video game.

The Android and iOS version of the bully game was released on 8 December 2016.

It is a very big game so many people work on it to make a more adventurous game.

The developer of this game is Rockstar Vancouver.

Not only do developers work hard on this game there are more people working on it like publisher producers etc.

The publisher of this game is Rockstar Games.

The producers of this game are Jeronimo Barrera and Steve Martin.

The programmers of this game are Mike Slett and Peter Grant.

The artist of this game is Steven Olds. The writers of this game are Dan Houser and Jacob Krarup.

The composer of this game is Shawn Lee.

The engines of this game are Randerware and Gamebryo.

The main thing of any game is platforms, on how many platforms the game can run. This Bully game takes time to come on every platform but yes now you can play this game on every platform.

This game can run on many platforms like PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox360, Microsoft Windows, Android, and IOS.

I told you that the game took time to come on every platform so there are some dates of release.

First, this game was released on Playstation 2, on 17 October 2006. In October this game was released for some countries like North America this game was released on 17 October 2006, In Europe, this game was released on  25 October 2006, In Australia, this game was released on 27 October 2006. Second, this game was released on Wii, and Xbox 360.

Same as PS, this game was released in the same month and same year but the date was changed. In North, America Bully was released on 4 March 2008.

The Pal region game was released on 7 March 2008. Now the game was only released on Playstation and Xbox.

Not so many people can play this game because not everyone has a Playstation and Xbox. So Bully game developers and their cast team thought for their Bully game audience and released a Microsoft window version of the Bully game.

On 21 October 2008 Bully was released on Microsoft Windows. Now the only platform left for Bully games is Android and IOS. After 8 years, the Bully game was released on Android and IOS.

Finally, the Bully game was released on 8 December 2016 for Android and IOS. After this big update of the Bully game, everyone can play it because it is worldwide.

In the world, anyone can download it and enjoy this game forever. There are two types of modes in this game, one is single-player, and the second is multiplayer.

If you are alone you can play it in single-player mode or if someone wants to play this game with you, you can both play this game in multiplayer mode.

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About this game in detail:

You can play this game from a third-person perspective and it is worldwide. Your player of the game can navigate on foot, skateboard, scooter, bicycle, or go-kart.


In the single-player mode, their game follows the story of a juvenile delinquent student. In the game Free Tekken, the player named James ” Jimmy” Hopkins enrolled at Bullworth Academy for a year involuntarily.

But he wants to stop this bullying school system.

But the player of the school stops Jimmy because he participates in every contest and he also puts effort into completing side missions.

He also attempts to become more popular in various cliques of the school.

The scholar edition includes a two-player competitive mode whereby two players can compete for a high score in different classes.

Initially, it came into controversy because of the sexual and violent content. But after some Bully received positive reviews only because of game missions and narrative as well as the character and for their development too.

The original version of the Bully game sold over 1.5 million copies and also received multi-year-end accolades.

In the single-player mode, Jimmy Hopkins will face many archetypes like Bullies, Nerds, preppies, Greasers, and jocks. Jimmy has to compete with all these scenarios and you have to control it.

After completing the mission you will get rewards like cash, new items, and all. While completing the mission your player can use weapons like a slingshot, bags of marbles and itching powers, stink bombs, firecrackers (including bottle rockets), baseball bats, planks of wood, and spud guns. Jimmy can do more activities like hit and run, jump, swim, or use vehicles to navigate the game’s world.

There are so many e-vehicles featured in the game like a skateboard, scooter bicycle, and go-kart and Jimmy can do also great things which is in the game, he can grab onto the back of a moving car while Jimmy is on a skateboard but he can’t drive while he’s grabbing onto the car.

There are so many buses located in various locations around the world and players can quickly travel back to the Bullworth Academy.

If the player gets damaged, he can fulfill and regenerate their health meter by using multiple techniques such as drinking soda which can be obtained from vending machines.

If the health of the player is entirely depleted your gameplay will stop and the player respawns at the nearest medical center, you can continue your game after respawning.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q1- Is Bully worth playing in 2021?

Answer- yes without a doubt you should play the Bully game.

I would say the Bully game is worth playing for 2021 because after completing one mission of Bully you will be curious to complete all missions.

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Q2- How many GB is Bully?

Answer- On Windows, it will take 4.7 GB of your hard drive and on the Play Store, it is 3.0 GB you can easily buy it for 182 rupees, and after the transaction, you can easily download it.

Q3- Where is the Bully game banned?

Answer- Only in Brazil, the bully game is banned.

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Bully is an enjoyable game for everyone because the missions of this game are fantastic and this game is only created for entertainment purposes.

You should try it and definitely, you will enjoy and continue this game in your daily life.


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