Need For Speed – Everything You Need To Know

You should know that there is a game which was released with the same name in 2005.

But here you will get to know about the 2012 video game. It is an open-world racing game, which is developed by Criterion Games and the producers are James Hans, Leanne  Loombe, and Neil Manners.

Its publisher is Electronic Arts and its designer is Matt Follett.

There is a big series of Needs for Speed in which Need for Speed most wanted 2012 is a 19 title and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, IOS, Android, and PlayStation whiter.

This was first released in North America in 2012 but the Wii U version it was released in 2013 with the name of the need for Speed Most Wanted U.

This game gets the name of the most wanted intellectual property which is opposed to hot pursuit. Hot Person is a game developed by Criterion Games previously.

The game composers’ names are Chris Green, Vanessa Laurina, and Tate. This game was released on 30 October 2012 in North America, 1 November and, 1 November 2012 in Australia, and 2 November 2012 in Europe for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PS3, Xbox 360, IOS, Android, and Kindle Fire but not available in Wii U.

It was soon released on Wii U as well.

On 19 March 2013, it was released in North America, on 21 March 2013 in Australia, and on 22 March 2013 In Europe. It can be a single as well as a multiplayer game as per your choice by you.

Very soon it got a lot of positive views for its social features and its world map feature which was previously styled in burnout and the need for Speed games. But their single-player mode gets a lot of criticism.

After its release, this is one of the games that got a lot of awards in 2012 the Skype video game awards for the best driving game and also it was nominated for the Best British award and the Best Online Multiplayer at the 2013 BAFTA Awards.

He was repeatedly recognized for the best racing and driving game in 2012 by many outlets.

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The gameplay of Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012:

In the game, the environment is given like an open world.

Style was taken by the first name of the most wanted franchise.

In most wanted, users are allowed to select their own car and they have to compete with other racers in three types of events :

– Sprint races: involve traveling from one point of the city to another point.

– Circuit races: in each, there are two or three laps total.

– Speed runs: it involves traversing through a course at the highest average speed possible.

It has Ambush races as well in which players are surrounded by cops and must evade their pursuit as quickly as possible.

Here cops play a major role as they come together in a certain racing session, in which they deploy all vehicles and tactics to stop the player’s car and also arrest them.

It is very much similar to the most-wanted game of 2005. After you defeat the most wanted razor their card will be added to your roster in the movement when you wreck them.

In this reputation, the focus shifted from Rockport to the Fairhaven. Rocket is a city in the original and Fairhaven is a new city.

In Fairhaven, there is a beach and industrial district with the main Highway dubbed l – 92 that stretches across the city.

During racing, you have a start and endpoint but you can choose your own route to finish and win the game.

This game uses auto-lock for the competition between friends. Auto-lock plays a large role and gives a lot of information to players.

The activities done by you during play give you a speed point that boosts you up on the most wanted list.

The social system of the most wanted is called cloudcompete which gives access to use one profile in all versions of the game and you can rank up in one format and continue progress on another.

Before playing this game you should know that it is an immersive high-quality game and it requires 550 MB plus download and roughly 1900 MB + free space on your device.


Their producers and creators suggest and recommend users connect their devices with Wi-Fi while playing.

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Go from zero to most wanted ?:

– Driving customizes over 40 of the world’s most exciting cars.

– You can use modes to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style

– Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage

– Raise the way you want by popular demand you can now touch or till to steer

– Earn speed points to unlock new cars

– Check out your phone with an exclusive most wanted live wallpaper.

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FAQs on the need for speed: Most Wanted 2012

Q-1 how to unlock the pro impact protection body?

Solution –  it’s totally up to your luck as it occurs when a rival car is in front of you and crashes and you pass by without crashing it because the rival car is like a moving wall so when you hit it at high speed you crash too.

Q-2 Is there any story on NFS most wanted 2012?

Solution – mainly criterion games focus on gameplay and the user’s progression to become the most wanted in this speed wall.

Even though the Blacklist is returned with 10 drivers there is a big contrast to the wanted title which featured a story.

Q – 3 Can we play NFS playback offline?

Solution – Yes you can play NFS playback offline single-player campaign as the need for Speed playback is in open-world racing games with a lot of different types of races.

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It is one of the best racing games with brilliant graphics for the phone.

You will surely have an amazing journey and if you are looking to feel the sound of a premium car and feel the speed you can definitely go with the need for speed most wanted.


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