Pixel Launcher – Everything You Need To Know

Pixel launcher is very much similar to the applications like Nova launcher action launcher or launcher. It is a kind of home screen experience only available in pixel and pixel XL phones offered by Google LLC.

It was released on 21 October 2016. It may not have many features like other applications but its design is very simple and clean which attracts most of the fans.

As we generally see updates for new features released by Google but the pixel launcher device rarely has updates.

Even though we know that Google was working on the launcher since we spotted hens at a new hot seat feature.

The XDA senior member Paphonb, who is one of the developers of the launcher team and Veteran pixel launcher model, has recently discovered several more new features that will be coming soon to the Google launcher app.

In order to serve several in the development feature panel modify the latest pixel launcher which was built from the Android 11 developer.

The features include the ability to hide individual apps, suggestions in the app drawer, the recent app overview, and the automatic meaning of the newly created folders.

Very recently in the Android 9 Pie, Google decided to move the code for the recent app handler from system UI to launcher 3.

Launcher 3 is the stock of the AOSP launcher.

In addition, they have also added the higher quality recent app overview cards which are scrolled horizontally.

In this service, users can select text and images from overview cards that are on pixel devices only and also a service that surfaces a row of suggested apps under the overview card.

Now Google is testing to replace the app suggestion room with the recent app overview which is composed of three actions, it is being tested by Google for Android 11 only.

The three sets of actions include select, share, and screenshot. Currently, the select set is not functional for tap home but you can think about how it is used for.

It may be used for highlighting all the text and images that can be selected in the overview card.

If we talk about the screenshot feature in this they capture an image of the device that is in focus.

The share is used for capturing a screenshot and then opening the share menu so you can quickly share it.

If you are a pixel user then you know that Google Row is based on the suggested activities that you most frequently open.

Although it is possible to hide the entire row just by going to a suggestion submenu in the pixel launch setting.

But if you want to stop only certain apps from showing in the rope that may happen soon by Google.

But very similar features are available in Paphonb which is the “don’t suggest app”  that comes when long-pressing the icon of any application, although it is not working well their use is very clear.

As you know you can make a new folder by dragging and dropping one app icon into another.

There is a high chance that pixel launcher main gives you access to making and providing names for newly created folders.

Right now you can name the folder by tapping on the name text at the bottom of the folder.

But sometimes, Google gives some kind of suggested name on the basis of what kind of app you are growing together but detecting.

For example, if you group messages and Gmail together the suggested name by a pixel launcher automatically comes as a communication.

And if we put telegram and Facebook together as a folder they suggest the name social for that folder.

Currently, we are not aware of how the pixel launcher determines the application name on the basis of the group together icons but it is very much likely that Google is using a long list of names and types of the most popular apps on the Play Store.

This feature is only available in Paphonb currently e but not the latest pixel launcher it may be possible that Google may never release them.

But you can opt for new features like modified versions of Google’s launcher. But still, if Google was added to enable all these features in the future we will let you know.


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Feature of pixel launcher:

– Swipe right from your home screen to see personalized Google cards that bring you news and personalized information, at just the right time.

– Quick access to Google Search on your primary home screen.

– Swipe up on the bottom Favourites row to find your apps from A-Z.

– App Suggestions bring the app you’re looking for to the top of your A-Z list.

– Long-press on apps that support shortcuts to jump straight to where you need to go or long-press on the shortcuts to drag them to the home screen.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q-1 is a pixel launcher that uses a battery.

Solution- Yes I like other applications it also uses energy or electricity to run but in a small quantity, it consumes a battery but is not high.

Q-2 What is the best pixel launcher?

Solution- as an alternative to pixel launcher there is a list of 5 best alternatives for Android users are

– Nova launcher

– Evie launcher

Rootless launcher

– Lawn Chair launcher

– Action launcher

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Q-3 How to customize the pixel launcher?

Solution-  you can customize the pixel launcher as follows

– You can change the app grid layout of your home screen and address like 4 × 5 to 7 × 8

– Now remove three buttons from the navigation bar

– Now remove or customize the Google search bar from your app drawer and the home screen

– Change the app drawer text color to 20 plus colors and the app drawer background to 20+

– Add up to 11 app icons in the dock and change the folder text color same as above 20+ and the background colors to 20+

– Change the app icon size from 36 to 72 with an increment of 2

– Change the home text color again and folder trim color 20+

– Change text size from 11 to 18 organ move it completely as per your choice

– Hide the widget at a glance

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If you are using pixel model devices then pixel launcher is one of the best launchers for your device as it offers a lot of features which is different from other launchers which are available in the market.

Although it automatically launches a new device if you don’t like it and if you want to change it and use another launcher then think again as is something which is only available for your device.


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