How Do I Get First 1000 Instagram Followers

How do I Get the First 1,000 Instagram Followers?

Hey folks! Welcome to my other awesome trick that will help you to grow your Instagram account fast.

Did you just create an Instagram account?

Are you looking out for a trick to get the first 1000 Instagram followers fast?

In this article, I’m going to share with you some best ways to grow your Instagram account fast.

Well if you open YouTube and search for the term how to grow an Instagram account fast? There are tons of videos telling you you have to do this or that.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the legit ways to get not only 1000 but even 10k followers.

As all, we are aware that Instagram growing extremely fast.

Now Instagram has more than 1 billion active users.

Not only individuals even companies use Instagram for marketing their products and services.

If you search for the term grow Instagram followers on Google then you’ll see a lot more results.

Trust me guys there is not any such tool that can help you to give you exactly the target followers.

So how to get more followers? Well, you just need to consider a few things for getting thousands of followers.

Things that you need to consider for getting followers:

1. Always choose a particular niche:

If you have a business account or your thinking of creating a business account then you have to choose a particular niche for that.

Suppose you love food and you tasted so many foods in various restaurants or parties then your niche would be food.

You can share images and videos related to food only nothing other than that.

Your niche should be strong enough that people are looking for it.

You can browse for the most trending niches on the web. Always remember you have to be niche-specific.

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2. Write down your full information:


After deciding the niche now you have to write down your complete full detailed information on your profile.

Go to your Instagram profile tap on the edit profile button and write down your full name or your business name.

Remember while choosing the username and business you have to choose the SEO-friendly username and full name.

Suppose your niche is related to food and your business also belongs to food then you must include the keyword food in your username and if possible in the full name.

It helps to come up in the search results whenever the user searches for that.

Suppose someone searches for the keyword food then maybe your profile will hit the search results.

New people will land on your Instagram profile and if they will like your content maybe they will follow you.

It can also be understood by taking an example, suppose your business name is XYZ.

If your business-related to food then you have to write a username something like food_XYZ.

It’s what we call the SEO-friendly username.

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3. Sync your Facebook and phone contacts:


Remember if you just created your Instagram account then you first need to follow your known people only.

Your phone contacts and your Facebook friends are the ones that you have to follow first because these are the people who will follow you back even if you haven’t posted a single piece of content yet.

After getting a few 10-20 followers from your known people now you are ready to get more followers.

4. Use captions and hashtags while posting the content:

Remember a caption and hashtags should be catchy and logical.

You can ask questions in your captions.

You can run a discount offer or you can create a pole like which one is better etc.

It will help you to get more engagement with your post.

The caption is the important part that you always need to consider first.

You have to research that to find out the great caption for your account.

Next, you have to research the hashtags.

Your hashtags should be relevant to the post.

5. Don’t forget the location tag:


Location tags are the must-have things to be considered.

If you want to grow your Instagram fast then you must need to consider the location tag.

The location tag should be town or village-specific, not city or country-specific.

It will help you to connect with the people near that particular location.

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6. Initially, you have to post consistently:

Consistency is the main factor that you need to consider.

You have to post 5-10 times a day daily.

Your post should be of high quality and engaging.

Never copied the content. If you are posting someone else content then you have to give them credit.

7. Use filters while posting:

Instagram comes up with a lot more filters that you can use to edit your image well to best.

You have to apply the filters as per your content needs. Filters are the best way to showcase your stuff to the best.

8. Post video content:

Video content is the best way to grow your Instagram fast.

As we are aware video gets more engagement as compared to normal static images.

Videos are the best way to express your products and services.

Videos help to convey the right message about your business or yourself.

If you want to grow fast then you must need to post video content.

You can make a normal video with your mobile camera.

Don’t need an expensive camera for that.

You can shoot normal videos and share them on your Instagram account.

9. Small giveaways or offers of help:


If you are already making money from your business then you can organize a small giveaway or offer to get maximum engagement to your Instagram account.

People love free stuff, you can create competition so that more people can engage in your post.

It will help to grow your Instagram account very fast.


So these are the proven techniques that help to grow Instagram accounts fast.

There is not any hard and fast rule.

There is not any rocket science or magic.

You need to work on your account.

Never believe in third-party applications because Instagram never shared its API with any third party.

You can easily grow your account if your content is good and you are providing some value to people.

If you still have any questions then comment down below.

If you like the article then please share it with your friends and family. Peace!

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