Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp

Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know about the most popular messaging application these days?

Yes, it’s WhatsApp. Did you know behind the scenes of this most popular application?

We know WhatsApp is just a messaging application where we can send text messages to our contacts.

WhatsApp now become more than that, you can do a lot of things on the platform. Now WhatsApp has a lot of features.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you a lot of detailed explanations about the most popular application WhatsApp.

We’ll divide the session from an initial point of view, it was started to till now. We’ll talk about the growth of the application and how it became a massive success.

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History of WhatsApp:

It was first started when Yahoo’s former team member left the company.

The guy Jan Kaum left the Yahoo company in 2007.

He applied to big industries like Facebook and Twitter for a job but got rejected.

After the rejection, he decided to start his own company but the problem was that he didn’t have enough funds.

He wanted to build an application that could help people to update their daily live statuses.

He also required a partner because he couldn’t alone build the application.

He contacted one of his colleagues at the Yahoo company Brian Acton.

At that time they don’t think to build a text application.

They just wanted to build an application that could help people to share their daily life status with others.

They wanted to build an ad-free platform where people could connect with each other.

They have an idea of building such a platform where people can talk to each other and share their thoughts and ideas.

Both worked at Yahoo for almost 20 years. At that time Yahoo was the biggest company.

After implementing and building applications they officially launched the application in 2009.

The application crashed, and Brian thought the idea wouldn’t work anymore and we should give up but Kam told him to wait for a few more months and finally, they acquired 250,000 users at the end of 2011.

Finally, WhatsApp started growing and five ex-Yahoo employees got interested in the Idea and invested the first $250,000 in funding.

The first-ever funding was received by WhatsApp, the second funding was received by Sequoia Capital $8M in 2011, and the third by the same Sequoia Capital of $50M.

After that, in 2014 Facebook got an interest in buying WhatsApp and offered $19B. The biggest tech deal ever.

Now WhatsApp is a part of Facebook and it’s a subsidiary company.

You can imagine a small chat application can be sold for such a humongous amount but that’s true.

No matter whether the idea is big or small make sure to focus on a single feature at a time and not on multiple features. Now WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion user databases and the application has a lot of features inbuilt in itself.

Here is a detailed article about WhatsApp.

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What Are The Best Things About WhatsApp

Here are the features of the WhatsApp application:

1. Messaging application:

You can send text messages to other people.

Using the application is easy, all you need is to download the application from the PlayStore or AppStore create a free account, and start using it.


2. You can share the media:

Yes, WhatsApp enables you to share media files.

Media files can be anything, they can be images or videos.

When WhatsApp was first released it was just a simple messaging application where people could send and receive text messages.

Now you can’t even send text messages even you can share media files also.

3. Share live location:

Have you been stuck anywhere and wanted to find someone?

Here is a guide for you.

Your WhatsApp can live-track you.

Yes, that’s true People can now track your live location if you’ll allow them to do so.

There is an option in WhatsApp you can use to share your exact live location.

4. Send the voice message:

Do you know WhatsApp allows you to share voice messages?

If you hate typing messages and want to share your voice messages.

Here is an option for you. There is a mic symbol at the right of the chat window, you need to click on that.

Hold that mic and you’ll see the timer will start now, you need to input your voice message over there and start speaking, and you’ll see it’ll start recording your message.

Now release the mic and your message will be sent to that person simply.


5. Send any document:

You may use email for sending and receiving the documents and PDFs right?

Here is a hack for you. WhatsApp now has a feature.

You can even share your documents.

Documents can be of any format. It may be PDF, PPT, DOCS file, etc.

You can share almost all types of formats.

Make sure to use this feature as well. Instead of using email, now you can use WhatsApp for sharing documents.


6. Share the audio files:

WhatsApp allows you to share audio files also. There is an attachment link at the bottom of the box.

Click on that and you’ll find access to the audio link.

Click on that icon and you’ll now be able to send the audio files.

You can share any recording, songs, etc.

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7. Use WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop:

You can use your WhatsApp account on your laptop or PC.

You just need to scan the QR code, you’ll find it by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the WhatsApp application.

Make sure to click on that and you’ll find the WhatsApp for webs option.

Click on that and the camera will open on your mobile device.

Now you need to visit WEB.WHATSAPP.COM and scan the code as mentioned on the website, after scanning the code you’ll see that WhatsApp will open on your desktop or laptop.


Now you can easily use WhatsApp on your laptop or PC.

8. Create a group and broadcast:

Here is an option in WhatsApp called WhatsApp group and broadcast.

A WhatsApp group is a function where you can add multiple people to your group and start a conversation with them.

Sometimes, you need to establish a WhatsApp group to share your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes, you need to create a group for like-minded people, and here is the best option for you the WhatsApp group.

Creating a WhatsApp group is easy, you just need to go to the chats option where you’ll find all of your WhatsApp contacts.

Just click and hold on to the person you want to add to your group and you’ll see the multiple select options will be there.

Now you can select as many people as you want in your group.

There is a limit to adding the number of people inside the group. You can add up to 256 people at max in your WhatsApp group.

If you want to add more people then make sure to create a second group as well.

Broadcast is also an amazing feature. Suppose you want to convey a message to multiple people but you don’t want to send each message to each individual.

Here is the option called WhatsApp Broadcast. You can use this feature and can create your own WhatsApp broadcast list.

Creating a broadcast list is just like creating a WhatsApp group. You need to click on the chat icon at the bottom.

You’ll see all the contacts in your WhatsApp list.

Click and hold on to that person you want to add to your broadcast list and you’ll see it’ll ask you to select multiple people.

Select as many people as you want and click on the created broadcast at the top and you’ll see the broadcast list will now be created in your WhatsApp account.

9. Make a video call and voice call:

Now video calls are not limited to Facebook and big social giants. You can even initiate the video call with a little application.

For initiating a video call you need to click on the contact you want to start the video call and click on the video icon at the top.

Now it’ll send a call request to that person. If he/she picks up your call you’ll be able to see him/her live on your WhatsApp screen.

You can also start a voice call by clicking on the phone icon, which you’ll find on the WhatsApp profile of a particular person.

The call basically transfers with VoIP service.

You can freely call, all you need is an active internet connection and you can start talking to anyone inside and outside your country.

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10. Pin your Important chat:

Have you noticed, that sometimes you need to find your important chat on your WhatsApp chats? Here is another great hack for you.

You can pin your important chats so that the next time you’ll visit the WhatsApp application you don’t need to find the chats of that particular person.

Pinning a chat is easy, all you need to click and hold the chat you want to pin at the top and then click on the pin icon you’ll find at the top.


Make sure you can pin up to 3 chats, only choose the most important one, Later you can replace these chats with other important chats.

11. Security is the main concern:

Nobody wants to compromise their private stuff.

Here is a trick for that.

WhatsApp also provides you with a feature where you can secure your WhatsApp account more precisely.

It’s called the fingerprint scan.

You can use this feature to stay more private on your WhatsApp account.

Enabling the option is pretty easy.

You need to click on the three dots at the top.

Click on these three dots and you’ll find the settings option.

Click on the Settings option and then you need to click on the privacy tab.

After entering into the privacy tab scroll down to reach the fingerprint lock.

Enable the option and now you can get access once you’ll scan your finger.

This feature is available only to those devices to have the option of a fingerprint scanner.

Make sure your device has one then only you can use this feature.


12. WhatsApp for business:

WhatsApp for Business is a great service launched by WhatsApp itself.

You can now list your business as the most popular chat application and can stay tuned with your customers.

WhatsApp for Business is a separate application, you need to download it from PlayStore or AppStore.

After downloading the application now you need to create a free account on the platform and list your business.

It’s a messaging application like WhatsApp but you can do a lot of things.

You can showcase your products and services on the application and also you can list your email and website.

People can now connect with you on your WhatsApp business account and can directly talk to you about the products and services.

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These are all about WhatsApp. Make sure I covered almost all the points.

If you want to learn more about the platform make sure to hit the notification and subscribe to our notification.

If you have any suggestions or questions make sure to comment down below.

Tell me which feature you like the most and why.

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