How Do I Find A Group On WhatsApp

How do I find a group on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is the largest text application, used by billions around the world.

WhatsApp is a simple chat application where you can’t even send boring text messages, now you can do a lot of things on the platform.

You can share pictures, videos, documents, live locations, share your thoughts in the form of stories, etc.

You can even create a WhatsApp group and can share your thoughts and ideas with the number of people inside the group.

Creating and joining the WhatsApp group is easy.

You just need to select the number of people you want to add to the group and then hit the create group option and your WhatsApp group will now be created.


Now the big task is if you don’t have like-minded people and still want to add the same interested people inside your WhatsApp group then how do you do that?

WhatsApp has now a new feature.

Now you can share the WhatsApp group link and when anyone clicks on the link, he or she will be directly added to the group.

Sometimes you might not want to create a group and still, want to become a part of a group how you can find and add to such a group?

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I’m not gonna share with you any WhatsApp group links.

I’ll just try to explain how you can become part of any WhatsApp group and how you can find the WhatsApp group.

There is not any direct way of searching for the WhatsApp group and joining the group.

Instead of that, you need to find the WhatsApp group as per your interest and then you need to click on the link and you can directly join the group without admin permission.


WhatsApp is not a social networking website or application, it’s just a simple text application where you can send and receive text messages so there is not any direct method of finding a WhatsApp group and then joining like Facebook and other social sites.

WhatsApp groups are basically for sharing thoughts, ideas, and jokes sometimes with like-minded people.

Sometimes we create a WhatsApp group with our friends and family to stay in touch.

Sometimes we create a WhatsApp group for sharing jokes, memes, pictures, and videos.

There are countless moments that we need to share with our loved ones.

Now I’m going to share with you some of the common things you should be aware of while creating and joining WhatsApp groups.

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1. If you have a better idea or there is some reason to stay connected with your friends and colleagues, you should take advantage of the feature and start using the WhatsApp group.

2. If you create the WhatsApp group it means you’re the admin.

Admin means you’re the boss of your own WhatsApp group.

You’ve complete rights to add or remove someone and you also have rights to share the invitation link to whom you want to add.

Make sure to use your power carefully. Never misbehave with your group members, and be polite and active inside the group.

3. Make some funny or good rules for your WhatsApp group and don’t forget to encourage others to share the content on a regular basis.

Instead of texts, you can encourage people to share the visual content if possible.

4. Never allow bombarding of the content inside the group.

Fix a certain frequency of sharing content so that no one will be distracted because of your continuous group messages.

5. Help each other and share a real-life moment.

As you can see everywhere people love to read and share real-life moments.

Make sure to share your real-life experience instead of some theoretical and boring information copy-pasted from somewhere.

6. Motivate your group members to add other people inside the group so that your group will start expanding and don’t forget to set a warm welcome to the new commerce inside the group.

These points you should keep in mind while creating and managing a WhatsApp group.

Now I’m gonna share with you how you can add the new people inside the group.

Here are the steps:

Either you can create an invitation link and can share it in your Facebook groups and pages or you can manually add the people. I’ll explain both of these ways.

Add people manually:

If you’re looking to add people manually then you must need to follow certain steps.

1. First, go to the WhatsApp group and then click on the above name of the WhatsApp group.

2. After that, you’ll see the plus icon with a chat screen.

Click on that icon and then it’ll ask you to search and add people to the WhatsApp group.


3. Make sure to add the interested people who actually want to add to your WhatsApp group and then hit the done button and now you have new members inside the group.

Now I’ll share the automated way of adding the people inside the WhatsApp group.

There again a few steps you need to keep in mind.

1. First, go to the WhatsApp group you’re an admin with now.

Hit the I icon you’ll find at the top.

2. After clicking on the I icon now need to scroll down and you need to find the create a group link option.

Hit that and now the link will be created.


3. Now you can share this link wherever you want.

You can share with your Facebook and Instagram friends and ask them to join the group.

4. Make sure never to force anyone to join the WhatsApp group.

Let them free they will join the group if they really are interested in joining it.

These are the steps you need to follow for adding new people to the group.

Now come to the main question of how you can find the WhatsApp group.

Well, there is not any direct way of finding the WhatsApp group.

Still, you can use other platforms for that.

You can create your own WhatsApp group and add random people inside the group and ask them to share more WhatsApp group links inside the group so that you can add yourself to more WhatsApp groups.

You can also join Facebook groups related to WhatsApp group share links.

You can find tons of Facebook groups.

Join them and ask the members to share some interesting WhatsApp groups and then join the group.

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You can ask your friend on call or text message or on WhatsApp as well for a WhatsApp group ask them to add you as well.

There is one more option for you. You can either do a Google search related to your interest.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, I suppose I’m interested in the stock market and I want to find a WhatsApp group related to the stock market where I can find the relevant information on stocks and buy and sell calls.


Then I’ll directly search the keyword on Google like the “WhatsApp group related to the stock market”.

Websites will come up in the results, I’ll visit these websites one by one and try to figure out which group is better for me.

The only problem with this trick is that maybe I’m not able to find the active groups because maybe the link will be revoked or the group not exist because these posts may be old and still not updated.

Still, you can try this trick hope it’ll work for you as well.

You can search on Google PlayStore to find out WhatsApp groups.

There are lots of applications for that.

You can simply download any application.

Make sure to read the user reviews first then download the application.


Inside the application, you can find tons of WhatsApp groups.

These applications may be authentic way because these applications may update their list from time to time.

Bottom lines:

I hope you find this information valuable.

Make sure to share the information with your loved ones.

If you have any suggestions or questions please mention them in the comment.

WhatsApp groups really smart way of connecting people.

If you really want to share something inside the circle then it can be best to do it.

If you have some good WhatsApp invitation links, make sure to share them in the comments below.

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