How To Hack & Protect Someone WhatsApp Account

How to Hack & Protect Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Nowadays staying connected is not a big task.

You just need a cell phone in your hand and you can stay connected with your loved ones.

WhatsApp is a great way of communication. It’s a simple chat application. You can use it to stay connected with your loved ones.

WhatsApp is an integral part of our life.

We need WhatsApp to stay in touch with our friends and family. You can do a lot of things on WhatsApp.

It’s a kind of personal assistant for you. You can’t even chat with others, you can also send documents, images, and videos to others.

You can also create a group and can share your thoughts and ideas with your near and dear.

What will happen if your WhatsApp account is hacked?

Yes, that’s true WhatsApp can be hacked.

Many people claimed that their WhatsApp account hack and they didn’t have any choice but to delete their account and restart it again.

Here I’m gonna share with you some of the best ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. If your WhatsApp account is hacked then how you’ll recover it back.

Normally if you have the basic knowledge you can’t hack WhatsApp. You need to have expert knowledge, still, there are some loopholes you can use to hack someone else WhatsApp.

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Here are a few methods you can try:

1. Hacking with MAC address:

Here I’m gonna share with you hacking by using the MAC address. There are a few steps you need to follow for hacking someone else WhatsApp.

1. First, you need to borrow your victim’s PHONE. You can ask him/her to give their phone for some time. Then you need to go to their settings.

2. After that, you need to go to the “about phone” tab. You’ll find it inside the settings.

3. Now click on the status tab and you’ll find the WIFI MAC address. Copy that address somewhere.


– For Android, go to Settings – About phone – Status – WI-Fi MAC address.

– For the iPhone, go to Settings – General – About – WI-Fi Address.

– For Windows phones, find this in Settings – About – More info – MAC address.

– For BlackBerry, go to Options – Device – Device and Status info – WLAN MAC.

4. Then you need to log out of your WhatsApp account and then uninstall the application.

Now go to PlayStore and reinstall the application.

5. Now go to the WIFI MAC address you’ll find in your phone settings.

Edit your WIFI MAC address with your MAC spoofing application.

You can find these applications on the PlayStore or AppStore and put your friend’s WIFI MAC address over there.


Now open the app, In the terminal, type “IP link show” to see a list of interfaces. Identify the one that has your MAC address — for this example, we’ll use the eth0 interface.

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In the terminal emulator, enter “IP link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX” and “IP link set eth0 broadcast XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX“, where eth0 is the interface you identified and XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX is your target’s MAC address.

To check that you’ve successfully changed your MAC address, enter “link show eth0.”

6. Now register on your WhatsApp application with your victim’s phone number and the code will be sent to your friend’s phone to put that code and you’ll create the same replica of your friend’s WhatsApp.

You can live-track your friend’s or victim’s phone number by creating the same replica as I explained.

Make sure not to miss any step.

You can live to access the WhatsApp of your victim’s phone and they don’t even get who’s a spy on their WhatsApp account.

2. Hack WhatsApp by using the direct method:

It’s a simple way of hacking someone’s WhatsApp account.

You don’t need any third-party application for that. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Open WhatsApp on your friend’s phone. Then go to the file manager and navigate to the WhatsApp folder.

2. After getting access to the WhatsApp folder you need to find the database folder. Inside the database, you’ll find the msg crypt.db file.


Make sure it’s an encrypted file you can’t read this file directly.

You need to use your system for that. You need to download Python on your system.

3. After downloading the Python now you can get access to the file and can read the messages.

You can also use one more trick to read all these messages.

For that, you need to first log out from your WhatsApp application and then uninstall the application from your device.

Install WhatsApp again and save that file in your WhatsApp database.

Make sure to save the file in the same location you copied from your victim’s device.

Open your WhatsApp and log into your WhatsApp account again.

You’ll see all the messages.

This trick as I explained may or may not work.

Make sure to follow the same steps.

There is one more trick to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. It’s a pretty simple trick.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get access to someone’s WhatsApp account.

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1. First, go to on your laptop or PC.

You can use any browser for that.

2. Now you need the victim’s phone for a while.

Get the victim’s phone and click on the three dots at the top of the WhatsApp screen.

3. After clicking on these three dots you’ll see an option called WhatsApp for the web.

Click on that and it’ll ask you to scan the code.

4. Scan the QR code on the website and that’s it. Now you have access to victim WhatsApp.


You can also use this trick on your cell phone but make sure to open the website with a browser.

Now you can read all the messages of your victim.

Make sure this trick will only work till the user checks WhatsApp for the web option again.

When he/she checks it, he/she may find the account is hacked and can remove your device.

Now I’m gonna share with you some of the best ways to stay protected from hacking.

You can’t say when your WhatsApp will be hacked.

There are some precautions you can start using now to stay protected.

These precautions will help you to keep your account more protected.

1. Never hand over your mobile device to anyone.

If he/she may personally know you. Never share your device with anyone.

2. You can download the third-party app locker and can put a lock on your WhatsApp application.

You can use a password or pattern so that when you and anyone will open your WhatsApp it’ll ask you to enter your password and only then you get access to your WhatsApp account.

3. If you ever used WhatsApp Web on your laptop or PC or if someone else using WhatsApp on the system make sure to log out your WhatsApp from all devices.

4. You can enable the two-step verification on your WhatsApp account.


For enabling this option you need to go to your WhatsApp account and then click on the three dots at the top.

Click on that and go to settings. Now you need to click on the accounts tab.

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After getting into the accounts tab you need to click on the privacy tab and scroll down to two-step verification.

Set a password and all done.

The next time you and someone else will try to login into your WhatsApp again it’ll ask you for a code you set on your WhatsApp two-step verification.

5. Make sure to update WhatsApp to the latest version.

Never use the lower version of the application.

Don’t use any third-party application and do not compromise to get access to the application with your WhatsApp account.

I saw on the internet there are tons of miss conspiracy theories telling how to hack WhatsApp but literally, I don’t think that it’s easy to hack someone’s WhatsApp account because the security is too tight not even a professional hacker can easily break it.

These are just simple tricks you can use to view messages but these are not the permanent solution to hacking.

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Hacking WhatsApp is a pretty sensitive topic, There are tons of results I saw on the Internet but it’s not that easy.

I hope you enjoy the article. Make sure to share with your loved ones.

If you still have questions or suggestions make sure to mention them in the comment.

Tell me which one you’re using for hacking WhatsApp accounts.


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