Ways To View Private Instagram Account

What are the Best Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts?

Have you ever tried to view a private Instagram account?

What you’ll see while visiting the private Instagram account?

Is there any legal or authentic way to see the private Instagram profile?

Hey folks! Welcome to one of my new awesome blog posts.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you what are the legal and authentic ways to view a private Instagram profile.

How you can leverage the private account?

How you can see the posts inside the private Instagram profile?

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1. What is an Instagram private account?

Well, what do you mean by a private account?

Private means no one other than you and your friends or followers won’t be able to view your account.

Neither the account details nor the content.

An Instagram private account is the only way to set your account to completely hidden mode from unknown people.

If someone wants to connect with you then he/she needs to send you a follow request.


When you receive the following request then you’ll manually approve the following request only then he/she will be able to view your account and your content.


An Instagram private account provides full control of your account, who will see your account or content, and who will not.

2. How to make your Instagram account private?

Are you looking to hide your Instagram account from non-followers?

Here is the guide for you.

Maybe sometimes you need to hide your Instagram account and data because you may want to private yourself for some time.

How will you private your Instagram account?

1. Go to your Instagram account and visit your Instagram profile by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. After reaching inside the profile you need to click on the three horizontal bars or Hamberger type icon.

Click on that and you’ll see a widget-type popup will open. At the bottom of that popup, you’ll see a setting option at the bottom of the screen. You need to click on that.

3. After clicking on the settings icon you’ll enter your Instagram account settings.

4. Now you need to click on the privacy tab, as you can see inside the settings tab when you scroll down.


5. Under the Privacy tab, you need to click on the account privacy tab.

It must be public initially.

If you want to make your account completely private then you need to click on this radio button and your Instagram profile will now become private.

These are the steps you need to follow to make your Instagram profile private.

Now we are going to deep dive into the details of the private Instagram account.

Now we will explore some more things about the private Instagram profile.

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3 Why do we need a private Instagram account?

These questions you can answer yourself.

Perhaps I can imagine maybe you don’t want to share your privacy with any outsider.

Maybe you don’t want people will see and download your content from the platform and use your content on any other social media or any illegal means.

Maybe you’re a shy person and you don’t want to disclose your privacy.

These are the possible reasons.

Make sure if you want to create a business profile then your Instagram account can’t be private.

There will be no option for making your Instagram account private.

Business accounts must be public and it should be because if you want to promote your Instagram business account then care should be taken Your account should be public and it’ll be.

4. How to view the content of the private Instagram account?

Now come to the main question, How to view a private Instagram account?

Well if you’re looking for any third-party application for looking out for a private Instagram account then probably you won’t get any such application.

I have just gone through the Internet and I found lots of fake application that shows some ads Whenever you’ll start hunting the private profile it will ask you to fill out some survey or you need to download some application.

Some applications may ask you for your private details like your Instagram login details and credit card information etc.

My personal recommendation is that never fall for these applications or websites because these apps are completely fake.

So what it means, is there not any way to spy on a private Instagram account?

Well, probably not true, You can even spy but the trick only works when you’ll do an effort.

Methods to look at private Instagram profiles:

1. Directly interact with them:

It’s the most trustworthy way of getting approval for your account and seeing the posts.

You can directly send a follow-up request to your prospect account.

When you send a follow-up request they will be notified that you have sent a request for following them.

Now it totally depends on that guy whether he/she may approve of you or not.

Along with a follow request, you may send a direct message.

You can explain each and every point why you want to follow that person, what are the reasons you want to interact with that guy, etc.

You can convince him/her via Instagram DM.

If he/she is convinced then most probably he/she will accept your follow request and you’ll see the posts.

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2. Create a fake Instagram profile:

It can also be a way to view a private Instagram profile.

It’s less authentic still you can try it.

If you personally know that person then you can create a fake mutual friend profile on Instagram.

You can ask that mutual friend to borrow some pictures of him/her so that you can create and post some pictures on a fake profile.

After creating and posting the content on a fake Instagram profile now you can send a follow request.

He/she will definitely accept that request because it’s not you, it’s that mutual friend.

This trick will only work when you both have a mutual friend and you should personally know him/her.

3. Ask your mutual friend to talk to him/her:

You can ask a mutual friend.

Suppose you want to send someone a follow request and he/she is not accepting your follow request and you both have a mutual friend that has already been added to their follower’s list then you can ask that mutual friend to talk to him/her and convince him/her to accept your request as well.

This trick will only work when you have a perfect connection with yourself and your followers.

If you and the person to whom you’re sending a follow request not have any common followers then most probably this trick won’t work.

You can check the person to whom you’re sending the following request on other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. profile.

If he/she is on Facebook suppose then you can go into his/her Facebook friend list and ask their friend to talk to him and convenience him/her to accept your follow request.

This trick is working. I have used this trick to accept a few of my Instagram requests.

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Bottom lines:

As you can see from the above session I have already cleared a lot of things about Instagram.

I have cleared how you can make your Instagram account private and how you can send and accept the following requests.

If you still have questions then please comment down below I’ll get back to you shortly.

Tell me which technique you’re using to view a private Instagram profile.


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