Hide WhatsApp Online Status Guide

WhatsApp is the largest and most popular application on the planet.

It’s like your personal assistant, which means you can do a lot of things on the platform.

Nowadays WhatsApp is the largest using instant message application.

If you want to stay connected with your loved ones then make sure to download the application on your mobile device, register your account, and start using the platform.

You can simply register your WhatsApp account with your mobile number.

All you need to open the WhatsApp application and it’ll ask you to put your number.

Once you’ve put the number over there you can click on the register button.

Once you’ll click the register button it’ll send you an OTP.

Make sure to put that OTP and the account will register. Now you can start using the WhatsApp account.

You can do a lot of things on your WhatsApp account, You can send and receive text messages, you can share media files like images and videos, can share the live location, can do audio or video calls, and even you can also use the story or status feature for updating your daily life, you can share the documents and files as well, etc.

When you initiate typing a message or when you’re online on WhatsApp it shows the status ONLINE.

Now the question is, is there any way to hide the online status? Well, here is a comprehensive guide.

In this article, I’ll try to answer the question, is there any way to hide the online status? I’ll point out some of the best ways you can implement hiding status.

If we’re talking about the WhatsApp direct settings then, unfortunately, there is no such thing as hiding status.

I checked everything on WhatsApp settings and I found nothing related to that.

This means there is not any direct method of hiding the online status, Well, the direct answer is YES, but don’t worry I’ll teach you some of the indirect ways of hiding the online status, Make sure to stay with me till the end and never escape any step.

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You can hide privacy:

Do you know you can hide the privacy settings and when you strict yourself on the privacy part then the person who does not belong to your contacts not be able to view your WhatsApp profile?

Here are the steps to make yourself private:

1. First, you need to open the WhatsApp account, once the account will open make sure to click on the three dots you’ll find at the top.


2. Once you’ve reached over there make sure to go to the settings. Inside the settings, you’ll find the accounts tab.

Make sure to click on the accounts tab.


3. Once you click on the accounts tab you’ll find the privacy option.

Inside the privacy option you can control how you want to private your profile, make sure to select the best suits you.


4. Once the privacy settings have been done please save the settings and the settings now become apply.


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Use GBWhatsApp:

Do you know there are tons of different clones of the WhatsApp application?

GB WhatsApp is one of them.

You know GBWhatsApp can allow you to do a lot of settings that you may not find on your normal WhatsApp application.

Now I’m gonna share with you how you can install the GBWhatsApp on your device and how you can use it to hide the online status.

As we know privacy is the main concern and it’s a right for everyone.

I suggest you use the clone application but make sure not to share any sensitive information on GBWhatsApp because it’s not an official WhatsApp application and not even linked to WhatsApp itself.


If you want to use the GBWhatsApp then make sure to remove all your private files from your mobile device and not to save any sensitive information like private media with your loved ones, your personal contacts, bank account login passwords, and usernames.

After that, you need to open your WhatsApp account. Once the account will open now you need to follow the steps in order to install the GBWhatsApp application.

1. First, you need to go to the WhatsApp settings, Once you’ve reached settings make sure to hit the chats option you’ll find inside the settings.


2. Once you’ve reached on chats option make sure to get into it.

Now you’ll see the backup option over there.

Make sure to hit that backup option and your backup will start saving on your mobile device.


3. Once the backup is complete, you can uninstall the application.

YES, now you need to uninstall the application from your mobile device.

4. After uninstalling the application make sure to hit this link and download the latest version of the GBWhatsApp.

You can simply download the APK on your device.

5. Now before installing the APK now, you need to go to the file manager.

Inside the file manager, you need to change the name of the WhatsApp folder to GBWhatsApp.


6. Now you need to install the GBWhatsApp application on your device.

When you install the application it’ll ask you to restore the backup just like in normal WhatsApp. Make sure to restore the backup.


7. Now your GBWhatsApp application is ready to use.

Now you can start using the GBWhatsApp like normal WhatsApp but wait, here are some extra features you may not find in normal WhatsApp.

8. When you click on the three dots at the top of your Android device you’ll see the options.

Make sure to hit the first option of PRIVACY.

Once you’ll hit the privacy tab there are a bunch of different options. Make sure to hide the online status you’ll find over there.


So that way you can hide the online status. Easy, right?

You know what it’s a third-party application and this application has no direct link to the original WhatsApp, not even Facebook.

This means you shouldn’t believe the application blindly, that’s why I recommend you keep secure your device and never save any private media or any other files.

Do not even do online transactions with the same device because your phone or online transactions may be hacked.

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Chat secretly while hiding online:

Do you know there is one more trick to hide online status?

You can chat with someone secretly, which means they won’t see you’re online, still, you can talk to them.

You can also use this trick to talk to someone on WhatsApp by hiding yourself online.

Let’s see how this trick actually works and how you can hide from others and even chat with someone. Make sure to stay with me and I’ll teach you all the required steps in order to succeed.

1. Make sure your WhatsApp application is closed and you won’t see your application open, even closed from the task manager as well.

2. Now if someone sends a text message to your WhatsApp account it’ll pop up in a notification that you just received the text message. Make sure to slide your notification down.

3. When you do so you’ll see the reply option along with the notification.

Make sure to hit that reply option and once the reply button is pressed it’ll show you the text area for typing the message.


4. Now you can type your message and can easily send it from here.

Make sure to reply each time from here and they won’t be able to see you’re online, still, you’re replying congo!

I tried this trick and it’s really working. Make sure to use this trick for sending and receiving text messages on WhatsApp.

Use the airplane mode:

There is one more trick if you want to keep your account offline and still want to send or receive text messages.

You need to use the airplane mode feature of your mobile device and need to enable and disable it a number of times.

Now I’m gonna discuss how you can hide the online status with the help of airplane mode. Make sure to stay with me and I’ll tell you all the steps of being offline.

1. As soon as you receive the messages, make sure to keep close to our WhatsApp application and turn off the data.

2. After turning off the data now you need to enable the flight mode option you can easily find on your device.

Make sure to enable the flight mode option. Once the option is enabled you’re ready to see the messages.


3. Now you can look at the messages by opening the WhatsApp application and make sure to view all the messages.

4. The user who sent you the messages won’t get notified as you’re still offline that’s why they don’t get any notification or blue tick.

Now you can reply to all of your friends over here.

Once the reply will type make sure to disable the flight mode and enable the internet connection. The message will be sent to that guy.

5. Now, this trick can help you to hide your online status for both Android and iOS users as well. Make sure to use this trick in order to hide your online status.

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Bottom lines:

These are the only known tricks that you can use to hide your online status. Make sure there is not any direct option on your WhatsApp application so make sure not to waste your time on the search for settings because you won’t find anything.

If you have any questions or suggestions please mention them in the comments down below.

Never trust any third-party applications because these applications won’t help you hide the WhatsApp online status.

These applications may violate the terms and conditions of WhatsApp and your account may be banned, Never trust these applications.

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