Seeders, Peers, and Leechers In uTorrent – Guide

uTorrent is one of the best BitTorrent clients.

If you want to download any file, it can be a media file, any application or software, an audio file, or anything you want then there are basically tons of different options out there.

You just need to launch your web browser and need to search for the file.

Sometimes, we find the exact file, and sometimes we don’t.

Torrenting is one of the best ways to download almost any type of file from the web.

In order to download the file from any BitTorrent client, you first need to open your web browser and need to search for a client.

uTorrent is among the best choices from various others. In order to download the uTorrent, you need to open the web browser and need to search for the software.

Once you land on the website, make sure to click on the PRODUCTS option, which you’ll find at the top.


When you click, it’ll ask you to choose the platform for which you want to download the file.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, make sure to install and open it.

Now, you have a BitTorrent client.

Now, you need to download a torrent file for it. Either you can download the torrent file or you can get the magnet link in order to pull the main file.

Suppose, you want to download Kali Linux an open-source OS then you first need to download its torrent file.

Once you get the torrent file, make sure to upload it to the client and click on the DOWNLOAD button, and your downloading will start.

Now, you can see a lot of stats on your screen when you’ll download the file with the uTorrent client.

You can see the name, size, status of the file, down and upload speed, and ETA, and also can see the SEEDS and PEERS ratio.


In this article, I’m gonna share with you these important terms.

What are SEEDERS? What are PEERS? and What are LEECHERS?

Make sure to stay with me and read this article in order to learn about everything you need to know about them.

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What are SEEDERS?

In order to understand these terms you first need to understand the basics of the BitTorrent client. What is the BitTorrent protocol?

Well, it can be understood by taking an example to suppose I want to download a file of size say 24MB.

Now, I start the BitTorrent client like uTorrent and start downloading the file.

Now, as you can see the files start downloading in parts. BitTorrent protocol is a file-sharing protocol that helps to share files peer-to-peer.

This means you can download the file from various sources.

These sources are called peers.

It basically a communication protocol that helps to establish a connection between systems and ease down the process of downloading even large files.

Peer-to-peer means a network of computers laptops or systems.

It replaces the large servers.

It’s basically a group of systems that communicate with each other and share resources.

Now, come to the main question what is SEEDS? SEEDS are basically a group of systems that provide the file for downloading.


The group of people that upload the file for downloading is called SEEDERS.

Let’s understand it in more detail, suppose, you’re downloading a file, and the download is now completed.

Now, your file is not further downloaded by your BitTorrent client.

Now, if you leave your complete downloaded file intact and will not remove it from your uTorrent client then your client will start SEEDING it to others who are looking for the same file.

But for that, your uTorrent must be open in the background or foreground and the file should be fully downloaded.


LEECHERS are basically the users that download and upload the file at the same time.

Suppose, you downloaded a file with the uTorrent client and auto-start uploading or providing it to others and simultaneously downloading the same file then you’re a LEECHER.

This means a user who simultaneously uploads and downloads the file is called a LEECHER in the BitTorrent protocol.

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What is PEER?

Suppose, you want to download a file using a BitTorrent client like uTorrent then you first need to download the torrent file.

In order to download the file either you need to search for the torrent search engine or you need to search on the web.

Once you’ve gotten the .torrent file in your system, now, you need to open your client and upload it.

Once the file is uploaded, make sure to click on the DOWNLOAD button and your file will start downloading on your laptop or PC.

Now, as we know, PEER is basically a hub of systems, servers or you can say computers that provide that file or avail the file for downloading.

The person who provides the file for downloading in your system is a PEER.

As I explained above in order to download any file, someone has to upload it.

In case, if no one uploads the file then there is not any existence of the P2P network and you’ll not get the file.

If a person uploads the file on the web servers or proving the file for downloading then he/she must be a SEEDER who provides the content for downloading.

The person who looking for the file and downloading it using the BitTorrent protocol, he/she must be a LEECHER.

The whole hub of this uploading and downloading makes a P2P network called the PEERS.

So what do we get?

As I explained above if you want to download any large amount of data fast then you must need more SEEDERS in order to get fast speed.

If you have less number of SEEDERS as compared to LEECHERS then you may get low speed or your downloading may be stuck.

So basically, you need to have more SEEDS as compared to LEECHERS.

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Bottom lines:

So, it’s all about the PEERS, SEEDERS, and LEECHERS.

Make sure to read all of these carefully in order to understand the difference between them.

If you still have questions or anything you want to suggest then you should mention it in the comments down below.

A P2P network helps people to download almost anything faster.

You can download the larger files at a very high speed.

With p2p technology, you can easily download and also upload things to the community.


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