Which One Is Better BitTorrent or uTorrent – Complete Guide

BitTorrent and uTorrent both are BitTorrent clients.

Both the software or applications helps to download the torrent files.

Both the software acquires by the same company.

There are other clients as well but these software’s are the best.

In order to download these software’s, you need to visit their respective websites, and then you need to download their CLASSIC version for windows or MAC OS.

If you’re using the WINDOWS then you should download the CLASSIC for WINDOWS and if you’re using the MAC OS then you should download the CLASSIC for MAC.

uTorrent supports more OS like UNIX and LINUX as well.

So, if you’re confusing about both the software which one you should download and install on your system as to why then you’re at the right place.

Here, In this article, I’ll explain all the pros and cons that may help you to decide which one you should download and which one you shouldn’t.

Make sure to stay with me and read the article. Let’s deep dive into it.

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Let’s discuss which one is better:

If you’re talking about the differences between both the clients then make sure to read the below points.

These points will help you to a device which one you should use and why.

Well, I’m personally using both the clients and I didn’t find many differences but still, there is something that you should read.

1. If you’re talking about the size then uTorrent is pretty lighter than BitTorrent.

uTorrent has less size as compared to the BitTorrent client.

If you are worried about the size of the client then you should definitely download the uTorrent.

2. Both the client has the same UI. When you’ll download and install them and open them you’ll see both the client have the same interface.

Both do the same job.

But still, uTorrent is more popular than Bittorrent.

I don’t know why uTorrent is much popular. Maybe because of its name.

3. If you’re talking about the speed then both the clients have the same download speed.

You’ll get the same download speed.

If you want to increase your downloading speed then you should focus on two factors.

One is the number of seeders and another one is your ISP.

Make sure to download the more number of seeders files.

If you’re still getting less speed then you should contact your ISP or you should change your ISP.

4. Both the BitTorrent clients you can use either free or their paid versions also available.

Either you can download their free versions or you can purchase the premium one.

It’s your own choice. If you don’t want “buggy ads” on your software interface then you should buy the plan.

If you’re comfortable with it then it’s OKAY.

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5. If you’ll talk about their paid versions then you’ll find there are basically three variants in the BitTorrent client whereas, in uTorrent, you’ll find only a single variant.

In BitTorrent, you can choose which one will be best suits for you. Whereas, in uTorrent, you don’t have any choice.

6. In their paid version, if you’ll buy the uTorrent client then you’ll get the paid features as mention down below.


– You can watch the preview of the file irrespective of downloading completely.

– uTorrent client offers you an anti-virus scanner that scans the files once the download will complete.

– uTorrent gives access to the conversion of the files into various formats.

Suppose, you downloaded a video into HD format, now, you have the option to convert the file without using any third-party software or application.

– You’ll get instant and quick updates to their latest features and products and services.

– You’ll get all the latest updates even if it into beta version. You’ll get early access to it.

– Pro version is fully ads-free. This means you’ll get a smooth and ad-free interface.

These are the features that you’ll get into the PRO version of the uTorrent client. It cost you around $19.95/year.

It only has this single variant.

There are not options to choose from.

If we’ll talk about the BitTorrent client then you’ll get four variants.

Either you can go with the FREE version or you can buy a pro plan.

There are basically four variants that you can choose from.


Make sure to look at the below and choose the best plan as per your own need.

1. The first variant that you can see is the FREE version.

As all, we know that nothing is free.

If you’ll download it, you’ll see tons of ads on your main dashboard as the company’s main objective is to earn money because they need to run their company.

2. The second plan is the ADS-FREE plan. It will cost you around $4.95.

It basically an ads-free plan that you’ll get.

This means you’ll not see any ad on the main surface of the software or application.

3. The third one you’ll get is the PRO FOR CLASSIC plan. It’ll cost you around $19.95.

You’ll get tons of extra features in this.

You can streamline the torrent files, block malware, premium support, and lots of other features as well.

4. The last one you’ll get is the PRO+VPN for CLASSIC. In this plan, you’ll get VPN support.

You’ll get the CYBER GHOST VPN. You can install it into 5 extra devices.


These are some of the features that you’ll get into the PAID plans of the BitTorrent client.

If you have still issued with choosing the plan then you contact their support team.

The support team will assist you.

Well, both the software and applications follow the same rules and have the same options.

It can be difficult for us to distinguish between them but still, if you ask me my personal choice then I’ll go with the BitTorrent client because it’s relatively cheaper as compared to uTorrent.

You can buy its premium plan for just $4.95. If you’ll go with the uTorrent

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Bottom lines:

I hope you guys found this article helpful.

Make sure to read all the aspects and points carefully.

If you have any question or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention inside the comments down below.

Both the clients are great in terms of services but there are some slight differences between them.

Make sure to read all the above points and if you have any questions or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention it inside the comments down below.

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