11 Differences Between BitTorrent And uTorrent

Do you want to download the large-size files on your laptop or PC?

Do you want to download the latest movies or any media files that you think you do not find on the web for free?

If this is the case then don’t worry.

Make sure to download any torrent client and also the torrent file in order to download that file.

Torrent files are basically small-size files that help with torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, etc. to download the main file.

Now the question is if we can download the main torrent file with this third-party client then what are the main differences between them and which torrent client will be best for us?

Well, make sure to stay with me and read this article in order to understand which torrent client will be best for you.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the main differences between uTorrent and BitTorrent and I’ll share all the aspects and features of these two clients.

Make sure to read this article and let me know in the comments.

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Main differences between uTorrent and BitTorrent:

If you want to understand the differences between the uTorrent and BitTorrent programs then make sure to read all the points mentioned below.

These points will help you to understand what are the major differences. Which program you should use for downloading the main torrent file?

1. The main difference you can understand is that both of these programs i.e. uTorrent did not implement to begin the BitTorrent protocol at the same time.

BitTorrent was first developed in 2001 and not purchased uTorrent until 2006.

Both of these two programs work on the same BitTorrent protocol.

Still, uTorrent is not the first to begin to implement the BitTorrent protocol.

BitTorrent was the first program that implemented the BitTorrent technology in its programming at the beginning. Later it purchased the uTorrent in 2006.

2. If you’re using BitTorrent for downloading torrent files then you’ll find a feature in the BitTorrent program that you can directly search for the torrent files from the available search box on the BitTorrent program or software.

On the other hand, if you want to download the torrent file with the uTorrent program then you need to customize the available search box.

In case, if you don’t want to download the torrent files with these search boxes then you can use search engines like GOOGLE to download the torrent files.

If you’re using the BitTorrent program then you have the option to multiple download multiple files at the same time.

Whereas in uTorrent when you download multiple files at the same time you may need to wait for a single download to finish.

3. One of the main differences you can consider is that when you see the BitTorrent program when you download any file using the program the download statistics and analysis is easy to understand while on the other hand, it’s quite difficult in the uTorrent program.


Yet both of these programs’ interfaces and UI and UX are the same but still BitTorrent wins the war because, in terms of popularity and easiness, there is nothing like this program, not even uTorrent.

4. When it comes to WebUI, you’ll find both the programs have the same features and options but still uTorrent has a lot of issues with it.

Many users are complaining about the downloading speed, system crashes, and lots more.

BitTorrent program has now become added a lot of technology.

Now, you can use their BLOCKCHAIN technology that works with the latest CRYPTO system. Make sure to visit their official website and explore the things.

When you’ll finish your download with the BitTorrent program you’ll earn some coins in your wallet just like the CRYPTO DECENTRALIZED system and it works on a bidding system.

The speed of downloading a file will depend on the bidders.

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5. uTorrent comes with a DLive feature that you can use for going live on your system. You can broadcast your live games and connect with the community.

Live streaming is also based on the BLOCKCHAIN technology. You can SUBSCRIBE to their broadcast and even can also follow the people as well.


The DLive feature you’ll find at the top of the uTorrent client or you can directly search on the web.

6. In terms of size and system uses, uTorrent is light and easy to use while most people don’t know about BitTorrent.

Most people think that BitTorrent is just a protocol that uTorrent uses but it’s not that easy.

If you’ll search on the web for BitTorrent clients then you’ll find a ton of other clients as well.

It’s true both of these programs are owned by the same company and BitTorrent was first developed but uTorrent is still more popular because of its simplicity and the name.

7. uTorrent works on almost all the major platforms like Linux, Android, and even macOS.

On the other hand, BitTorrent works only on WINDOWS and it has its own web platform.

8. BitTorrent client is written in C++ and Python programming language whereas on the other hand, uTorrent is written in C++ language.

9. BitTorrent is available in almost 67 different languages whereas uTorrent is available in almost 66 languages.

10. Both of these software programs you can use for free as well as their premium versions are also there.

Make sure to select your favorite one.

If you want to avoid annoying ads then you can go with the premium one.

If you’re comfortable with the ads then you can use the free one.

11. uTorrent client constantly updates as its alpha and beta releases.

On the other hand, BitTorrent has its only stable release.

You’ll get more cutting-edge features in uTorrent that you may not find in BitTorrent. uTorrent was developed by a single person.

These are the distinctions between uTorrent and BitTorrent. Well, both are the same at the same time and both were developed by the same company and also owned by the same.

You can’t distinguish much but still, it depends on user to user.

If you’re an avid user and constantly play with technology then I think BitTorrent will be best for you because its customization and functionality will help you to torrent a ton of different files at the same time.

If you’re just a normal user and seeking the best option then I think you should go with uTorrent.

Well, no one can exactly make the difference between these two.

While downloading any torrent file care should be taken that you should not track by your ISP because sometimes, you may download the copyrighted content and it can be a serious crime in your area.

So, make sure to use the VPN service while torrenting around the web.

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Bottom lines:

So to be concluded, both the clients are perfect for downloading almost any type of torrenting.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to use then you can download and install the uTorrent and if you’re a geek and want to enhance your creativity and productivity then you should go with BitTorrent.

Make sure to read all the points and if you still leave any question in your mind then makes sure to mention them in the comments down below.

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