5 Ways How Profitable Is BitTorrent Inc – Full Guide

BitTorrent is one of the best software or application that can help you to download the torrent file.

It’s one of the biggest platforms for downloading content from a torrent file.

In order to use this application or software, you need to first download the application from its official website.

Once the application or software will download and install on your system, now, you’re ready to use it.

In order to use this platform, you need to download a torrent file.

Suppose, you want to download a movie then you first need to download the torrent file of that particular movie.

Either you can use a torrent search engine or you can directly search on GOOGLE.

You need to type a query like “NAME OF MOVIE TORRENT FILE”.

Once you’ll get the torrent file or magnet link, now, you can use it in order to download the main content.

Make sure to open your BitTorrent client.

Once it’ll open, now, either you can put your magnet link or you can upload the torrent file.

Once the file will upload or the magnet link will be there, make sure to click on the DOWNLOAD button and your file will start downloading.

Now, it’ll show you all the details of the file you’re downloading. You can see the number of SEEDERS and LEECHERS.

You can see the ESTIMATED TIME it’ll take to download and so on.

Now, we get that, BitTorrent is a torrent client.

The best part of this application or software is that it’s completely free.

Now, the question arises, how it actually making money?

What are the sources the software using for managing their employers and how the company actually running.

Make sure to read this full article and you’ll get all the information you need to know.

Make sure to carefully read the article and mention your thoughts inside the comments down below.

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Ways BitTorrent making money:

In order to understand this, first, you need to go to their official website.

Make sure to click on this link and head over to the website.

Once you’ll be there, now, you’ll see the full interface of the website as mention below.

Here, you need to click on the first option called PRODUCTS.


When you’ll click on that, you’ll see the BitTorrent platform for WEB, WINDOWS, and MAC.

Make sure to click on one of these.

Suppose, you want to download the platform for windows and you’ll click on that.

Now, you’ll see, it’ll ask you an option. The screen is like as mentioned down below.

1. By direct customers:

When you’ll click on the CLASSIC product, you’ll see a screen, it’ll ask you which version you want to download. There are basically four versions.


The first version you’ll see is the BASIC FREE version.

Any user can freely download the client and can install it in the system for free.

But wait! as we know that, nothing is free.

You need to pay for everything.

So, when you’ll download and installing the file, it’ll offer you to install one more software.

It can be anything. Make sure to unchecked it and install the main software.

Once the software will install, now, you need to open it. When you’ll do so, you’ll see tons of advertisements on its dashboard.

You can either distract from them or you can ignore these.

So, basically, the first way to make money is by ADVERTISEMENTS.

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The second plan you’ll see is the AD-FREE FOR CLASSIC.

It’ll cost you around $4.95. If you don’t want to distract by ads then you can purchase this one.

You’ll get premium features to be like fast downloading, less bandwidth, max support, etc.

There are tons of payment options that you can use in order to buy it.

If you have any issues in buying the software then you can mention it inside the comments down below.


The third plan you can see is PRO FOR CLASSIC. It’ll cost you around$19.95.

It’ll give more features than the previous one.

You’ll get Block malware, No ads, no clutter, Built-in file conversion, Media player, Premium support.

If you have slightly more budget then you can go with this one.


Last but not least is the PRO + VPN FOR CLASSIC.

You can select this one if your pocket allows it because it not only gives you all the features that you were getting in the previous one but also gets the VPN as well.


A VPN or also called VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK is a software or program that helps to hide your search activity.

This means, whatever you’ll download, your ISP will not get it.

This means you can hide your downloading and anything you want.

Apart from that, you’ll get Includes all Pro features, 1-year of CyberGhost VPN, VPN on 5 devices, Ultimate privacy online, etc. Make sure to buy it if you want more features.

These are the plans you’ll get when you’ll get on their official website.

Make sure to choose the best one for you. If you have any issue in choosing the plan then you can connect with their customer support on the contact page.

Other than these plans, there are some other ways that help BitTorrent to make money so let’s deep dive into it and discuss all the things one by one.

2. Advertising:

Advertising is one of the most common ways to make money online.

It’s easy to set up.


You just need to create a free traffic source and need to SIGN UP on various advertising networks.

Once you’ll do it, you can set the ads on your platform.

Just like that, if you’ll go with the free version then you’ll see tons of advertisements on it.

With the advertisement BitTorrent makes money.

3. Donation:

The third and most popular way to generate money is by donation.

People who use services and making money or getting benefits in any way may donate some money to it.

Many websites, applications, software are free of cost or open source.

These services run with donations.

If you’re using any service that is free then you must need to donate some amount in order to support it. It really helps the author.

4. They have a push toolbar:

There is another and most interesting way to make money is by push the toolbar.

It promotes various software and applications to install.

If any user installs the software or application then the company will get some money. Let’s assume it’ll get $0.30 for a single installation.

Currently, BitTorrent has approx 250 million active users.

So, you can assume if 10%-20% of people will install the software promoted on the toolbar.

Your genius and can accumulate the real figures.

5. Bitter but true:

If you’re using any torrent client then you need to download the torrent file first then you need to upload the file and need to pull the main file.

When you do so, you also download the malware and spyware or adware in your system, which can also be a way to make money for the BitTorrent company.

Not sure, but it’s true. Our antivirus alert us when we tried to download any such file.

It always pops up and says, you may installing malware on your system.

There can be multiple ways to make money.

BitTorrent Inc. also in the process to generate more and more revenue.

If you’re an avid user of the software then you already aware of all of these.

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Bottom lines:

At the end of this article, I’ll only say that there can be multiple ways to make money with any software or application.

BitTorrent Inc also doing the same. You can see their paid version and also can see their free version full of ads.

Well, we can understand any company needs to generate revenue in order to continue to their service but the process of generating revenue should be ethical and eco-friendly.

I mean to say, pushing malware, adware or spyware, popup ads and these type of garbage can damage the ecosystem of the OS.

As windows used by a major population that’s why these types of stuff are only promoted on such platforms.

Android is used by a major audience that’s why you’ll see tons of unethical applications that can steal your personal information or will show you ads and install other viruses on your system.

Anyway, so, it’s all about the BitTorrent journey.

Hope you’ll find the answer helpful.

If you have any further questions or anything you have to discuss then don’t forget to mention inside the comments down below.

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