Is Using uTorrent Illegal – Complete Guide

When we talk about torrenting then it can be legal and at the same time, it can be illegal.

uTorrent is the most used and most famous BitTorrent client.

If you want to download any file then you can simply download the software for free and then you need to install it in your system.

Either you can download its free version or you can buy its paid one.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the file for free, now, you’re ready to share and download the files.

Not only uTorrent but there are other torrent clients as well.

You can use BitTorrent, Vuze, etc. If you don’t want to download the uTorrent then you can use these third-party clients.

The only purpose of downloading any torrent file is to download the main file.

There are some basic steps that you need to take.

Make sure to read this article and you’ll get everything you need to about torrenting.

You’ll clearly know that whether it’s legal or illegal.

Make sure to read this article and enjoy everything.

We know that uTorrent is used for downloading files.

The files can be small or can be big enough in size. If you’re downloading any file then there are some basic laws that you should be aware of.

Suppose, you’re downloading any software then there are some basic copyright laws that are associated with that software.

If you’re downloading that software and the original author or developer is not aware that you’re using his/her service for free then you may into trouble.

The software may contain copyright laws that you should need to follow. If you’re using his/her paid service for free when you’re in a serious law-breaking situation.

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Is this legal or illegal?

You have the answer to this question.

Suppose, you just developed software and now you decided to sell your software service for some bucks.

You listed your software on your personal website or some other third-party website.

Now, if I want to use your software then I need to purchase its license first.

I can’t use it for free because it’s not free.

You’re charging for your service that’s why I need to pay the amount you’re asking for.

In case, if somehow I’ll get your software and using it without your copyright license key and without your permission that means I’m breaking the law.

That means, as per the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT (DMCA) you can charge against me as per your terms and conditions and privacy policies.

This is the whole process of legal or illegal.

In case, if I’m downloading a file that is copyright-free or also called an open-source software for a file that means, I’m not breaking any law and that’s why I can download it for free and can use it.

If you keep downloading the content that is copyrighted then maybe one day you’ll get a legal notice from your ISP.

In order to avoid it, either you should avoid downloading the copyrighted content or you should use a VPN or PROXY.

These third-party services will help you to hide your IP addresses.

But care should be taken that you should use the premium services.

Avoid using the free services as these free services may keep your log activities and you still into trouble even after using the proxies or VPNs.

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What if I get the legal notice?

Maybe you don’t know about the laws and regulations of the DMCA.

Maybe you already got the notice and now, you don’t have any choice but to defend yourself and protect yourself against the fine the copyright holder charging you.

If this is the case then don’t worry.

If you have knowledge about laws and regulations as per the guidelines then you can defend yourself.

If you don’t have then you can either hire a lawyer or you can research as per your own and then can defend against this.

If you don’t want to go to court and fight against the copyright person then there is a middle but illegal way to settle down by a few thousand bucks.

You can ask the owner or copyrighted person if you’re ready to pay this much please get back your case.

Most of the time it works. You can try it.

How to keep yourself safe?

Now, the question is how you can keep yourself safe.

Well, the simple answer to this question is that you need to download only that type of content that is not copyrighted.

This means you can download copyright-free or what we call open-source content.

If you still, want to download the copyrighted content and don’t want to be caught then there is nothing like using a VPN or proxy services.

VPNs and PROXY services will help you to hide your IP addresses.

But care should be taken that you should always use the premium service, not the free one.

If you’re using the FREE services then you may into risk of losing your activity.

You may into high privacy risk if you’re using such free services.

If you’re downloading a torrent file then you should take care of downloading and installing an anti-virus program.

Sometimes, anti-virus helps you to protect your system data.

If you’re torrenting, maybe you’ll download any viruses or malware in your system then your system may into risk, and hackers might attack you.

In case, if you don’t want to download or purchase a paid service, you can use another method of keeping your activity safe by using the TOR browser.


You need to download and install it for free. Once the software is installed, now, you’re ready to browse and download almost anything.

It’ll hide your log activity and also take care of the personal information you’re sharing on the web.

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Bottom lines:

It’s all about the torrenting. Whether it’s safe or unsafe totally depends on the files you’re browsing and downloading.

Make sure to read all the articles carefully and if you still have questions or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention them in the comments down below.

Using uTorrent can be safe and can be unsafe for your own use.

If you’re using it as an illegal means then it can be unsafe but if you’re downloading different proxy servers or using a VPN then it can be safe.


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