Royal WhatsApp – Everything You Need To Know

WhatsApp is the most famous as well as most used text-sharing platform.

In case if you’re searching for a platform to send or share your thoughts with your friends and family then there is no application in competition to WhatsApp.

Be sure to download the application after that install the application, open a free account easily with no time-consuming process, and start sharing anything you need or want.

WhatsApp can easily help you with connecting. You can also take part in WhatsApp Groups.

With the great application of WhatsApp, you can share messages easily. You can talk one-on-one or with a group, only you need the internet on your device or smartphone.

In each group, you can add 256 people together which is very huge. In chat or a group, you can send messages, emojis, and stickers which you can use.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion clients and more than 5 billion downloads. WhatsApp has now offered a lot of new features to present our views.

We need more features and that is the reason we continue searching for alternatives to the WhatsApp applications.

WhatsApp MOD is very useful as it contains many features that will help you in daily life.

Make sure that you should download and install the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK application. When you download and install the APK successfully, you are ready to use it. 

In any case, pause! before downloading and installing the APK, you need to deal with some essential data.

Try your best to follow the guide and you’ll get all you require to think about the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK. Make a point to the article and you’ll get all the data on the application.

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What is Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

The most popular mod is WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. On the off chance that you download its APK, you’ll understand that it offers us comparable features to those of other applications. 

This application is another mod application of the first Whatsapp messenger which is really an amazing application.

It allows you to have two unique accounts of Whatsapp on your single Android smartphone. This application is a helpful application for using two WhatsApp numbers on a similar Android smartphone or any third-party application.

This application Mod looks like your ordinary and simple WhatsApp, however, this one comes with many updates, with upgrades that will be beneficial and time-saving.

It has a very amazing and attractive feature of Whatsapp, and it takes less space on your device or smartphone.

Nowadays there is no one who doesn’t have WhatsApp on their cell phone or who doesn’t use WhatsApp for messaging.

That is not a shock, given that it’s one of the most easily used and very well-known applications around the world.

It is an improved adaptation of the first WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp mod is fresh out of the box of new features to the application upgrades to WhatsApp.

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Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK Features:


As we talked about above, this application is planned with countless features. We should view them below:

Quick execution:

All capacities work quicker than the first App. Thus, you get a fast, more clean, and expedited administration.

Improved protection:

The security is better in this form. You can practically stay private by hiding ticks and seeing status. In addition, you can set various security in group talks and for single contacts.

Liberated from document design:

The first App lets you a couple of sorts of documents for the move.

Because of this, you can’t move explicit documents.

This rendition allows you to move any sort of document. Presently, you never need to stress over the record design.

Expanded character limits:

The first App just allows you 144 characters for status. Yet, this application allows you 255 characters.



A new emoticon pack is included in the application. Further, you have the alternative to get out ongoing emoticon.

Capacity to store WhatsApp information:

Different applications of WhatsApp don’t have the capacity to save information. Be that as it may, this application allows you to back up information.

Zooming Profile picture:

You can zoom the profile picture of your contacts.

Anti Ban APK:

If you use the modded transformations of WhatsApp, you may have a fear of getting blocked.

Whatsapp specialists reliably lookout for WhatsApp’s modded variations, and they blacklist customers who are using the outcast WhatsApp Mod APKs.

Calling Unsaved Numbers:

In the standard WhatsApp application, in the calling, if we need to message someone or call someone, we have to first their number.

This feature of this application is helpful when we need to call instantly, and we do not really want to save any number on our smartphone.

Pre-built Message Scheduler:

This feature has been added actually to this application.

There’s someone to whom we need to send messages, at a particular time.

To deal with this issue, this application contains a pre-assembled message scheduler, which conveys our message normally at a specific time.

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time:

A critical feature of this application, there’s every so often, we need to send various pictures to someone truly.

Notwithstanding, the main structure has a state of constraint of 10 photographs in a steady progression, and it is disturbing similar to a drawn-out experience to pick ten each time and send again.

I had this experience where I expected to send 50 pictures to someone, yet WhatsApp limited me from sending ten pictures consistently.

Increased Characters For Written Status:

In the proper construction, you are constrained to study only 130 characters in your framed status.

In any case, the most recent application change gives you the possibility of up to 250 words.

At the point when we need to put long explanations or framed status, it becomes invaluable, and size is excessively giant.

The modded transformation of the main Whatsapp consolidates some latest features that give a customer direct and secure use.

You can say that this application is trustworthy and free for its customers.

To download the application, click the catch on this page, saying, “Download this application.”

By presenting this APK application, the customer can handle their assurance concerns like restricting their situations with, pictures and visiting.

These additional security features make this application continuously reliable for customers.

This App is free. You won’t need to pay any penny for downloading, introducing, or using the application.

  • Based On Beta Version 2.16.325(Beta).
  • Size Just 17.3 MB.
  • Privacy Mods. (Pause Last Seen, Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Second Ticks, etc.).
  • Reduced Delay By Hiding Blue And Double Ticks.
  • Added Always Online.
  • Separate Category Of Privacy For Contacts, Groups, And Broadcast Messages.
  • Special Mod Includes.
  • Hide Archived Chats.
  • Make Text Selectable.
  • Hide Date And Time While Copying 2 Or More.
  • Added Hide Call Button To Avoid Accidental Calls.
  • Hide Attach Button.
  • Backup And Restore Messages.
  • Restart App.
  • Put Name And Phone Number In Action Bar.
  • Copy Contact’s Status.
  • Contact Online Status.
  • Added Profile Pic Zoom.
  • Much More To Be Experienced By Yourself.
  • Unlocked All Hidden Features.
  • Added Always Online.
  • Hide Call And Attach Button.

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Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK:

This application is a MOD application WhatsApp that is launched with more features that are missing in official WhatsApp have been made to make the client experience much better.

Even though the application’s new form doesn’t come from the authority source, it is as yet free from any harm to utilize. It won’t harm your security however since the application is an outsider application we need to take care of some dangers.

Use your essential account which you use for business and significant work.

An optional account on Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK which you will use for easygoing talking and individual life.

The essential account has a ton of significant information and business certification which ought not to go into the wrong hands.

Try not to overuse any features:

Though Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK is from the first form of WhatsApp, every activity you do in the application goes through their workers.

Whatsapp authorities have consistently eyes on criminal operations and they may boycott exercises that are affronting their terms and conditions and security strategy.

That is the reason we are recommending you don’t overuse any feature.

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Some FAQs of Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK

Que. How would I download the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Ans. To download the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK, click the catch on the Download Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK, “Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK.”

Que. How would I Install Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Ans. As you complete downloading the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK, go to the Archive of your smartphone, check for the APK, and tap on it.

This will start the installation. This process may require a few seconds. After the installation process, you don’t have to do anything.

Open the application and begin the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK.

Que. How would I refresh the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Ans. Go to your Android smartphone application store and search for the menu in the upper right-hand corner.

At that point pick applications and search for Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK.

Below the application, you will see a catch saying “Update.” Click it to begin the cycle.

Que. Is it protected to utilize the Latest Version 0f Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Ans. It is protected to utilize the most recent variant of the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK, and it will not create any issues on your smartphone.

In any case, your account might be restricted except if it is dependent upon the authority of WhatsApp terms and conditions.

In this way, you can utilize the most recent variant with the Anti-Ban application.

Que. Would I be able to use a similar account for the Official Whatsapp and Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK Latest Version?

Ans. You can use a similar account for both Royal WhatsApp’s most recent form and Official WhatsApp. however, if you use a similar time just a single application, at that point other Whatsapp applications won’t work.

On the off chance that you have persistence and can begin the account once more.

With the goal that you can’t utilize one record in true Whatsapp and Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK simultaneously.

Que. Where I can download the Latest Updates of the Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Ans. Go to download Royal WhatsApp’s, refresh form for your Android smartphone, you can visit our site which utilizes a quick one-tap download.

In this way, simple download steps and the most recent refreshed form Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK.

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Bottom Lines:

Definitely, Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK is a great application that will give you countless features that the first Whatsapp needs.

This APK application can’t be Install from the Play Store so you can download it by clicking on Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK.

Did we help you find Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK? If you have any queries feel free to write them down in the comment box.

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