Fix The Bluetooth Pairing Problem – Issue Solve

Sometimes, you may need to share things like media files like images, videos, audio files, documents files like PDF, PPT, WORD, TEXT, etc.

You need a reliable source of sharing things between devices. If this is the case then there is nothing like Bluetooth.

Make sure to use the Bluetooth feature in order to share anything you want. The only thing that you should care about is that your file should be small because sharing with Bluetooth is a slow process. It can take time to share things like any type of file.

Before sharing any file, you need to pair the devices. In order to pair two devices via Bluetooth, you need to open the Bluetooth in both the devices and need to search for the device in one of the devices.

Make sure, both the devices should be near. These devices shouldn’t be far away from each other. Once you’ll get the other device, you need to click and need to verify the device and need to pair the device.

Once the devices are paired, now, you’re ready to share files. You can now easily share files between both devices.

Sometimes, you may come across the situation when you may encounter an error even after pairing the devices. You may come across the situation even the devices are paired still data not transferred between the devices.

If this is the case then you’re at the right place. Make sure to stay with me and I’ll share with you all the required possible solutions that will help you to resolve the issue and you’ll transfer the files.

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Now, I’m gonna share with you some of the best solutions that you can follow in order to solve the pairing issue. Make sure to follow the exact same steps.

– First thing you can try is to restart both the devices if the devices not paired or showing a pairing issue. Sometimes, restarting the devices is one of the best methods that can work for you.

– Make sure to see if the device already paired. If this is the case then you should unpaired the devices and need to pair them again.

– If you’re connecting laptops or PCs then you should check whether you have the latest version of your Bluetooth driver installed. If not then you should update the driver as soon as possible.

– If you’re using Windows 10 latest version then make sure to run the troubleshoot from your device settings and see if there is a problem with the hardware or not.

– Make sure to see whether your Bluetooth is ON on both devices. Sometimes people forget to TURN ON the Bluetooth.

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– If you’re using android devices then you can use the third-party Bluetooth application. Make sure to download it from Play Store.


These applications can help you to connect with Bluetooth.

– If you want to pair in Windows operating system then you can try to uninstall the Bluetooth driver and reinstall it again. Maybe the issue will solve.

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Bottom lines:

These are the possible solution that you can follow in order to solve the pairing issues.

If you still have any question or anything you want to suggest regarding this then make sure to mention inside the comments down below.

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