Install Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei Phone

The Google Play Store is Google’s app store for Android devices.

It allows users to browse and download a wide variety of Android apps, including games, productivity tools, streaming media apps, and more.

– Google takes a 30% cut of all app sales and in-app purchases in the Play Store. This revenue share is how Google monetizes the Play Store and funds continued development. The 70% remainder goes to the app developers.

– The Play Store has a rating system to help users determine app quality, but ratings can be easily manipulated and are not always a reliable indicator. Checking reviews and doing additional research are recommended before downloading an app.

– There are other Android app stores available, like the Amazon AppstoreSamsung Galaxy Apps, and APKMirror.

These alternative stores may have different selections, requirements, or fees compared to the Play Store. However, the Play Store has by far the largest reach and selection of apps.

– Google has been criticized for inconsistent enforcement of its Play Store content policies.

Some apps that seem to violate policies are left untouched, while others are banned, and the reasoning is not always clear.

This unpredictability makes the Play Store a risky platform for some types of apps or content.

– The Play Store interface and policies are continually evolving. Google regularly makes changes to the design, adds new features, tightens security, and adjusts guidelines.

Developers need to keep up with these changes to ensure their apps remain compliant and reach users effectively.

Installing the Google Play Store on a Huawei phone can be challenging, due to restrictions placed by the US government. However, it is possible using some workarounds.

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Here are the basic steps:

1. Unlock your bootloader. This allows you to install software not approved by Huawei. You will need to wipe your phone in the process, so backup anything important first.

2. Install a custom recovery. Recovery is the software that lets you install system updates or backups. You need to install an unofficial one to load apps, not from Huawei. Popular choices include TWRP and Lineage Recovery.


3. Install a module or app to load the Play Store. There are Magisk modules and apps like “Play Store Installer” or “Aurora Store” that can download the Play Store and related services directly or through a workaround.

4. Update the Play Store and download apps. Once installed, you may need to update the Play Store and related services to the latest versions. Then you can browse and download apps as normal.

The process can be technical and may void your warranty or cause issues with your device.

Only attempt it if you are comfortable with some risk, or seek help from someone with experience installing custom software on Android devices.

With some devices, it may simply not be possible to install the Play Store, depending on exact software versions and restrictions.

Few, more things to know about installing:

– Huawei phones run an Android-based operating system called EMUI. But due to US restrictions, they do not come with the standard Google apps and services, including the Play Store.

– The process to install the Play Store involves bypassing some of Huawei’s restrictions by unlocking the bootloader and installing unofficial software.

This can void the warranty, brick the device, or introduce security vulnerabilities if done incorrectly.

– Not all Huawei phones may be able to install the Play Store, especially newer models. It depends on exactly what software is installed and how easily the bootloader can be unlocked. Older models or those with unlockable bootloaders tend to have a better chance of success.

– Having the Play Store installed allows access to the full range of Android apps. However, updates to Huawei’s software or core apps and services may break the workaround, requiring steps to be repeated to get the Play Store working again.

– Some reports indicate Huawei may retaliate against users who install Google services, potentially denying warranty coverage or blocking devices. The likelihood of this is unclear, but it is a risk to keep in mind if attempting to install the Play Store on a Huawei phone.

Overall, while it is possible to install the Google Play Store on some Huawei phones, it does come with risks to keep in mind.

For less technical users or those wanting a straightforward experience, it may be better to choose an Android device that comes with the Play Store and Google services officially supported.

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Here are a few more general thoughts on Huawei phones:

– Huawei makes popular and well-designed Android phones, but the lack of Google services is a major downside for many users.

Not having the Play Store and apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube can be limiting.

– Huawei’s AppGallery is an alternative app store, but it has far fewer apps than the Play Store. Some major apps are missing altogether.

Huawei is working to attract more developers, but the Play Store’s catalog is hard to beat.

– The political dispute between the US and China, and Huawei’s place in the middle of it, adds a lot of uncertainty.

The Play Store situation could change, access could be blocked, or other issues could arise. Relying on workarounds introduces more potential instability and risk.

– If the Google Play Store is a priority, there are plenty of other great Android phones to choose from that have it and Google services fully supported.

The extra effort and risks of installing the Play Store on a Huawei phone may not be worth it when there are so many alternatives.

Overall, while Huawei phones are high-quality devices, most users outside of China are probably better off choosing an Android phone that comes with the Google Play Store and services installed by default.

The process of installing the Play Store on Huawei phones can be tricky, risky, and unstable.

Unless that prospect doesn’t deter you, a phone with the Play Store supported officially is the safer choice.

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Bottom lines:

These are the required steps you need to take in order to install the Google play store on your Huawei phones.

If you have any issues in any of these steps then make sure to mention it in the comments down below.

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