21 Quickest Way To Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms.

If you’re looking to share your daily thoughts in the form of pictures and videos then there is nothing like Instagram.

Instagram has already completed its 1 billion+ users across the globe.

It’s easy to use the platform, you just need to download and install the application on your device if you don’t have one, and then you need to register a free account on Instagram.

If you already have an account then you’re ready to use the platform and explore the beauty of sharing your daily life with your followers. Instagram has tons of features that you can explore with.

You can follow someone and someone can follow you. You can like, and share someone’s content like images and videos and someone can do yours.

If you want to send direct messages to your know person then there is nothing like Instagram.

You can even do it as well. You can share text messages, and media files like images and videos and can even share the documents like PDF, PPT, WORD, TEXT, etc.

If you don’t want to share boring text-based messages then you have an option to share voice notes as well.

If you are already on Instagram and looking to expand your reach and followers then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll explain a step-by-step guide to increasing Instagram followers for free.

Just read the article and follow the steps in order to get tons of followers in the quickest way possible.

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Here are the Quickest ways to get tons of followers:

Instagram rolled out its algorithm and it’s difficult to reach an impression on your content and yes profile as well.

You need to apply some advanced hack in order to get engagement on your Instagram posts and profile.

Make sure to stay with me and follow the below methods in order to get the quickest possible followers.

1. Be consistent and share regularly:

If you want to get a better reach and want to get tons of followers in the free and quickest way possible then making consistency is one of the most important aspects of using Instagram.

Make sure to plan your calendar and make a habit to share content at regular intervals no matter where you’re busy or doing anything.

2. Using Hashtags:

Using Hashtags can increase your content reach.

When you’re about to share content then make sure to use every possible hashtag that has tons of searches and low competition.


In order to find such hashtags, you can simply google any tool that can help you search out the relevant hashtags that may help you reach more and more people in a short interval of time.

3. You can use online tools:

If you want to post quality content then you must start using some of the best online tools for editing and even posting on Instagram.

If you don’t know to edit your Instagram to the best quality possible then you can simply outsource your editing work to someone else. You can assign your editing and posting tasks to someone else.

Either you can hire an agency or you can find a freelancer to do this job.

4. Don’t forget about the Instagram captions:

When you’re posting content then don’t forget to write an attractive caption for your post. A caption can be anything related to your post.

You can write a call to action. You can mention some of the best engaging lines and can even write down what you’re doing in the post.


Make sure to write an attractive caption for your post before posting scheduling content.

5. Collaboration can grow your Instagram fast:

It’s another and most effective way of growing an Instagram account.

You can go to events, and webinars and can ask your favorite Instagram celebrity to take a picture with you or a video, reel would be perfect.

If you can’t find any event or webinar then you can directly approach them by direct message or email and ask for collaboration.

Once they agree, now, you can meet with them and ask to take pictures, videos, and reels, and can upload them to your account, you can also request them to upload them on their account to get better reach.

It’s one of the most effective and fast ways of growing your Instagram account.

If you have any further questions regarding this point then you can ask me in the comments down below.

6. Don’t forget to tag relevant accounts in your posts:

If you want to get more and more impressions on your posts and account then you can try this method.

While posting content along with captions and hashtags, you can try tagging other relevant accounts in your post.


Tagging on Instagram is easy just write in your caption area @ and then you need to put the name of the account or the user name of the account then you’ll see the account, make sure to click and the account will be successfully tagged.

7. Make sure to use standard equipment while capturing moments:

It’s one of the most important things that most people ignore. If you want to grow your Instagram account then you need to invest in yourself.

Go and get a better phone that has at least a UHD camera and can capture the moment in HD quality. Your image should be clear and high quality and should be presentable.

The more you’ll capture such images and post them on Instagram the better you’ll get reach and impression on your posts.

8. Schedule daily or weekly content:

If you’re posting content yourself then you should try scheduling your content prior. Scheduling posts can help you to save time and you can schedule your content weekly or even monthly.

If you have a business account then you need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page and can take advantage of free scheduling from your Facebook page.

You can plan your content for a week or month and schedule your posting task for free.

9. Get into search appearance:

If you want to get quick and fast followers then you need to take care to optimize your Instagram profile and need to include every possible keyword on your Instagram bio related to your business/about you.

Don’t forget to use the emojis on your Instagram bio, make it attractive using emojis and hashtags.

Please complete all the information from Bio to contact details. Don’t leave even a single box blank, just fill out all the details and save it.

10. Are you a creator?

If you’re a YouTuber, Blogger, or Influencer on any platform then it’ll be easy for you to grow your Instagram account fast.

You can publically mention your Instagram profile on other platforms where you have tons of followers, friends, connections, etc. You can drive traffic from there and ask your community to follow you.

Suppose, you’re a blogger and use it to write content for your or someone else website then you can mention your Instagram profile at the footer and ask the readers to come to your profile and follow your account.

If you’re a content creator on any other social platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and you have a good amount of followers on any of these platforms you can ask them to come to your Instagram profile and follow you.

It may help you to get more and more followers.

11. If you’re a business:

If you’re a physical business and place at some location.

Customers used to come to your shop to buy goods and services.

If this is the case then you can make hoardings for your office, area, etc., and write it down in big letters that you’re offering 10% off, free, or anything that may help you to get more sales if you follow our Instagram account.

It may help you to reach more eyeballs and you’ll get more Instagram followers.

In this way, you’ll get more sales and yes Instagram followers.

You can also ask your customers to take photos of your products or services and tag our Instagram business profile and get 10% off or free gifts, cards, goodies, or anything you like.

12. Paid methods of getting more followers:

If none of the above methods are working then there is another great tip that you can use in order to get more followers superfast.

If you have money to invest and you’re a business or a creator then you can organize a Giveaway and create posts related to that.

You can give away anything you like that may be related to your business. Once you’ve created the posts, now, look at the analytics dashboard and see which post performing better.

Once you get that, now, here is the catch, make sure to promote that post on Instagram and ask your followers to follow your account, like the post, and comment to participate in the Giveaway.

This method is perfectly fine and works like a charm.

You can try this out. If you have any questions or anything you may have to share with us then you can write them down in the comments down below.

13. Don’t forget the commenting part:

Posting stories and content is not enough, rather, you need to comment on the posts as well.

If you find any posts no matter if it’s your following posts or unknown ones, you can comment on the post anything you like.

The more you’ll comment on the post the more you’ll start getting impressions on your Instagram account.

14. Try out follow for following:

There are some groups related to Follow for Follow on Facebook.

These groups are open to joining. You can join these Facebook groups for free.

Once you join these Facebook groups, now, you’ll see tons of posts where group members ask you to follow for following and share screenshots.

You can follow people but be safe while following accounts.

Make sure to follow accounts that have a similar niche or category. If you have a business account then you can follow businesses that may give you some profit.

You can see the account first and limit yourself while following accounts because too much following can be unsafe.

Instagram may ban you, that’s why you need to be careful while following Instagram accounts.

15. Stay away from fake and ghost followers:

Yes, you heard it right. If you want to keep growing your Instagram account then you must need to take care of this point.

Stay away from the followers that usually don’t engage with your Instagram posts.

Fake followers usually do not comment and like your posts and if they do, they’ll just leave an emoji of thumbs up or fire in the comment section of the posts.

Just like fake followers, there are other terms like Ghost followers.

Ghost followers are the accounts that don’t engage with your account, not in any way.

These kinds of followers just increase the numbers and do not even like the post.

If there are more such followers in your Instagram account then you need to remove these numbers and make your account more engaging.

If your account already has such followers then my recommendation is to remove them from your account as they increasing just numbers and the company usually ignores such accounts to collaborate.

16. Entertain or Infotain the people:

As I shared previously without sharing quality content, it’s impossible to gain followers.

You need to create daily and consistently post genuine content on your Instagram account. Either you can entertain people or you can infotainer people.

You can post daily stories, reels, and can create an IGTV channel, and can start sharing quality content on your account.

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17. Keep the color and tone of your posts:

If you are a brand and want to promote your Instagram account then it can be a gaming-changing tip for you.

Make sure to keep the color and tone of your post the same every post.

If you’ll keep your costs the same and consistent then people can easily recognize you by seeing your post’s color.

It’ll help you to get more impressions on your posts and ultimately on your account.

The more you’ll get the impression, the more you’ll get followers.

18. Geolocation can also help you to boost your account:

If you are a business owner and you have a physical location of your office or serving area then you can mention in your post that location.

It can help to boost the engagement on your Instagram account and ultimately help you to get more impressions on your account.

Suppose, you’re living in Ontario, Canada and your business serving location is also the same then you should focus on Tagging the Ontario location in your Instagram posts.


The more you’ll personalize the posts the better it’ll be for you.

19. Can also try sponsor posts and review:

It’s another great way of promoting your business. You can find a similar account in your niche and can reach them for a sponsored post or a product review.

It can help you to boost your account engagement and ultimately can help you to reach better engagement on your Instagram account.

You can reach out to people having a great number of followers and their followers are constantly active.

Make sure to keep an eye on the engagement ratio of the posts and account followers.

20. Ask for the following:

Yes, you heard it right. I know it sounds creepy and you may wonder why we should beg for followers it’s not authentic and may impact their images but my friend asking for a favor is not a crime.

If you’re serving someone and in favor, you’re just asking for following you on your Instagram account then it’s not a crime. You can do that.

You can ask your customer to leave a review on your Instagram handle. You can ask them to take pictures and posts and tag you in their post to get a better engagement rate.

21. Keep an eye on your Instagram analytics:

If you’re a little tech-savvy then it can be the best way for you to get more engagement and followers on your Instagram account. You can open your Instagram analytics account and keep an eye on which time your posts are performing well.

You can watch the time when you’re getting more engagement. It totally depends on the nature of the business you’re operating.

Some businesses’ Instagram posts perform well at night whereas some may perform in the morning.

You need to analyze your needs and need to plan your schedule posting as per that.

These are the required tips that you should keep in mind. If you have more suggestions like these then you can write them down in the comments down below.

Make sure to carefully follow each tip, if you find any errors or issues then you can discuss them with me in the comments. Also, don’t forget which one is working out for you.

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Final thoughts:

Finally, I just wanted to say that if you want to increase your reach and want to get more followers fast then please do follow the authentic way of increasing followers.

Don’t go with the black hat techniques like buying followers with any tool or something.

These black hat techniques can be dangerous for your account and may ban your existence from Instagram.

Be careful while practicing such techniques always be natural and safe on Instagram.

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