13 Best Practices For Marketing Through Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing your day-to-day life with your loved ones, friends, and families.

If you want to connect and want to share your daily activities with your loved ones, friends, and families then there is nothing like Instagram.

Instagram has over 1 billion users and over 2 billion downloads. If you want to share visual content like images and videos then there is nothing like this platform.

You can share images and videos with your audience and can promote your business or profile as well.

Instagram is a social media platform. You can interact with other people in the form of text messages, you can like someone else posts and someone else can like your posts.

You can comment on someone else’s posts and others can do it on your posts. If you want to interact with someone personally, there is an option called DIRECT MESSAGE.

You can drop someone direct messages and someone can send you messages. You can follow others’ accounts and others can follow your account and so on.

Since Instagram is a social platform that’s why there are lots of opportunities for sharing your business and you can easily market your products and services.

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed explanation of the marketing of businesses on Instagram. Make sure to stay with me and read the article in order to get the precise and right knowledge.

These marketing tactics will surely help you promote your business to the next level. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the adventure.

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Here are the best practices that you can adopt:

If you want to market your business on Instagram and planning to promote something then Instagram can be the best platform if you’re leveraging the right tactics at the right time.

Make sure to read out all the points that I mentioned in the comments below.

1. Convert your private account into a business account:

If you want to market your products and services and want to generate some revenue from Instagram the best practice is you first need to convert your personal Instagram account into a business account.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to present yourself as a business and not as an individual person.

In order to do that, you need to follow certain steps. Make sure to read out the below steps in order to get an idea about how you can convert your personal account into a business account.

1. First, you need to open your Instagram account, and then you need to click on your profile. Here, you’ll see a button at the top-right of your screen.

2. Now, you need to click on the SETTINGS option and here, you’ll find an option called ACCOUNT.


3. When you click on that, you’ll find an option called “CONVERT TO PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT”.

4. When you click on that, it’ll ask you about your business category. Make sure to select the appropriate category and then you need to press the next button.


5. Now, you need to enter the contact details of your business and press OK.


6. Now, you have one more option to connect your Instagram professional account to your Facebook business page. It’s an optional step.

These are the required steps you need to take in order to convert your personal Instagram account to your Instagram professional account.

If you have any questions in any of these steps then you can write your issue in the comments down below.

Once you convert your personal account to your professional account now, you can see a lot of data on your Instagram profile.

You can measure the insights and see which of your posts getting more reach and impressions and all.

2. Plan your Instagram feed:

Once your Instagram account is set up, now, you need to plan your daily or weekly posts.

For that, you need to make a calendar and plan your content when and which time should be posted on Instagram.

You can plan your content on a daily basis and can also mention the whole daytime.

Once your calendar is planned, now, you’re ready to post the content as well.

3. See what your competitors are doing:

If you’re not getting any idea about how to plan the content on a calendar then you can watch your competitors what they actually doing. You can follow the same strategy and can copy them.

Once you start copying them, now, you’re better aware of what content should be more viral. You can easily plan your day with Instagram postings.

4. Don’t forget to optimize the posts:

If you’re ready to post the content then the next step is to post optimized content as per the Instagram algorithm and user experience.

Now, the question arises how do you do that?

Well, when you’ll start uploading an image, or video on your Instagram then it’ll ask you to put the caption and other information like tag and location.

Make sure to write an appealing and lengthy caption related to your Instagram post.


Once you write it, give some gaps and put some long-tail and less competitive hashtags over there.

Being less competitive means, you need to do deep research before writing hashtags.

These hashtags should be less competitive. Once you’ve provided all the information, now, you’re ready to post the content.

5. Utilize your Instagram insights:

If you’re going to plan your future content then don’t forget about your already posted content insights. It can be a better guide for you. It may help you to plan your future content.

You can open your Instagram insights. Once you open it, you’ll be able to view detailed insights about the posted content.


You can easily analyze which content is getting viral and which one is less reached.

Once you’ve done that, no, you’re well aware of the type of content you need to plan for future reference.

6. Utilize different tools that may help you:

These are some tools that you can use in order to post your Instagram content. They may suggest better ideas and which types of posts are getting viral and so much.

If you’re too busy with other stuff and you may not have time to manage your posting then you have an option to schedule your content.

You can utilize different tools like Facebook Creator Studio, buffer, ZOHO, Later, and many more.

You can utilize these tools in order to schedule your Instagram posts and keep your account active consistently.

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7. Posting stories can be a great choice:

Along with the Instagram posting news feed content, you should also try the story feature as well.

In order to use this, you need to open your Instagram account and need to click on the big circle with the plus icon as you can see on your Instagram home feed section.


When you click on that, it’ll ask you to upload the images or videos you want to post as a story.

After uploading, it’ll ask you to put some text along with the visual content.

Make sure to provide the text content and then you need to hit the SHARE button and your content will be shared with your followers as an Instagram story.

These stories last for 24 hours right after posting.

8. For initial growth:

If you don’t have any followers on your Instagram account then you can try influencer marketing at the earliest.

In order to do that, you need to research the influencers in your niche.

You can search on the web or you can find some accounts that have a great number of followers. You can reach them and ask them for paid content posting.

9. User-generated content:

By practicing this tactic your products and services should be top-notch.

Make sure, you’re providing value to your customers/clients. You can request them to post an Instagram review and can tag your business handle.

User-generated content works not only to get reach and impression but also to help you to get new customers/clients in your database.

10. Utilize all the tools and inbuilt features:

Just go to your Instagram business profile and have a look at it. Have you updated all the information to the point as needed for your business? If yes then you’re on the right track.

If not, then do it ASAP. As you can see there is an option called the web link. Here, you need to provide your website, resources, store, etc. link.

This is the only place where Instagram provides a clickable link. If you’re not utilizing it then please do it. You can also use third-party services like Bitly, Linktree, etc. for your clickable link.

11. Use more and more video elements:

If you’re marketing on Instagram then we know that images and videos are only two elements that we can post.

In these two elements, data shows that videos are widely popular the visuals.

If you’re practicing Instagram in your business marketing then don’t forget to focus on creating more and more video content. You can publish on IGTV and can make reels for Instagram.

Make high-quality videos that may help you to boost your Instagram profile to the fullest.

12. If you have a budget:

If you have a certain amount of budget and planning to run paid campaigns then GIVEAWAY can be the best choice for your business.

Organize a giveaway contest and write the caption to be like Like the post, comment on the post, and follow us in the giveaway contest.

Creating and running paid campaigns for such posts can generate your followers and engagement to your account.

Once you get the followers, now, you can provide value to them by posting daily consistent content on your Instagram handle.

13. Utilize the highlight feature of Instagram:

In case, if you’re not aware of the Instagram highlight feature then I want to make you recognize it. It’s a feature where you can show your stories related to your account.

If you have previously shared some stories then you can highlight them on your Instagram handle.


These highlights can be related to your business products and services. You can describe your business.

You can view your competitor’s Instagram handle highlights. You can take inspiration from there and can copy it on your handle as well.

These are some of the best practices that you can use in order to attract more followers and customers/clients to your business.

The more people will interact with your business the more you’ll get sales and customers.

If you’re currently not practicing any of these tactics as of now then you can start utilizing all or some of them.

If you have any other questions or anything you may have to share with us then you can write them down in the comments down below.

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Final thoughts:

In the end, I’ll only say there are a lot of people on Instagram who currently need help related to your products and services. Do reach them by following these tactics.

These are some of the best practices that you can start utilizing from day one and you’ll see a great result. If you love my work and want to appreciate my effort then the only way is the sharing.

Please do share this content on your social handles and help others and yes, me as well in getting more readers to this blog.

If there is anything that I missed out in this article then please do write in the comments down below.


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