Reasons To Grow WhatsApp Fast

WhatsApp is the largest text application these days on the planet. It’s a peer-to-peer message sent and received platform.

You can share text-based messages.

You can do a lot of things on the platform.

Using the platform is pretty easy, all you need to download the application from PlayStore or AppStore.

After downloading the application now you need to install the application on your device.

After Installing, there are a few more steps to use the application. Make sure to create an account on the platform.

WhatsApp has now become over 1.5 billion users. You can imagine the database WhatsApp

There are tons of other messaging applications also there so why did WhatsApp grow so big?

In this article, I’m gonna break down some of the major reasons why WhatsApp is so successful not even the other applications yet.

As I already covered a lot of things about the platform, you can learn in my previous articles.

WhatsApp is an easy-to-use platform where you can’t even send and receive text-based messages, even you can share media files, documents, audio files, and yes locations as well.

You can share the live location of your current position.

Make sure to download the application from PlayStore or AppStore and start using the platform.

I’ll try to give you a brief explanation of why WhatsApp is so popular.

Some of these metrics will help you to make a perception of the platform.

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WhatsApp features:

Here are some of the major reasons why people adopt the online free message platform when there are tons of other alternatives there.

1. It’s easy to use and the interface is clear. You don’t see any popup ads or anything that may ruin your experience.

You just need to open the application and navigate to the WhatsApp contact you want to send the messages to, type your text message, and send it to that person.

2. You can’t even send boring text messages, you can even share a lot of things. You can share media files as well.

You can share images and videos on the platform. You can share the location so that you can track your loved ones.

3. You can share document files so that you won’t miss any important docs.

Before this feature, you needed to open your email and then send the email but WhatsApp made it simple.

4. It’s an alternative to SMS.

Before WhatsApp, companies charged for text messages, you need to pay if you want to send someone a text message.

But now it’s pretty easy, you don’t need to spend any additional cost for that.

You just need to open the WhatsApp application, navigate to the user you want to send a message to, type your text, and send it to that user.

5. When the platform was initially launched, it cost around $0.99 a year.

This means you need to pay $0.99 if you want to use it for another year.

This means you need to renew the service. I don’t think any of you ever paid that amount.

Even I didn’t pay a single cent to WhatsApp because it auto-renewed its service on its own.

6. Now WhatsApp has tons of more features. You can do a lot of things on the platform. You can live to talk on data calls.

Sometimes you may need to talk to someone in regards to anything then you don’t need to do an actual call, Instead you can do free audio as well as video calls, and the best thing is it’s free.

You can’t even call on domestic rather you can call people internationally as well.

7. Have you ever tried to create a WhatsApp group? Have you ever tried to create a broadcast list?

Yes, you can create a WhatsApp group and broadcast list as well.

You can discuss this with your loved ones by creating groups and broadcast lists as well.

8. There are tons of other messaging application and websites also there but you know WhatsApp got an initial boost just in replacement of the normal text messages and other application that only supports certain operating systems.

BBM supports only Blackberry and if you have an Android device or iOS device you can’t text BBM users. Other platforms like Skype have their own limitations.

9. When the application was initially launched it had a focus on mobile users only and at that time there were tons of other competitors there but they mostly focused on the PC not on mobile, later They converted their service to mobile as well.

There are billions of mobile devices and many people use Android devices which also can be a reason for getting instant popularity of the mobile application.

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10. Now WhatsApp is using the business API, which means if you have a business and you want to promote your business then business API can help you do so.

Create an account and add your service or products to your business account portfolio. You can set customized messages for your customers.

When someone leaves you a message he/she will get that customized message.

If you have a giant industry or you can afford a paid API then you have the option to purchase the plan as well.

You can live track your customers and your customers can also track your life.

11. You don’t need to add people to a friend list on your WhatsApp contacts.

You just need to save someone’s contact number, make sure that contact should have a WhatsApp account, and boom!

That person will now be added to your WhatsApp contact.

12. WhatsApp is getting tight on its privacy concerns.

This means you no longer spam the platform by bombarding the same repeated or spammy links.

You need to be natural if you want to keep your account safe.

There are tons of people who are facing the issue of getting banned from the platform because these people used to spam on the platform.

Privacy is the main concern and WhatsApp uses E2E encryption.

This means no one can decrypt your messages, not even WhatsApp itself.

When WhatsApp initially announced that it was using E2E encryption there was huge growth in its downloads.

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13. WhatsApp initially started gaining popularity among youngsters.

The application is fully secure and it’s most prominent for women users around the world.

You can quickly block someone and you can report any user if he/she harasses you or does anything that violates the community guidelines.

It creates trust and credibility in the user’s mind. Trust is everything that people looking for.

If people have trust in your product then there is no need to spend tons of money on acquiring people.

14. Other applications need a fast internet connection but WhatsApp knew that outside the US market, there was a huge opportunity to expand its service that’s why they limited their service to work even better on 2G connections as well.

This means if you have a 2G connection even then WhatsApp was working fine till now.

If you have a low data connection then also you can use the WhatsApp application as well.

These are the major features of the most popular applications on AppStore and PlayStore.

Now come to the main concern why it’s getting so much popularity and what is the reason for getting so much boost on its users.

Major reasons for getting a boost:

1. The first and major reason was as I already told it’s a simple-to-use interface. This means you don’t need to do a lot of things on the platform.

You just need to install a simple application on the platform. Register with your device number and start using the platform.

Its simple and ad-free platform makes the application more reliable and easy to use.

2. You don’t need to remember the boring username and password and don’t even need to note down somewhere like we used to do in other message applications like Skype for example.

Security is the main concern as I already cleared, the application is fully secure, and no one can break the privacy of the application. Not even WhatsApp itself can read your messages.

3. The application is highly focused on a few functionalities, which means you won’t be able to find tons of features like games, stickers, animations, etc.

It strictly focuses on text messages and communicating with other people.

4. The platform continuously upgrades its service and testing along with what’s working and what’s not working.

You can see the changes, the application changes itself from its initial launch and now it has lots of other functionality as well.

5. The best part of the application is that it’s free to use. You don’t even pay a single penny for that. You can simply download and start using the platform.

When the application was initially launched it had only $0.99 needs to pay but after acquiring it by Facebook it doesn’t need to pay a single penny to use it.

6. WhatsApp is so reliable and user-friendly that people started promoting the platform by word of mouth and you know what word of mouth is.

The best way of expressing and marketing things is any other way. It’s so easy to use that everyone started using the platform and also asking the same “Are you on WhatsApp?” before taking their number.

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Now something special for you as well:

We should learn something new from the company. Here are the points that we should also implement the same on our business in order to succeed fast and make billions.

1. We should create a user-friendly platform that should genuinely solve the issues. We should think early as soon as possible in order to succeed fast.

2. You should first focus on creating a free product if possible and later when you get some users or customers you can charge them.

Make sure to keep your price low if you really can. If you want to succeed fast then make sure to create a freemium product but also maintain quality as well.

3. Make sure to focus on quality and all of your features should be up to the mark.

When you do so you don’t need to pay money to get users, it’ll viral on its own.

4. Make sure to laser focus on one single issue in a single product. Don’t hotchpotch yourself and your users with tons of features.

Make sure to strictly focus on building and generating a user-friendly and easy-to-use product.

These are the points that you always need to take care of while creating a product for any issue.

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I hope you enjoyed the article. It’s all about WhatsApp growth.

There are tons of other things that need to discuss but I think it’ll take the article too long and I also don’t want to bore you by providing too much text over there.

WhatsApp is really a great platform and continuously growing its users.

If you still not using the platform then you’re losing most of your potential customers.

Make sure to install the application now and start using the platform as early as you can.

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