Is uTorrent Banned In India – Guide

Are you looking to download the latest TV SHOWS, Movies, Games, or any software application?

If yes, then there are tons of websites and applications out there with the help of which you can get your desired content.

But it’s never been this easy to download the content.

In order to download anything from the web, you first need to search on the web, and then you need to find the official or non-official website.

Once you find the website, now, you can simply grab the desired content.

In case, if you want to download multiple things at the same time then you may need to open the multiple tabs and need to look for the multiple files that you want to download.

If you don’t want to do this then there is an option of doing this by using third-party software or an application called uTorrent.

uTorrent is a BitTorrent client with the help of this software or application, you can download almost any type of file.

You can download content like media files like images videos and audio files and can even download software or applications and can even download the PDF, PPT, WORD FILE, TEXT FILES, and lots other extensions.

In order to use this application or software, you need to follow certain steps.

Make sure to stay with me and I’ll explain all the steps in order to download and install the application or software.

For that, you need to search on a web browser like uTorrent.

Once you type this keyphrase on your web browser, you’ll find several results.

Make sure to click on the OFFICIAL website and then you need to click on the PRODUCTS section.

When you click on that, it’ll show you several options.

Make sure to click on the DESKTOP.

When you’ll click on that, it’ll ask you to download for WINDOWS.


Now, you have two options.

Either you can download the FREE version or you can BUY the PRO. Suppose, you downloaded the FREE one.

Now, you need to INSTALL it.

Make sure to install it for free.

Once the application or software is installed in your system, you’re ready to use it. Make sure to open it and you’ll see an interface like given below.

Now, you need to search for the torrent file that you want to download.

Either you can directly search on GOOGLE or any other search engine or you can use the torrent search engines like THE PIRATE BAY, KICKASS, etc.

Once you find the file, make sure to upload it on your uTorrent client. Once the file is uploaded, now, you need to click on the DOWNLOAD button and your content will start downloading.

Now, you can see a number of things on your uTorrent screen.

You can view the file name, the status of the file, the size of the file, the seed and peers ratio, ETA, etc.

As we understand you can download the files from the uTorrent client.

Now, the question is if we can download the files almost any type of file, is it legal to download the copyrighted content?

Let’s deep dive into it and understand whether it’s legal to download the content with uTorrent in India.

Make sure to stay with me and understand everything you need to know.

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Is it legal to download the content?

Now, the question arises that if you’re using uTorrent in India then you’re a criminal or breaking any law.

Well, the direct and straight answer to this question is NO.

uTorrent is a software that helps to download almost any type of file, and if you can get access to the software in India that means it’s not illegal to use it because the Indian government doesn’t ban it yet.

So, it’s not legal to use, and why are people lots talking about the legality issue of the application?

Make sure to stay with me and I’ll explain it.

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Depends on the type of content you’re downloading:

If you’re using uTorrent in India and afraid of getting caught then don’t worry.

Here, I’ll explain all the things whether you should torrent client or not.

If you’re downloading copyright-free content or what we call open-source content then you’re free to download.

You don’t need to worry to caught by your government authorities.

If you’re downloading copyrighted content then you should need to worry.

Copyrighted means, the content that has some copyrights associated with the usage and downloading of it.

uTorrent client is fully legal in India because as you can access it without any third-party VPN or PROXY services. But it doesn’t mean it’s fully legal.

If you’re using uTorrent and downloading the copyrighted content then it’s simply illegal.

There are a few sites that are banned in India as per the law. If you’ll visit the torrent downloading sites you may encounter an error containing the message as prescribed below.

“This URL has been blocked under the instructions of the Competent Government Authority or in compliance with the orders of a Court of competent jurisdiction. Viewing, downloading, exhibiting, or duplicating an illicit copy of the contents under this URL is punishable as an offense under the laws of India, including but not limited to Sections 63, 63-A, 65, and 65-A of the Copyright Act, 1957 which prescribe imprisonment for 3 years and also fine of up to Rs. 3,00,000/-. Any person aggrieved by any such blocking of this URL may contact who will, within 48 hours, provide you the details of relevant proceedings under which you can approach the relevant High Court or Authority for redressal of your grievance”

If you’re visiting any torrent downloading site even after this then you should make sure not to catch it.

How to use it safely?

Now, the question arises of how you can use the torrent sites like uTorrent safely.

Well, if you want to download the content using uTorrent then you should make sure that your ISP will not catch your IP address.

In order to hide your activity, you need to use third-party services like VPN and PROXIES.

Yes, you can use any VPN service or you can also use the proxy services in order to hide your IP address.

If your IP address will hide from your ISP then they will not get what you’re doing on the web. What content you’re downloading and even browsing?

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Bottom lines:

I hope you guys understand how you should use the uTorrent in India. Well, I’m not a lawyer or any legal advisor.

If you have questions or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention it inside the comments.

Before doing any illegal activities, care should be taken that your government has an eye on your activity. Whatever you’re doing on the web is recording just like CCTV.

Make sure to use the privacy services before using any torrent client.

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