Building A Basic File Sharing System Like uTorrent

uTorrent as we know is one of the most used p2p file sharing systems.

It basically works on BitTorrent technology.

In order to use the software, you need to download the application or software for free.

In order to download it, you need to open your web browser and need to search for the software.

Once you find it on its official website, make sure to download it.

Now, there are basically two versions. The first one is FREE and the second you need to pay.

Once you get your application or software on your device, you need to install it for free.

Once the application or software is installed, now, you’re ready to use it.

Make sure to open it and now you need to download the torrent file of the main file that you want to download.

In order to download the torrent file, you need to open the web browser and need to search for the file.

Suppose, I want to download the GTA5 game then I’ll search on GOOGLE like “GTA 5 TORRENT FILE“.


Once I get the file, make sure to upload it to your software.

Once the file is uploaded, now, you’re ready to download the main file.

Make sure to click on the DOWNLOAD button and it’ll start downloading.

Now, you can see various stats on your downloading bar.

You can view the name of the file, you can view the status of the file, you can view the size of the file, and also can see the ETA as well.

Torrent works on BitTorrent technology.

You can understand it by taking an example, suppose, there are four PCs in a room and these are connected to each other.

Now, I want to download and get access to a file on a fifth PC.

The fifth PC is mine and now, I’ll start the torrent and start downloading the file.

Now, the uTorrent will start pulling the content from all of these systems and ultimately make a single file.

So this is how uTorrent or any other torrent client works.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you how you can build a Basic File Sharing System Like uTorrent.

If you want to build a file-sharing system like uTorrent then you first need to understand the uTorrent working principle.

Make sure to stay with me and read the article and you’ll find all of your answers related to this question.

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Working principle of the uTorrent:

In order to understand the working principle of the uTorrent, you first need to understand the BitTorrent technology.

BitTorrent technology works on PEER-TO-PEER technology.

That means it’s a bunch of systems that share files with others called PEER-TO-PEER.

BitTorrent is a protocol that helps to share files.

If you want to download any large amount of data then there is nothing like P2P technology.

In order to understand the system, you need to take an example.

Suppose, you want to download a file say 24 MBs.

Now, when you start downloading, it’ll start pulling the data from the web and you’ll see the status bar is running.

Here, you can see the amount of data fetching from the web.

Now, basically, there are systems involved.

These systems are called SEEDERS. These systems provide the data for the LEECHER (Reciever).

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There are basically trackers that help to provide the data.

You can view all the trackers associated with a torrent download by right-clicking on it and then you need to click on the TRACKERS.

Here, you can view all the trackers of the particular file. You can delete the trackers and can add the trackers as well.

When you’re downloading a file from any torrent client then you not only download the file, you’re uploading at the same time.

You’re working as a peer for both LEECHER and SEEDERS.

Once you complete downloading and your file will download, now, you’ll work as a seeder because you’re sharing or uploading to the network.

This means this technology works on both uploading and downloading at the same time.

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Bottom lines:

So, it’s all about the most famous BitTorrent client uTorrent.

If you want to use this then you first need to watch the tutorial.

Because there are tons of things that you may not know.

You can follow the various guides on YouTube or you can just Google about the working principle of the uTorrent.

If you have any further questions or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention it in the comments down below.


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