10 Ways To Make Money On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the largest using text message application.

WhatsApp has now over 2 billion active users worldwide.

It’s basically a text message application, you can use for texting and sharing your thoughts and ideas with your friends and family.

Using WhatsApp is easy, all you need to download the application from PlayStore or AppStore, After downloading the application you can start using the application on your mobile device.

Make sure to create an account and start using it.

Whether you have an Android device or you have an iOS device make sure to use the application and start connecting with your loved ones.

In today’s digital era earning money on the internet is not a big task, you just need good traffic and you can earn as much as you want.

People make tons of money with the internet, if you have the right knowledge then you can also become one of them.

You can earn many channels.

You can create a blogging website and monetize your blog, you can create an e-commerce website if you have products to sell, you can create an affiliate website and can earn by selling someone else product and can get the commission.

There are tons of ways to make money online. To make money online you just need a good amount of traffic and that’s it.

WhatsApp can also be a medium to make money online.

In this article, I’m gonna break down how you can earn a good amount of money with the help of this amazing message application.

Make sure to stay with me for the next 10 minutes and I’ll teach you how you can earn a decent living with WhatsApp alone.

Let’s start with the basic introduction, WhatsApp is the largest text message application you can download from PlayStore or AppStore.

Once the application will download make sure to open it and create an account.

Once the account is created you can start using the application.

It’ll load all the contacts already present on your WhatsApp contacts.

You can send text messages, media files, audio files, PDFs, and locations as well.

There are tons of other things you can explore in the application. WhatsApp has one more great feature, you can join WhatsApp groups where you can share your thoughts and ideas with a number of people and can connect with them.

Now come to the main topic, How WhatsApp can help you earn money?

There is not any direct method of earning money from the platform.

There is some technique you can use to earn from the application.

It’s just a medium of earning money, you need to make an effort at your end, need to drive traffic as much as you can.

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Ways to make money on the platform:

1. Share a short link:

The first-ever technique you can use to earn money on WhatsApp.

Have you ever heard about link-shortened websites and applications?

There are tons of websites and applications you can use for shortening your long URL into a small one.

Some of the URL-shortened websites pay you for every click you’ll get on your shortened link.


These websites basically work on the CPC concept.

When someone clicks on your shortened link, they will see some short ads, Once the ads will displayed you’ll get a commission.

You can create a free account on these websites and shorten your URL, it can be any URL whatever you want to share.

Once the URL becomes shortened then you can share these shortened URLs with your WhatsApp friends and family and also on your WhatsApp groups and broadcast list as well.

When people will click on your shortened URL they will see an ad.

Once the ad is displayed, ads get views and clicks and in return, you’ll get a commission.

Now I’ll explain some of the highest-paid websites, Make sure to create an account on these websites, and short your link.

Here is the list of the websites:

1. Shorte Link Shorten:


It’s a great link-shortened website you can start using now. It’s one of the oldest players in the market and you can use it without any issues.

You first need to visit the website, the link is mentioned above.

Once you’re there on the website make sure to click on the Join Now button.

Once you click on it, make sure to register your account.

When you register over there, it’ll ask you to promote link whatever you have.

You can promote almost any link. It can be a social link, website link, store link, etc.

Now you need to shorten your long URL and promote anywhere, you can promote this shortened link on your WhatsApp account as well.

You can share this link on your WhatsApp friends and family, groups, and broadcast list as well.


As you can see from the above result, the highest-paid service is SHORTE.ST. Make sure to see this review about the Shorte as well.


It’s really a great link shortener you can use for monetizing your links.

Make sure to use this service for sharing links on your WhatsApp contacts. The more you’ll get clicks the better you’ll earn.

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2. adf.ly:


It’s another great website you can use to shorten your long URL and earn some revenue.

If you want to use this website then make sure you don’t belong to India because in India the website not working as per the telecommunication rights.

You can use the VPN service and connect outside the India server to get access to the website.

Once you get access to the website, make sure to create an account if you don’t have one.

After creating an account you’re ready to get some payout from the platform.

Now you need to shorten your URL and start promoting it.  Just like any other website you can easily use this website and can see all of your performance on your dashboard.

If you want to use these methods of monetizing your WhatsApp account then there are some conditions that you must need to consider.

These conditions need to be fulfilled if you want to make money with link clicks.

For use to be able to pay you the following criteria are met:

  • Must have JavaScript enabled.
  • Must have flashed enabled.
  • Must have cookies enabled.
  • Must view the advert for 5 seconds.
  • Must not use a proxy server.
  • Must not have viewed more than 5 links already that day.
  • Must be an advertiser willing to pay for traffic from their country.

These are the basic criteria that you must need to meet up with. These are the two websites that you can consider using.

These websites pay a very good amount of clicks and views.

2. Share your monetized content on WhatsApp:

Do you have a YouTube channel and want to make money from it?

WhatsApp can help you do that.

Here is a simple trick.

Make sure to add yourself to as many groups as you can. You just need to google it and you’ll find tons of WhatsApp groups.

Make sure to join these groups.

Make sure to join relevant groups only. There are tons of examples you’ll get, make sure to join only related groups.

Once you’ve been added to multiple WhatsApp groups, now you need to share the link to your YouTube video or your newly published blog post.

Make sure the content is engaging and informative. If your content is good enough then you’ll definitely get tons of shares and engagement on your content.

Make sure your Adsense is enabled. If ads are running on your content then definitely you’ll get tons of money.

Most of the time you’ll see, there are tons of content getting viral on WhatsApp. You can also use this technique to get viral of your content as well.

If you have amazing content creation skills then you’ll definitely get paid off.

If you want to create viral content then you can consider creating content according to the current trend.

Suppose there is any occasion or festival coming, you can create your content according to that way.

If there is something trend running in your city, or country, make sure to create your content on that basis so that you can easily get viral.

3. Install WhatsApp for business:


If you have a business of something or want to start your own business then make sure to install this amazing application from WhatsApp itself.

Make sure to install the application from PlayStore or AppStore.

Once the application is installed, you need to create a free account on it. Once the account is created you need to add your business to it.

Whether you sell products or services, make sure to mention it. Once the profile is complete, you need to promote it.

You can add to multiple WhatsApp groups start participating in the group and promote your business.

The more you’ll promote the better you’ll get the revenue. Once you’ll add multiple groups now you can consider these groups and can share your thoughts and ideas on a regular basis.

The more you’ll share the more you’ll get the response from these people inside the group.

Care should be taken while adding yourself into multiple groups you need to add yourself into relevant groups and never add yourself into groups other than your interest.

The more you’ll share your part the better you’ll get the response from the people.

4. Embed your WhatsApp business API:


As I already covered WhatsApp for business as above.

Now you need to embed the WhatsApp for business API on your website.

If you have a business and a business website then make sure to add the WhatsApp business account API on your website.

You can embed a simple URL and place your number mention on this website. Once you embed the WhatsApp icon on your website, when someone visits your website, he/she can easily get in touch with you.

Now, this strategy is totally dependent if you have a website, and users must come to your site. The more traffic you have the better revenue you’ll earn.

I saw there are tons of business websites using the same API. If you’re still not using it then make sure to start using it.

If you want to get business from your website fast then you should adopt it right now. If you have a WordPress website then you can simply add a plugin.

Once you’ll install the plugin it’ll auto-configure all the things for you and there is no need for custom coding.

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5. Earn by Affiliate networks?

Have you heard about affiliate networks?

Affiliate websites are those websites that provide you with a commission on every single sale you give to them.

Let’s understand it by taking an example, suppose you have a store selling fast food, now I’ll come to your site and join as an affiliate at your website.

You give me the right to sell your products. On every single sale, you’ll get paid off.

You can use these affiliate networks to share their affiliate link on your WhatsApp contacts and can earn a decent earning.

Now I’m going to give you some of the best affiliate networks that can help you to earn with your WhatsApp account.

Make sure to register on these affiliate websites right now.

1. Amazon Affiliate:


It’s the best ever affiliate network you can join.

All you need is to visit the website and create your free affiliate account.

Once the account is created you need to choose the product you want to promote. Once the product is decided, make sure to copy the link and shorten that link so that it should look pretty.

Now you need to share this link on your WhatsApp contacts and groups.

When someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase from it, you’ll get a commission.

It can be anything from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Make sure to follow these steps if you want to make a decent earning from your WhatsApp account with affiliate networks.

2. Click Bank:


The second option you have is Click Bank.

Probably you heard about the network.

It has a bunch of marketers and promoter who wants to promote their product and these promoters will set a fixed commission on every single sale.

Now here is the trick. Make sure to visit the website and create a free account on it.

Once you’ve created the account you need to go to the affiliate network link. Once you’ll click on that you’ll get all the different categories.

Now you need to choose the niche products you want to promote. Also, you can see the commission you’ll get on every single sale.

Make sure to analyze first how much you’ll get on each sale.

Once you get the idea about the commission, you can copy the Hope link and promote it on your WhatsApp groups and contacts.

The more you promote the link the more you’ll get to reach the audience and the more you’ll get a commission.

These are the two best affiliate networks that I use.

There are tons of other affiliate networks as well. Make sure to find those networks on Google.

6. Using PPD networks:

Have you ever tried to use PPD networks?

PPD stands for the Pay Per Download. This means for every single download you’ll be paid off.

There are tons of websites that work on the PPD network. You need to upload a file on these websites.

These uploaded files can be in any format when someone downloads these files from your link, you’ll pay off.

You just need to go to these websites and register your account.

After registering the account, you need to upload a file.

Once you upload the file you’ll get the link for sharing, Make sure to share this link on your WhatsApp groups and contacts.

When someone clicks on your link and downloads the file you’ll get a commission is that simple?

7. Promoting application:

In this way you won’t get direct money rather you’ll get money in an indirect way.

Sometimes you may get the referral commission.

There are tons of applications like Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik, etc.

These are the applications you can use their referral link to promote on WhatsApp groups and contacts.

They won’t pay you direct money, instead, they can provide you with referral wallet cash, recharge, etc.

It’s the easiest way to make money on the WhatsApp application.

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8. Charge for WhatsApp group admission:

Have you ever been charged for the WhatsApp group entrance?

Sometimes, you may need to create some paid content that only will allow access to those who paid you.

WhatsApp can help you with that. Make sure to create a private group that only has access to those who paid you.

You can share some specific knowledge or you can also announce the paid courses as well.

You can charge according to the subscription.

Suppose, you go live a day in a week and want to get access to only those people who paid you for that then WhatsApp can be the best option for you.

Make sure to announce the group video calls and allow only those people who paid you.

You can set the amount as per your choice but make sure it shouldn’t be too much and shouldn’t be too little.

9. You can provide live customer support:

It’s another great option to make money on WhatsApp. You can specialize in one particular thing and ask for money in return for expert tech support.

There are tons of social networking websites where you can easily shout out about your specialization and explain to your circle what actually you do.

How you can help them. You can explain all of these things and can give your WhatsApp number and also your PayPal ID.

When someone needs some kind of support they will get in touch with you, and in return, you can ask them for money.

There are tons of ways you can ask for money. You can start your WhatsApp support service. It can also be understood in more detail, Suppose I am an expert in server handling and I can help you if you have any kind of issue on your web server.

I can give you live support and can get rid of the issue.

Suppose, you’ll get in touch with me and ask for a recommendation.

I’ll provide you with a recommendation but my recommendation is paid then you first need to pay me, later I’ll explain things.

What’s wrong with it? If needed then I’ll solve the issue manually.

10. WhatsApp + Linkedin way of making money:

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If not then make sure to create one. LinkedIn is the largest using professional networking website.

You can simply create an account and fill out your complete details including everything it asked for.

Now you need to add your business to the platform as well. LinkedIn can be a great source of getting pure leads.

I shouted out and drew tons of website design and development, digital marketing, and job consultancy leads from the platform.

You can also approach many LinkedIn users and can broadcast your message as well.

In your message, you can leave your WhatsApp API URL or you can directly give the number as well.

You know, most people prefer to get in touch on WhatsApp rather than phone calls or text messages so you need to take care of that.

Make sure to provide your number. The more you’ll shout out the more you’ll get responses.

Care should be taken:

These all are the working methods the only thing that you need to take care of is not to spam by sending too many links or the same messages to multiple people at the same time.

Your WhatsApp account may be banned.

I saw so many people making the same mistake and ending up getting banned from their WhatsApp accounts. You may also get banned from using the platform.

Make sure to avoid spamming. Be friendly and ask people politely, Never share your messages aggressively, it can harm your account, and may lead to a permanent ban on your number.

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Bottom lines:

These are the ways to make money on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the largest text-based application where you can send and receive text messages.

You can’t even share text-based messages, you can even share media files, like images and videos as well.

You can share PDF files and a lot of things you can.

If you’ll use the platform wisely then you’ll definitely get the advantage of this amazing application.


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