Number of Android Application On Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an online platform developed by Google for Android devices, where users can browse and download various apps, games, and digital content.

It is the official app store for Android devices and is pre-installed on most Android phones and tablets.

The Google Play Store offers both free and paid apps, and users can also purchase and rent movies, TV shows, and books.

Additionally, the Google Play Store provides updates for installed apps and allows users to manage their downloads and subscriptions.

Key things to know about the Google Play store:

– Google Play is the official app store for Android mobile devices. It contains over 2 million apps covering games, productivity, entertainment, and more.

– Developers can publish their Android apps on Google Play to make them available to users. As a developer, you’ll need to set up a Google Play Developer account, submit your app for review, and once approved, your app will appear in search results and category listings.

– Google Play makes money through a service fee charged on app subscriptions, in-app purchases, and advertising. As a developer, you pay a 15% commission to Google on any revenue generated from your app on Google Play.

– Google Play has high standards for content and aims to provide a safe, secure, and spam-free experience for users. Apps are reviewed for malware, inappropriate content, compliance issues, and other violations before being published on Google Play. Developers need to follow Google Play’s Developer Content Policies.

– App listings on Google Play include details like titles, descriptions, screenshots, prices, ratings, and reviews. Listings can include videos, interactive content, and more. High-quality listings tend to rank higher in search results.

– Searchability and discoverability are important on Google Play given the large number of apps. Things like relevant app titles, descriptions, keywords, categories, trends, and algorithms can influence how visible an app is to users searching on Google Play.

– Google Play has editorial features like top charts, editors’ choices, collections, and personalized recommendations to highlight apps. Being featured can provide a boost in downloads, ratings, and revenue for developers.

– You can optimize your app’s performance on Google Play through things like cultural localizations, translation, different price tiers, app bundles, instant apps, subscriptions, and more. Exploring all options helps determine what will work best for your specific app and audience.

Google Play currently contains over 2 million applications.

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Some key stats on the number of apps in Google Play include:

– 2 million+ total apps – This includes apps across all categories like games, tools, entertainment, lifestyle, healthcare & fitness, education, etc. The app count continues to grow over time as more developers publish their apps on Google Play.


– 1.5 million+ games – Games make up the largest category in Google Play and see the newest apps published. There are many popular game franchises as well as large numbers of casual games, puzzle games, RPGs, racing games, and more.

– 500K+ apps in the Tools category – This includes apps like launchers, icon packs, file managers, password managers, keyboards, calculators, and more that extend and enhance the Android OS and experience.

– 300K+ apps in Productivity – Contains apps focused on productivity, organization, and getting work done on Android devices like calendar, email, office suites, to-do lists, note-taking apps, and productivity suites.

– 200K+ apps in Lifestyle – Encompasses a wide range including cooking, fashion, beauty, dating, horoscopes, travel, sports, comics, comics, baby care, pets, and interest-based hobbies. There is a huge range of lifestyle content and functionality available on Google Play.

– And more… Larger categories also include Entertainment (200K+), Education (100K+), News & Magazines (50K+), Finance (50K+), Healthcare & Fitness (50K+), Business (30K+), Personalization (25K+), Art & Design (20K+) and Religious (10K+).

Statistic: Number of available applications in the Google Play Store from December 2009 to March 2023 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The vast app selection on Google Play continues to grow more diverse over time, appealing to many different types of users, interests, needs, and lifestyles.

The huge number of available apps and content demonstrates Google Play’s scale and how it has become a leading source for apps and more on Android devices worldwide.

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Points about the number of apps on Google Play:

– Growth has been rapid. Google Play reached 1 million apps in 2011, and 2 million in 2014, and has seen steady growth since then. App count continues to increase by tens of thousands each week as more developers publish new apps and content.

– High-quality and innovative apps rise to the top. While there are many apps on Google Play, Google’s editorial features, ratings, reviews, and search algorithms aim to highlight the best and most useful apps for users. But with so many options, discovery remains challenging for many apps.

– Top charts apps see the most downloads and engagement. Apps ranking in Google Play’s top charts, like Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, and category-specific charts, tend to receive a boost in downloads, visibility, and revenue during their time in the charts. Achieving a top chart ranking is difficult though due to competition.

– Apps must stand out to succeed. Developers need to build high-quality, innovative apps that solve real customer problems to rise above the huge volume of options on Google Play. Things like design, features, pricing, marketing, and partnerships help get apps discovered and acquired in the Play Store.

– Developing for Android provides opportunities. While Google Play’s vast app selection is both an opportunity and challenge, developing for Android does provide access to over 2 billion monthly active devices and the potential to reach many users with a successful app. Revenue sharing with Google also allows developers to potentially earn money from their creations.

– Staying up-to-date with changes is key. The way apps are published, ranked, discovered, and monetized on Google Play continues to evolve based on trends, algorithms, policies, features, and more.

Paying attention to updates from Google and best practices from other developers helps ensure you’re optimizing your app strategy to match the current Play Store environment to gain and keep visibility amid the millions of other apps available.

Let me know if you have any other questions about apps on Google Play or Play Store tips for developers! I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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