Get My Disabled Instagram Account Back

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing your daily life with your loved ones, friends, and families.

The platform has over 1 billion users and over 2 billion downloads in total.

If you want to connect and want to share your thoughts and ideas with your community then there is nothing like Instagram.

It was founded back in 2010 and acquired by Meta (Formerly Facebook) Inc. In order to use this platform, you need to open your device and need to go to the application store.

It can be AppStore if you’re using an iOS device or Android PlayStore if you have an Android device. Now, you need to search for the term called Instagram.

Once you’ve found the application, make sure to click on the Install button and your application will start downloading and installing on your device.

Once the application is installed, now, you’re ready to use it.

Make sure to register a free account. Once the account is registered, now, you’re ready to share your daily pictures and videos.

It’s a visual platform which means, you can only share images and videos.

Instagram offers a lot of features, you can follow other people and others can follow you back.

You can like someone’s Instagram posts and others can like yours and comment as well. Instagram allows you to share stories, posts, direct messages, voice messages, media elements, reels, and documents like PDF, PPT, WORD TEXT Files, etc.

Instagram nowadays is not only used by people to share their daily lives but also to make money and manage their company’s profile.

Here, you can market your business and showcase your products and services.

It’s a great source of making money and that’s why people are crazy about the platform.

If you’re using Instagram then you must be aware of the importance of having an Instagram account.

Sometimes, people lose their accounts because of hacking or disabling accounts by Instagram itself.

The reason can be anything like they might be spamming and sharing content that violates Instagram terms.

I did a lot of research before writing this article and finally got a few solutions that actually work.

Well, if you’re here to recover your disabled Instagram Instagram account then make sure to stay with me and read this guide carefully in order to follow each and every step carefully.

There are basically two types of disabling any social media account no matter it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or yes Instagram.

One is called a temporary disable and another is permanent.

As the name suggests, if your Instagram account is disabled temporarily then there is a sure chance of getting back your Instagram account if it’s permanent then little to no chance of getting back to your account.

Now, the question is how you’ll be aware that your account is temporarily disabled or it’s the final.

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Here is the way:

If you want to know whether your account is disabled temporarily or permanently then you must need to take care of the message you got while your account is disabled.

Make sure to check whether you receive an email or not.

If you got the email then you should read whether you can get access back after some time or not.

If it’s saying your account is permanently disabled then there is almost no chance that you’ll see your account again. If this is not the case then there is a sure chance to get it back.

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Here is the process of getting back:

If you think Instagram did your account disabled because of some fault and it’s a typical glitch with your account only then there is an option to file an appeal.

Make sure to go to the required link and you’ll find a contact form where you can type your account details.


Please fill out this form only if you’re sure that your account is disabled because of some mistake by Instagram itself.

If you want to learn more about the community guidelines then you can follow this link and read the full detailed guidelines carefully.

If you’re not sure whether you made any mistake or it’s a glitch of Instagram then also you can file an appeal and wait at least 5 business days.

This is the only way of contacting Instagram. Their support system is not that good but we don’t have any choice.

You may receive a confirmation email that your query has been submitted and you may receive an email in a few days.

You should wait till their next email. If they’ll send an email then well and good if not then after a business week, you can file another appeal and wait again.

If your account was hacked and you got the message of deactivation while opening the application then Instagram may verify your identity by sending you a code and can ask you to write this code on plain paper take a selfie with this paper and upload it on a given link.

If this is the case then most probably chances are that your account was tried to be hacked by a hacker. Make sure to follow Instagram what it’s saying and try to help them to verify your account.

I researched this topic and found a lot of solutions but nothing worked except these as I explained above.

Some people say on the internet to connect with a third-party vendor and get help from them but trust me guys if this is not working Instagram says then nothing will work because Instagram is the only player on the Internet that can help to resolve your account issue on its platform.

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Final thoughts:

Hope you guys might find what you’re looking for. If still there is anything that you’re confused then you can simply write it down in the comments down below.

Make sure, you’re not alone in who’s facing the issues with an Instagram account there are plenty of others so don’t be nervous and this is not the end.

You always have another option to create a brand-new account.

So, close your eyes and go to create an account. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget it to share with your friends and communities.


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