Difference Between Android Application And APK

If you have an Android device and you’re reading this post then you must be aware of the term called Android Applications.

If you need to enhance your productivity and want to do a lot of things with your mobile device then you need applications.

Android applications are just like laptop or computer software that helps people to do a lot of things.

With the help of these applications, you can listen to music, and share things like pictures, apps, videos, location, etc. You can simply download these applications from any marketplace like Google Play Store.

In order to download an Android application, you need to open the Play Store.

Once it’ll open, make sure to search for the application that you need to install.

Once found, make sure to click on the INSTALL button and your application will start installing on your device.

Once the application is installed, now, you can start using it. Just like Android applications, there is another term called APK.


If you ever used the WINDOWS software then you find that this software has an extension called .exe.

Just like that, if you want to keep the original file of your Android application then it’s called .apk.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the basic and advanced differences between the Android application and APK files. Make sure to stay with me and read the article carefully.

These differences will help you to identify which you should download and install and which you shouldn’t.

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Here are the differences:

– The Android application can be directly installed on your Android device and you don’t need to download any file separately. If you want to install the APK then you first need to download it.

– You can install the Android application from the Play Store or any other trustworthy source. If you want to install the APK then you first need to search on GOOGLE and need to find a reliable source before installing it.


– Android applications are safe and easy to install. APKs are not safe and are not even easy to install.

– For installing an Android application, you don’t need to make any changes in your device settings whereas, for APKs, you need to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCE if you want to install the APK.


– You can’t extract the Android application directly installed on your device whereas you can easily extract an APK file on your laptop or PC.


– You can take a backup if you have APK files and keep them safe anywhere you want.

But if you have the Android applications installed on your device then you first need to extract these applications and need to convert them into APKs and then you can keep them safe.

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– You can share the Android application if the person is near you but if the person is far away then you need to convert it into an APK and then you can email.

– You can get access to all the files containing an Android application if you have an APK but if you don’t have an APK then you need to root your device then only you’ll be able to view the files.


– If you want to install the Android application directly then there are very limited sources for it. If you want an APK then there are unlimited sources.

You just need to search on GOOGLE and you may find tons of third-party websites providing the latest APKs.

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– Installing an Android application directly is completely safe but installing an APK can be dangerous because these third-party providers can steal your personal data.

– An Android application can be banned from the Play Store but if you want to get it back then you need to download an APK first and then you need to decompile it.

– If you want a modified version of any application then it can only be possible if you’ll download the APK. If you’re downloading from Play Store then it may not be possible.

These are some of the basic points that you should take care of while reading the difference between APK and Android applications.

Make sure to remember all or some of these points. Android applications and APK both have the same purpose but both are used in a different manner.

If you want to keep your device safe and want to stay updated with the latest updates then you should use direct applications from Play Store.

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Bottom lines:

These are some of the basic and advanced differences between Android applications and APKs.

If you have any further questions or anything you want to suggest then make sure to mention them in the comments down below.

I’ll recommend you download it from a trustworthy source. Make sure, not to download these files from any website or application.


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