Wynk Music – Everything You Need To Know

Wynk Music is an Indian online music OTT streaming application. Wynk Music provides you with unlimited streaming and free unlimited songs.

You can also download songs from Bollywood, international music, and regional.

Users of Wynk music can listen to songs from any artist or live radio. Wynk Music is a free app you can easily get on the Play Store or app store.

Users can search and play up to 100 songs for free. You only have to pay when you want to download the music or you don’t want to listen to the ad. The Wynk app comes from Airtel.

In October 2019 Wynk Music and another app became the 1st music streaming app in India in terms of daily active users.

Wynk Music provides music in 14 Indian languages and regional songs.

How Wynk music grows:

– In September 2014 Wynk music app launched in India and only in 4 days it completed over 1 lakh downloads.

– In February 2015 Wynk music app crossed 5 million.

– In June 2015 they launched a new feature for users which is date save mode and it is very good for their users.

– In November 2015 Wynk music app crossed 12 million installs

– In January 2016 they launched a new feature for their users, which is an MP3 player function. Users can play their downloaded songs through the Wynk music app.

– In March 2017 Wynk music app crossed 50 million installs.

– In January 2018 they crossed 75 million installs.

– In December 2018 Wynk music app became the most entertaining app in India by voting.

– In January 2018 Wynk Music app crossed 100 million in India. Which is a very huge achievement for them.

Features of Wynk Music:

– Playing online songs- You can play any song from Bollywood or an artist for free.

In the Wynk Music app, there are five options you can see below the screen. These are my home, my music, podcasts, Wynk stage, and my account.

– Home- In the home tab of Wynk music you can randomly listen to songs and you can also listen to songs as per your wish or your mood by searching it.

In the right top corner of the home tab, you can see an option it is for a hello tune by this you can set your hello tune as per your wish.

– My music- In my music option, you can listen to all your offline songs, downloads, and unfinished downloads.

In this, you can also follow your favorite artists like Akhil, Parmish, etc.

By this, It will be mentioning these artists’ songs in your home tab so you don’t have to search or find them.

You can easily listen with one click.

If you like a song that song came in the song section in my music tab.

By this, you can listen to your liked or favorite songs

– Podcasts- Podcast is a very good option for their users because it is a very good way to listen to content without looking at the screen.

Users can listen to podcasts while running, walking, doing laundry, or doing any work.

Wynk music app offers audio shows by podcast in different ways like sports, religion & spirituality, health & fitness, society & culture, and more.

Through these podcasts, you will gain knowledge about these different categories and you will get a lot of information.

If you love the Indian spiritual culture, you can go with a podcast named Mahabharata.

– Wynk stage- It is one of the features that is provided on Wynk music and liked by millions of users.

It is just like a live performance.

Here the live performance is taken by many artists like ikka, Vishal Mishra, Hardy Sandhu, and more.

You can watch these artists live with just one click and you can also watch the recorded video.

After live, it is automatically recorded and submitted on the Wynk stage.

You can also chat with artists there is an option for typing, you can easily type and suggest songs for singing to the artist.

This is a very good way to watch the live performance of any artist in this pandemic.

Also, this is a good way to entertain users of Wynk with the Wynk stage option.

– My Account- This is the option for changes.

You can choose more music language which is available on the Wynk Music app and you can also set the streaming quality of music in different streaming like HD, high, medium, and low.

You can change and adjust the audio of songs as you wish. You can change it into boost, pop, hip hop, and many others.

There is a very good option of a sleep timer by this you can set the proper time to pause the song or at which time you want to stop the song.

It will help you when you forget to stop the song and sleep.

You can set the theme as well as dark, white, or default and you can change your profile as per your need.

How to download Wynk music:

Step 1- You have to open the Play Store or App Store of the device.

Step 2- Now you have to type on the search tab Wynk music.

Step 3- Now you have to click on the install button and your Wynk music app gets downloaded easily.


Frequently ask the question:

Q-1 How can I subscribe to Wynk Music?

Ans- First you have to My Account option.

Then you have to click on try on free options after that you can see the purchase or renew option.

After that, you can pay through Airtel or the Paytm app. If you don’t have both, you can pay through a credit card as well.

Q-2 How can I set the hello tune through Wynk music?

Ans- The hello tune option is only for Airtel users for free.

On the home screen of the Wynk music app, you can see an option for Hello Tune in the right corner of the screen.

After that, you can search for the song and if that song is showing for hello tune then you can easily tap on active for free and your hello tune is activated.


It is the best music app for party and personal use. It provides lyrics that give you more clarity of the song.


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