Resso – Everything You Need To Know

Resso is one of the best music apps. Resso isn’t just a tool for you to find the music but it also was made with the purpose of exploring the world to bring you new music that you are fated to love.

Bring music that fits your own personal is easy to use and easily listen to songs of high quality.

It is a social music streaming platform that allows you to listen to music and also we can share your user-generated content with others.

Due to the ban on a lot of Chinese apps like PUBG, Ludo Word, Zili, U like, etc., users are worried about whether they should install Resso or not on their devices.

This application is a free tire for users that limits audio quality to 128 kbps with an advertisement between them.

If you want to use it with no advertisement there is a premium ad-free plan with a quality of 256 kbps.

With a premium plan, users can download and skip tracks as well.

This music online service was launched by Bytedance, which is an internet technology company that also owns TikTok.

Their headquarters are Aryan Beijing China.

Without a doubt, this application comes from a Chinese developer and we can say it is a Chinese application.

This can be one of the applications which may be suspended in India as with other applications.

Resso was launched by Hari Nair in India who is the head of music content and partnership at Resso, he said that the idea is to be a global music streaming platform.

This app is different from others by taking elements from TikTok which adds a social expectation to music streaming.

The user design is like a tikTok in which you can swipe up and down a model and this feature was named Vibes, which allows users to add their own GIF, images, and videos to the platform which will then be seen by others.

The rescue has collaborated with various music labels for the music catalog such as Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Merlin and Baggers Group, t-series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF Music, Times Music, tips, Venus, Shemaroo, music, my music  Trinity, and Maheshwari.

Users of Resso can share the lyrics of several parts of the lyrics from the track they are listening to.

Dizon said that in Indonesia there are about 160 million social media users so there is a big opportunity for them.

Right now they are intended to focus on getting users from both countries and make sure as many people in their target audience get the best product experience from them.

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Features of Resso:

Vibes–  Hair you can change the background of the now-playing screen with images, videos, or GIFs to express your feelings.

Most of the song comes with lyrics that can be seen on your screen. The lyrics run with video songs and are easy to read.

Lyrics quotes– in this section you can share the song lyrics and a certain part of them on your social media.

Here also you can change the background with images, and videos, or add an effect to the post.

Comment– this application allows you to leave comments while you are screaming the song.

This comment section can be accessed by you on the now-playing screen.

Musicians can also interact with you through the comment section.

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Subscription plan of Resso:

Its monthly premium membership starts at ₹99 per month for Android and for IOS it is ₹199 per month.

Users can make the payment from Google Wallet Apple Pay bank transfer and phone credit.

Installation of resso:

In Android and iOS users –

– Resso is available on the Play Store and App Store as well as an Apple Store, you can install the Resso from there easily.

– After the installation opens the application you will get 3 options to log in whether it’s from a number Facebook ID or Google Gmail, you can choose as per your convenience.

– After choosing a login process you will get an option to choose your favorite languages from which you want to listen to songs. You can choose as many languages as you want.

– Also, you can choose your favorite singers after choosing the language. If you don’t want to choose a language or a singer you can skip it as well. And now enjoy the Resso application.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q-1 Is Resso good?

Solution – if we talk about its rate in Playstore it is 4.2 out of 5, which is quite good.

This app has a product hunt feature as well with a quite reasonable price for their membership.

Even if you are a new user of Resso you will get a 13-day free trial of his premium membership where you will enjoy all the facilities provided in premium.

Currently, it is one of the music streaming apps that compete with Spotify, ganna, Wynk Music, and YouTube Music.

They all are very well known in their industry and are also supposed to be one of them in the future.

Q- 2 As Resso is a Chinese brand and most people are quite worried about their safety, is it safe to use Resso?

Solution – Currently there are believe that out of the 47th Chinese apps that will be banded Resso can be from them.

However, it is still available on Google Play and the app store for download, and it will be removed in the future from both applications only if it is found to be a violation of user privacy but still, it is safe.


You can switch to Resso and enjoy the feature with no doubt or worry.

Q-3 How resso is different from other music streaming applications?

Solution – Resso is one kind of social music streaming app that features tracking different from other popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Ganna, and YouTube Music Wynk Music the app allows users to share lyrics and express their feelings through comments.

There are many features that come with the app but the most attractive features by the user are vibes, comments, and lyrics quotes.

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It is the best music app for parties or for personal use.

You will easily listen to high-quality songs in this app.

It is available in India and Indonesia.

It is the best app for music. It provides floating lyrics also.

Must download and use this app for a better experience.


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