Amazon Prime – Everything You Need To Know

Are you interested in watching movies, shipping, or TV shows? Then you must know about Amazon Prime. It is a paid subscription by Amazon available in many countries.

They provide services like streaming music, video, e-books, grocery shopping, and gaming which are delivered in one or two days.

In 2021 amazon reports tell us that there are more than 200 million subscribers in prime across the world.

It is a subscription service founded on 2 February 2005, basically 16 years ago. It is owned by Amazon and generates $ 19.21 billion. We can access it on the website at

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There are some related or sub-brands as well like

  • Prime Music- this is very similar to Spotify, Ganna, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Ganna, and provides music streaming services to Prime members only at no extra cost. There are separate music streaming services as well which provide a much larger music catalog known as Amazon Music Unlimited. It’s $7.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for the rest of the users per month.
  • Prime Video and Prime Gaming- we got this service on 7 September 2006 in the United States. but that service was renamed Amazon Video on Demand in 2008 and on 22. In February 2011 the service was again renamed Amazon Instant Video. If we talk about Twitch Prime which is now very well known by the name of Amazon Prime Gaming. Prime members get prime gaming as well with no additional cost. This subscription redeems various rewards in external video games like digital loot, currency, and cosmetics that cost money or are exclusive.
  • Prime reading- this service provides ebook reading online with an offline feel. This sub-brand competes with Kindle. They also provide some magazines and travel guides for this service.
  • Prime pantry- this service provides a shop for popular household essentials like food, snacks, soda, diapers, pet food, toilet paper, etc. This service is available for prime members only. This is the door-to-door service and ordered things are packed in a single box. Initially, there were no delivery charges but now there are charges for delivering.
  • Prime Now- Amazon announced that there was a benefit to prime numbers located in parts of New York City and Manhattan: the capability to get products delivered to them within one hour for a fee of rupees $7.99 or within 2 hours for no additional fee. Now this service expands a lot and is trying to be available for other locations as well.
  • Amazon key- it is a type of home delivery with some changes. In it, you can get your products within 4 hours with no extra charges. An Amazon delivery person came outside of your home and if you are not there at that time, that person will get a virtual key for your home and leave the package inside your door. This kind of service is not only available for homes but cars and garages as well.
  • Prime Air- The announcement on December 1 2013 that Amazon Prime would be future delivery services provided within a development of a few more years. In that concept, they will use drones to deliver small packages that are less than 5 pounds within 30 minutes by flying short distances from 10 to 20 km from locker Amazon fulfillment centers. So many people want to do shopping on Amazon if you also then you just need to follow these simple steps
  • Tag the checkout button after you have renewed items in a shopping cart
  • Then sign in to your Amazon account if it is your first and then make your account first
  • Then enter your shipping address or you can also use your previously entered address
  • If you didn’t enter your contact number then you will be asked to enter your contact number. You may also add delivery instructions if any
  • Then you have to choose your time slot or scheduled delivery slot and then tap Continue
  • Now you have to choose your payment method at your convenience
  • You can go to the checkout page to review details and tap place your order to proceed with the payment
  • If you have chosen an online payment method from your UPI or Bank you will be asked to enter your 3D secure code to authorize your payment. You will see a thank you pay if your order is successfully placed so make sure to check whether the thank you page will be seen or not.

If you want to buy an Amazon Prime membership whether it’s three months or one-year plan membership, you don’t need to worry about that as this is the simplest process to do just

  • Go to Amazon Prime
  • When selecting the sign-up button
  • And at last, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment
  • For 3 months you need to pay 329Rs and for one year it’s 999rs.

Note- prime member will start only after the payment and it will be activated within 15 days shortly and then you can start enjoying prime benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1 Is there any way to check whether the Amazon Prime membership is worth it or not?

Solution- Yes, of course, Amazon also gives you a free trial to check whether your money is worth it or not. You can get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime membership and get access to all the facilities that you are supposed to get after paying money.

Q-2 What are the benefits of Prime membership?

Solution- there are many benefits that come along with Prime membership like the delivery benefits in which you will get same day one day or two-day free delivery and also you will get Prime Video in which you can see an exclusive Amazon original and thousands of popular TV shows, primary channels, music, shopping benefit as well.

Q-3 In how many devices can one Amazon Prime membership run?

Solution- In two devices and also at the same time both same I’d run in 2 devices.

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Amazon is one of the biggest and popular companies in the world which is a trustworthy as well as easy-to-use application. They provide a lot of services which make people’s lives easier and get things more easily worldwide.


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